Low Self Esteem Course

Low Self Esteem Course

Low Self Esteem Course

Last Update March 31, 2022

Course created and written by

Dr Joseph Kekulawala is a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. His last public appointment was at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. He is passionate about improving access to quality mental health care globally. 

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About this course

Learn evidence-based scientific ways to build self-esteem

In this six week course, you’ll learn different ways to build self-esteem. We believe how to improve low self-confidence can be taught to anyone willing to learn and practice the skills. 

By taking this self-help course, you’ll develop a foundation of skills to build self-esteem and improve how you relate to people. Week 1 is an introduction before we dive into more advanced topics. We will cover core beliefs, becoming aware of your feelings, thought challenges, self-compassion, toxic friendships, assertive behaviour and so much more. Read on to learn more. 

Why we created this course.

Low self-esteem is prevalent, especially among young people. We don’t speak enough about it. Millions of people suffer in silence, alone and struggle to get help. How to improve low self-confidence, build self-esteem we believe can be taught. With the advances in technology, we think it can now be effectively taught online.  

How this course is different

Each week of this course is divided into five parts:

  1. Educational lessons at the start, 
  2. Quiz to aid self-reflection in the middle,  
  3. Aided self-reflection questions to get you thinking more,
  4. Tailored suggestions, 
  5. Action plans and worksheets.

Depending on how you answer the questions in our quiz, you will get specific feedback and suggestions each week. The feedback and suggestions you take away from this course will be unique to you. 

If two people were to do this course, the chances that they would get the same feedback and suggestion would be about 1 in 100,000. 

How come?

Our IT professionals and mental health experts have worked together to create a system that provides specific feedback and suggestions. 

Why do we do this?

You are unique. We want to give you answers, feedback, and solutions that best suit you. 

The reasons why you and someone else might struggle with low self-esteem will be different. There are plenty of reasons why people don’t feel good about themselves, which is why we want to give everyone the answers that best suit them. 

Key aspects of this course

Discover how to improve low self-confidence by breaking down unhealthy assumptions and negative core beliefs. Learn about radical self-acceptance, a DBT skill, self-compassion and positive qualities journaling. Troubleshoot the common roadblocks to improving friendships and moving away from toxic relationships. 

We also cover perfectionism, unwinding negative core beliefs and moving away from a critical mindset. The course ends with early warning signs, self-care plans and how to manage setbacks. 

Our hope

Is that this course will help improve your self-esteem. Form part of your wellbeing plan and be a tool alongside other supports you get. We want to get you thinking, and understanding yourself. Our hope is for you to experience lasting change when it comes to your self-esteem and confidence.

Why we created this course

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  1. Week 1- Topic 1
  2. Week 1- Topic 2
  3. Week 1- Topic 3
  4. Week 1- Topic 4
  5. Week 1- Topic 5
  6. Week 1- Topic 6
  7. Week 1- Topic 7
  8. Week 1- Topic 8
  1. Week 2- Topic 1
  2. Week 2- Topic 2
  3. Week 2- Topic 3
  4. Week 2- Topic 4
  5. Week 2- Topic 5
  6. Week 2- Topic 6
  7. Week 2- Topic 7
  8. Week 2- Topic 8
  1. Week 3- Topic 1
  2. Week 3- Topic 2
  3. Week 3- Topic 3
  4. Week 3- Topic 4
  5. Week 3- Topic 5
  6. Week 3- Topic 6
  7. Week 3- Topic 7
  8. Week 3- Topic 8
  1. Week 4- Topic 1
  2. Week 4- Topic 2
  3. Week 4- Topic 3
  4. Week 4- Topic 4
  5. Week 4- Topic 5
  6. Week 4- Topic 6
  7. Week 4- Topic 7
  8. Week 4- Topic 8
  1. Week 5- Topic 1
  2. Week 5- Topic 2
  3. Week 5- Topic 3
  4. Week 5- Topic 4
  5. Week 5- Topic 5
  6. Week 5- Topic 6
  7. Week 5- Topic 7
  8. Week 5- Topic 8
  1. Week 6- Topic 1
  2. Week 6- Topic 2
  3. Week 6- Topic 3
  4. Week 6- Topic 4
  5. Week 6- Topic 5
  6. Week 6- Topic 6
  7. Week 6- Topic 7
  8. Week 6- Topic 8