Body Image Questionnaire- Want to Know More about It?

Written by: Shruthi Chacko – M. Sc (Psychology)
Last updated date : December 20, 2022

With the existence of diet culture and body shaming. It is hard to always maintain a positive body image. There is constant information through media telling us that our bodies are not good enough. Also, there is a persistent struggle to attain the ” perfect body”. The Irony is that there is no such thing as a perfect body. Did you know teenagers are most likely to have body image concerns? It is during adolescence that Individuals go through identity formation and start to develop self-confidence. Body dissatisfaction is becoming an epidemic spreading like wildfire. Therefore, if you are interested to know more about Body Image Questionnaire and are curious to understand if you have body image concerns. This article will be helpful for you.

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Chapter 1:

Should You Take a Body Image Questionnaire?

Are you someone who worries too much about being too thin or too small? Do you often feel bad for what you see when you look at the mirror? Are you constantly comparing your body to others? Do you avoid wearing some clothes because you feel like you look fat? If you have answered yes to most of these questions, then maybe it is worth taking an assessment with a mental health professional or you can even consider taking the ones that are available online. However, taking an assessment with a professional is most recommended.

Chapter 2:

Taking Body Image Questionnaire Online

There are many tests that can be found online. Most of the time people tend to take these tests as they are readily available online. Although, they can be not very accurate. Most of the tests are quick. They only take about 5 to 15 mins at the maximum. They are also quite cost-effective and it is also easy to find free tests. These tests give you some idea of what body image is. Also, the kind of questions that the psychologists may ask during the assessment.

However, there are some drawbacks when you take the test online. Firstly, they are not accurate. Secondly, the online test does not tell us how it reaches the diagnosis. Thus, the test online is not being inclusive of your experiences, background, gender, age and all that makes you as an individual different. Hence, the results that you get may not very accurate and reliable.

Chapter 3:

Taking a Body Image Questionnaire with a Mental Health Professional

This is definitely the better choice. When you take a one on one assessment with a psychologist, they can give you insight into various factors. You can understand how your childhood and certain thoughts and beliefs have impacted your body image. On the contrary, when you take an online test, you get a diagnosis but you have no awareness of the factors that caused it.

Hence, it is important to be aware even though many psychological tests are readily available online. In fact, taking them without consulting a psychologist may not contribute to getting an accurate diagnosis of your aptitude, behaviour and personality. Therefore, this could mean that you may not get the help you need.

Therefore, if you feel like your body image concerns are significantly affecting your daily living, it may be worth taking an assessment with a qualified psychologist.

Have you already booked an appointment to take the assessment with a psychologist? or tried taking a test online? In the meantime, you can read and learn more about some Body Image Questionnaires that are out there to give you a better understanding. There is absolutely no harm in doing so.

Here are a few Body Image Questionnaires that you can have a look at:

The Body Image Questionnaire (BIQ)

This is a self-report questionnaire, meaning you can read the question and select a specific response that suits you well. This scale helps in understanding how body image has an overall impact on your life. It measures physical, social, psychological and environmental aspects of body image. Thus, this scale gives a very detailed view of body image which is caused by these four factors. It is used as a routine assessment for diagnosing Body Dysmorphic Disorder by psychologists.

The Appearance Anxiety Inventory (AAI)

This is a self-report scale that gives a general overview of the behavioural and psychological factors of body image anxiety and other body image disorders. Also, this scale is used for monitoring during the treatment of Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder Questionnaire (BDDQ)

This questionnaire tells if there are symptoms related to body dysmorphia. Symptoms such as excessive thinking of one’s body, disliking some body parts and suicidal tendencies. This also checks the amount of time that one spends worrying about disliked body areas. Also, it takes into account the impact that it has on daily living.

Chapter 4:

Little Steps Towards Having a Positive Body Image

Why do think it’s important to have a positive body image? Mental health professionals claim that having a negative body image can reduce one’s self-esteem and confidence. Thus, the more negatively we view our bodies, the more negative we begin to feel about ourselves. Did taking the Body Image Questionnaire help you to identify your body image concerns? Do you wish to have a positive body image? If yes, then let us talk about little steps towards having a positive body image. These little tips will help you feel better about yourself.

Show some love to your body

This is your first step to loving your body. When you appreciate and love what you see, you slowly start to accept your body the way it is. Take a minute to appreciate your body. Maybe you have strong arms. Show some love to your arm that helps you open a tight jar. It is the little things like this that can make you realise your amazing body.

Make a list of positive reminders

Write down a few things that you love and admire about your body. Have you ever given this a thought? We often forget to appreciate our bodies. We tend to find the negatives. But, this time only try to think about the positives. It is a little hard but it is not impossible. Psychologists agree that making such a list is very effective. It helps in processing the thoughts so that it stays in our memory.

Stop comparing yourself to others

This tip can be very hard to practice but it’s not unachievable. In fact, If it is adopted it can have a long-lasting impact on how you see yourself. Comparing your body to others is the quickest way to have low self-esteem. When you do this you are feeling a sense of jealousy and insecurity towards them. Instead, it is better to compliment them and appreciate them. Thus, this not only makes them feel good but also you. You feel good that you have appreciated others and have not succumbed to your own insecure self. It’s a win-win situation. Are you someone who has tried all of these tips and yet struggle with having a positive body image? If yes, it is best that you consult a mental health professional who can conduct a Body Image Questionnaire. He/She will help you understand and help you to work through such negative thoughts and emotions. You will learn to embrace your body just the way you are. Remember that there are people who can help you. You don’t need to suffer in silence. Ask for help. At Espychonline we have a series of self-help courses including ”Body Image Concerns”. It can help you with understanding your body image struggles and get an insight into viewing your body in a much more positive way. Please visit our Courses page to find more about it. You may be interested to read up a bit more on ” Stop body shaming- What needs to be done?” to have to know more about body shaming

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