Constant Headaches Every Day, Why Do I Always Have a Headache?

Written by: Arooj Paulus – B. Sc (Applied Psychology)

Last updated date : March 06, 2023

For some people having headaches every day is a typical instance. Chronic headaches are those that occur every day for a long time. There are several types of headaches depending on their intensity and duration. The constant headaches and fatigue every day can affect them in many ways such as in personal and work life. They are among the most disabling serious ailments.

In this article, we will look at the signs and symptoms of constant headaches and discuss the reasons behind them. In the end, we suggest some tips help you guide when you should see a doctor. Let’s get started.

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Chapter 1:

Why Do I Always Have Constant Headaches Every Day?

Headaches are very common. It can happen for several reasons such as anxiety, stress, sleep problems, body weight issues, too much use of coffee, screen use for a long time, too much use of painkillers, irregular or uncomfortable body positions, or medical problems such as flu, etc. Also, women experience headaches as a common symptom of menstruation.

Further, these can also happen due to the following reasons:

  • You may be more sensitive to pain signals due to certain medications. Such using when you use too many painkillers you can become tolerant to it.
  • One of the reasons can be high blood pressure which causes tightness and pressure in nerves and veins around the head. This also causes a risk of stroke.
  • Brain infections can also be a reason such as meningitis which causes inflammation in the meninges of the brain.
  • A dental infection may also cause headaches.
  • Traumatic brain injury also causes chronic headaches.
  • Further, a brain tumor might also be a reason for constant headaches.

Chapter 2:

Symptoms of Constant

Headaches are clinically diagnosed as chronic headaches when they occur for 15 days for at least 3 months. However, more severe constant headaches last for more than four hours. So if you have headaches every day they are usually long-lasting headaches. They are classified as follows:
  1. Persistent migraine
  2. Persistent tension headache
  3. New daily persistent headache
  4. Hemicrania continua

Following are the signs of constant headaches according to their type.

Persistent Migraine
People who have suffered from acute migraines frequently develop this type. It involves as follows:
  • It affects the sufferers on left, right, or both sides of the head.
  • It feels like a pounding or pulsing pain in the head.
  • The pain can be moderate to severe.
  • It is accompanied by nausea or vomiting.
  • The person also develops sensitivity to light or sound.
Note: Such a person easily gets more disturbed in a bright room. So a quiet place with dim lights is suggested when it occurs.
Hemicrania Continua
It is a headache condition that produces constant headaches on one side of the face and head. In contrast to other headache conditions, this is not brought on by environment or lifestyle factors. This type includes the following signs:
    • It affects the sufferers on either left or right side of the head. Such as a person who only feels pain in half of a head.
    • It occurs every day for long hours.
    • It occurs in episodes of moderate to severe pain.
    • Can be reduced with the help of painkillers.
    • If it continues for more than 4 hours it can develop severe symptoms such as having
      • Red, teary, or irritated eyes
      • Saggy eyelids
      • Constricted pupils
      • Runny nose
      • Restlessness
Persistent Tension Headache
This type can occur when someone is in persistent tension. It occurs at least 15 days a month and persists for hours or is sometimes constant. Up to 4% of people are affected by it. It is more common in women as up to 65 percent of reported cases are of females. It shows the following signs:
  • It affects the sufferers on both sides of the head.
  • It feels like a tight sensation in the head.
  • You can feel mild to extreme bouts of pain.
  • Some people also feel mild nausea.
New Daily Persistent Headache
It is a rare condition that is defined by constant headaches with a clear episodic profile. It affects those who have never before had them. After three days following your initial headache, this type of headache starts to become regular. The following symptoms occur in this type:
  • Your both sides of the head hurt.
  • Your head feels a tight sensation without palpitations.
  • It feels light to medium painful.
  • When it becomes regular it has symptoms like a chronic migraine or persistent tension headaches.

Chapter 3:

Warning Signs to Seek Immediate Help

Headaches can be a sign that something is wrong. As the brain is the most complex, important, and sensitive part of the body you should immediately take notice if anything is wrong. Following are some signs to take notice you see them and immediately report to a doctor.
  • If you suddenly have had severe pain in the head.
  • If certain conditions are accompanied by a headache such as
    • If you have a stiff neck.
    • Having fever
    • Numbness in the body or head.
    • If you feel confused or forget things.
    • If you have double vision.
  • Also, seek a doctor if the pain is exceeding even if you are taking any painkiller.

So as you now know that constant headaches and fatigue that last more than 15 days are a matter of concern. You should immediately seek your doctor’s help and consult your symptoms with them. However, constant headaches and fatigue every day do not come alone they cause other medical and mental health issues in addition to chronic daily headaches, such as stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, etc. Your job,  relationships, and quality of life may all be adversely impacted by chronic daily headaches. But you can overcome the difficulties. Do not lose hope. We are here to help. Read below for help

Chapter 4:

Call to Action

If you have a problem with constant headaches every day, then you can read or suggest someone read “Headaches”, under the section of body and aches at Epsychonline. To help learn about excessive pain and how to stop it.

Further, you can enroll in the Chronic Pain” or “Chronic Fatigue” course on our website. The mentioned courses will help you to manage your constant headaches and fatigue every day and the mental aspects linked with it.

We hope this article was helpful to you. Sign up now for more learning.

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