Food Guilt During Pregnancy and Dealing With it

Written by: Harmandeep Kaur Grewal – MA

Last updated date : May 11, 2022

If you are pregnant and thoughts like, ‘ I cant eat more i have eaten too much,’ worry you? Food guilt during pregnancy is common in women. So, you should not stress over it. Moreover, you shouls consume balanced nutrient diet to avoid deficiency. ALso, don’t just start to searchh on internet or read books on pregnancy and follow them rigidly. You should talk to your gynaecologist about the issues. Is feeling guilty during pregnancy normal? Well, yes! It is normal to feel guilt after over eating.

Additionally, you shouls consume a lot of fruits and vegetables to add vitamins to your diet. Furthermore, vitamin C, calcium, iron and so on are required for balaned diet. Your pregnancy demands nutrient rich food. Moreover, if you have any strange cravings then don’t worry. For instacne, some woemn want street food like gol gappass. You should not sound like a neurotic who constancyly worries about food. Moreover, you should relax and eat healthy food items.

Chapter 1:
Food Guilt During Pregnancy

Do you suffer from food guilt during pregnancy? Is feeling guilty during pregnancy normal?
  • It is normal for you to crave food items during preganncy. You can have sugar cravings when you want chocolates, sweets, ice creams or cakes. You can eat occasionally. But do not go overboard. Moreover, as a preganat woman you require a balanced diet.
  • Furthermore, after eating if you feel guilty then you should not. Moreover, there are hormal changes happening in your body. Because of hormones you can crave food.
  • Additionaly, if you suffer from binge eating disorder then you should talk to your doctor. Also you should not blame yourself for eating too much. Moreover, if you feel guilty then your eating disorder may worsen. You should stay calm and positive.
  • Likewise, if you worried about your eating habits then you can learn more about the effect of food on baby and health. Hence, you become aware which food causes harm to your body and baby.
  • Also, if your eating is getting out of control and you are secretly eating to avoid judgement then you should see doctor.
  • Furthermore, if you are worried that you are not eating healthy then you can add salad or greens to regular food.

Chapter 2:
Stop Being Guiltly

Is feeling guilty during pregnancy normal? Do you suffer from food guilt during pregnancy?
  • First of all, if you form strict rules for yourself then you are bound to feel. ‘I will only eat this and not that,’ such kind of plans will lead to failure. Consequently leading to guilt formation. So, make fleaxible rules for yourself. And there should be room for change made when you need to. Moreover you should not be strict towards yourself.
  • Secondly, your habits of categorising foods as good or bad may lead to guilt later. So, tell yourself that no food is bad.
  • Thirdly, keeping a balanced and realistic plan will work well for you. You cannot plan in idealistic manner whcih is hard to follow.
  • Next of all, you know that your eating can impact your baby’s health. So, you should have a balanced diet with occasional cheating allowed. Moreover, do not be too rude to yourself. You are doing fine now. And, think positive.
  • Fifthly, if you sufffer from nausea or loose motions then eat food which is high in vitaminds and minerals. Moreover, food and drinks which keep you hydrated.

Chapter 3:
Can Pregnancy Lead To Eating Disorder

Is feeling guilty during pregnancy normal? Do you suffer from food guilt during pregnancy?
  • If you an eating disorder like binge eating then you need to be careful about out of control eating during preganancy. For instance, if you cannot stop eating after meals then you should consult a doctor. Additionally, your food is not important just for baby but also you. You need a lot of energy to carry baby inside you for months. And, you cannot afford to get tired or loose energy.
  • Furthermore, as a binge eater you could be overweight. Likewise, your blood pressure and blood sugar level could increase. So, you should be extra careful of your eating habits. Also you could face food guilt during pregnancy.
  • Additionally, binge eaters are at risk of birth related complications. You should get help.

Chapter 4:
Getting Help

You can face food guilt during pregnancy. Is feeling guilty during pregnancy normal?
  • One of the thing you shouls do is regularly consult your doctor who knows your eating habits. Moreover, you will get confidence in yourself to carry forward pregnancy without any complication.
  • Second of all, trainers can teach you excersices which you can perform during your pregnancy. Then again it will help you keep your blood pressure in check.
  • Thirdly, if possible get a nutritionist. Therefore, you will be extra sure of your diet and food.
  • Furthermore, with regular visits, your docotr will check for depression or related ailment.
  • You should not leave treatment in between as there is chance of relapse of eating disorder.

Chapter 5:
Try to Understand Your Problem

Do you suffer from food guilt during pregnancy? Is feeling guilty during pregnancy normal?
  • You should listen to your body signals. Moreover, when you are hungry then your body send signals to brain. And when you are full signals are sent back to brain. So, you are aware when you need to eat. If you ignore body signals then you will become part of bad eating cycle.
  • Moreover, add green vegetables to your cart. Also, greens contain fiber and less sugar in them. Likewise eat fruits rich in vitamin C.
  • Furthermore, you should stay mindful of your blood sugar and blood pressure.
  • Also, you should avoid unhealthy food if you have allergies.
  • Finally, you know how much food is required. You can eat one-two scoops of ice cream. But if you eat ten cartons of ice cream that will be bad for your health.

Chapter 6:
Eating Junk? Can It Affect Baby?

Is feeling guilty during pregnancy normal? Do you suffer from food guilt during pregnancy?
  • First of all, there is increased risk of diseases. Eating unhealthy fried and fat food can cause heart problems. Moreover, you can have high blood pressure and sugar.
  • Secondly, many woman develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy. So, you should be mindful of that.
  • Thirdly, junk food can harm baby. You know that what ever you consume gets circulated to baby. So, eat a balanced diet.
  • Furthermore, your own health will get affected by eating junk on regular basis.

Chapter 7:
Treatment of Eating Disorders

Is feeling guilty during pregnancy normal? Do you suffer from food guilt during pregnancy?
  • First option with you is therapy. You can go for cognitive-behavioural therapy. Moreover, you may not need medication. This therapy will help you reduce your craving for food. And, it can help you change your negative thoughts.
  • Second option is interpersonal therapy. If your eating problem is due to relationship problems then this therapy could be of help.
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