How to Release Anger from the Body and Your System

Written by: Meenakshi  Joshi – M. Sc (Psychology)

Last updated date : February 09, 2023

Are you a calm person? Can you stay cool when you are upset? Or are you a quick-tempered person? Does your body become tensed and rigid when you get angry? Do your eyes burn with anger? If yes, then you store anger inside you. Learn how to physically release anger from your body.

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Chapter 1:

What Is Anger?

Anger is one of the easiest to see but hard to control feeling. We all feel angry and upset from time to time. People get angry for different reasons and deal with anger in varied ways. Everyone has their way of “being angry”. Also, some people might get so angry that their body shows signs too, their voice also sounds angry, and their entire aura can look upset! In the same way, the way people get over their anger can vary. Some people might physically let go of their anger i.e. release anger via their body. Others might be let go of their anger by using the power of thinking. Also, some people might say a prayer or chant something to feel relaxed. Anger can be different types too! It may not look the same for everyone. It is more of a range rather than a clear black and white feeling. People show their anger in different ways.
  • Shouting
  • Screaming
  • Hitting or Physically Harming Others
  • Crying
  • Throwing Things
  • Breaking Things
  • Using Bad Words and Abusing Someone
  • Hurting Themselves
  • Walking Out or Rather Storming Out of a Place
  • Banging Doors
  • Tensing Body
  • Shivers Running through the Body
  • Sweating and Feeling Flushed
Some Examples of How Anger Looks!

Let’s consider a few examples –

  1. A young boy wants to watch TV. However, he has to finish his work. So, his mother refuses to let him watch TV. In a fit of anger, the body starts shaking and his body warms up. His eyes start watering and eventually, he gets so mad that he starts throwing things. He breaks the plate kept at the table while shouting and crying loudly.
  2. A teenage girl and her mother are shopping in the mall. The girl sees a lovely dress and wants her mother to buy it for her. However, the dress is beyond the mother’s budget and she thinks that buying that dress right now is not needed. The mother tells the girl that she won’t buy her the dress and that the girl already has 2 new dresses that she has never worn. The girl is upset about being denied. For the rest of the evening, the girl barely talks to the mother. If asked, she answers in monosyllables. Also, she does not help the mother carry their shopping bags or buy any of the other items on their list. In short, she ignores the mother.

Both the above examples show anger but in different forms. The way people show anger, what they do when angry might greatly differ based on their age and nature. The overt and loud tantrum of the boy in the first example is anger and so is the passive-aggressive ignoring act of the teenage girl. If anger is so complex, then how people release anger by rationalizing about it or physically letting it go out of their body will also differ widely.

Chapter 2:

Can We Release Anger through Our Body?

Yes! When you get angry, your mind is disturbed. You get negative and angry thoughts. You feel like your head is spinning. Very likely that you may even feel breathless and hot! You might start sweating and warm. Your heart is racing and your eyes are hot! Some people even start crying and shaking when they feel angry.

If anger can be seen in physical symptoms, then it can be reduced too by doing physical activity. You can release your anger vis your body by actually physically moving your body. As your body gets tensed and stiff due to anger, movement will help to calm down.

  There are several ways in which you can release anger through your body. It means that you can throw or release anger out of your body physically.
  1. Hit the gym – Working out is the best way to exercise your body. It can release emotions that are inside you. It can physically release stress, anger, depression, etc. Going to the gym or working out is a very good way to deal with a lot of emotions.
  2. Run, run, run – Running helps to release hormones that will help you to calm down. It also gives you a break from things that have upset you in the first place. It may also give you time to think about what has happened and what you want to do.
  3. Throwing something can help – When we get angry, we feel like throwing something. Sometimes, we would like to throw something at the person who has made us mad but of course we cannot do that. So instead find something else to throw. Something that cannot hurt you or others. For example, you can throw some water balloons in a bucket.
  4. Better break something – When you are really upset and super angry, you need to physically release your anger by breaking something. Try bubble wraps or fidgets that can give you the pleasure of breaking things.
Other Ways to Release Anger Through Your Body
  • Dance it out – This is one fun way of releasing anger from your body. Dance, any form or type of dance can relax you. It can put you in a good mood. If you want you can dance alone or even join a dance class. Either way, it will uplift your mood, calm you down, and you feel much better!
  • Draw or paint – You do not always need to do some super active and highly physical activities to release anger through your body. Even painting or drawing can help. It is something that you do physically but it is not as strenuous as the other methods.
  • Music! Sing or play an instrument – Music can soothe you. It has the power to relax you and lighten your mood. You can sing or play a musical instrument if let go of your anger.
  • Talk about it – Sometimes you need someone to share your story with. Talk to your spouse or partner. You may also talk to a friend or other family member if you are comfortable with them. Tell them what happened. It will make you feel better and whatever emotions you have buried inside you can come out in a safe environment.
  • Scream if you want – Shout but when you are alone or out of the situation away from the people who have made you angry. It will release the pent-up stress and anger and throw it out of your body.
  • Crumble a paper – this is mostly a symbol of letting you off your anger. You can crumble a paper or destroy something that represents your anger. It gives you the needed catharsis and will make you feel mentally much better.

Chapter 3:

Benefits of Releasing Anger Out of Your Body

Although anger is an emotion and we feel in our brain, it is also physical feeling. You can feel anger in your body. So releasing this anger will make you feel better, mentally and physically.
  • Help you calm down
  • Avoid physical ill-effects of anger and stress
  • Get things out of your system
  • Recharge you to deal with your emotions in a positive way
  • Make you feel light and relieved

In summary, it is better to not store anger inside you. You need to release anger out of your body and your system physically by doing things that will help you let you of your anger. You can select any one of the above-mentioned ways to calm down. whichever one works for you can be followed.

If you are a person who has anger management issues, then please visit our COURSES page and check out the course “DBT for anger“. You can greatly benefit by enrolling in this course. Also, check out our other articles on anger by visiting the LEARN page.

"Practical and insightful" David

70 sections

6-Weeks Self-Paced

  • Educational Content
  • Quizzes
  • Self-reflection material
  • Suggestions & feedback
  • Worksheet, tips & tools to use

$9.00 $12.00

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