Reflexology Method for Chronic Fatigue

Reflexology Method for Chronic Fatigue

Reflexology Method for Chronic Fatigue

Last updated date : March 28, 2022

The reflexology method can relieve strain from the body. Points on hands and feet are massaged in this method. Also, pressure is used to hands and feet. It can help to relieve stress and tension. The reflexology method treats several illnesses. Also, the reflexology method is used as a treatment for chronic fatigue. Reflexology saves a person from a condition called fibromyalgia.

The method of reflexology is based on ancient Chinese and Indian traditions. The old writings suggest using pressure points present on hands and feet to treat various diseases. Reflexology can treat many problems, such as chronic fatigue, pain and so on.

Chapter 1:
Reflexology for Fibromyalgia

When a person experiences long term pain without any bodily cause. And, there is pain in joints, it is termed as fibromyalgia. The symptoms of chronic fatigue are muscle pain, headaches, and lack of sleep. A person needs required sleep and rest to freshen up. If a person feels tired after waking up then he cannot perform tasks normally.

In fibromyalgia, there is widespread pain in the body. It could lead to problems in working. People should feel relaxed to work without stress. Scientists suggest six hours of sleep for a normal person. If a person sleeps less than four hours a day then the body may start to burn up. Moreover, the person may become sick easily. The reflexology method is used for treatment of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

Chronic pain experienced by a person is called as fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a condition when a there is pain in a body without any physical condition. Reflexology is a treatment option for fibromyalgia. Additionally, putting pressure on important points in a body could relieve a patient from chronic pain.

Chronic fatigue is a problem where the patient has pain in soft tissues of the body. The bodily pain is present all over upper parts and lower parts of a body. There may not a specific area where the person may feel pain. For instance, the patient may feel pain in legs or arms. Also, there is no medical treatment present for fibromyalgia. In the absence of any treatment options, the patient resort to reflexology.

Chapter 2:
Pressure Points on Hands for Fibromyalgia

There are eight important points in the hands of a person. Also, the points show a link to different organs in the body. The most important organ ‘heart’ has a pressure point near to wrist on a hand. Massaging the point could help to relieve stress.

Similarly, there are pressure points for lungs, stomach, intestine and so on. Moreover, putting firm pressure on certain points can reduce headaches, neckaches and so forth.

Moreover, the trained therapist can use pressure on the palm of both hands which can reduce pain in the body. Fibromyalgia has no cure. Fortunately, reflexology method can be used for fibromyalgia. Also, reflexology method can be helpful in chronic fatigue.

Chapter 3:
Pressure Points on Body for Fibromyalgia

Acupressure is popular treatment for long term tiredness. Pressing points on different areas of a foot can reduce pain and stress. If you have ailment related to stomach and you use a point pressing it can help you a lot.

Many therapists who use pressure may start with ankle of a foot and may move further. It can reduce stress in the nerves connecting the body. The points which are massaged give the feeling of relaxation and relief. Reflexology can help in reducing chronic pain in a body.

Firstly, the tips of the toes have several points which can relieve the stress from the body. The trained therapist can use pressure on specified areas that can treat the problem. For instance, if a person suffers from chronic fatigue with no bodily cause, then the person can benefit from reflexology. Reflexology can treat ailments such as indigestion, heartburn, and so on.


Chapter 4:
Benefits of Reflexology

There are several benefits of the method of reflexology. Our body may feel a fresh after waking up even after six or eight hour sleep. It can make a person weak. Also, a person’s immune system must be stressed. The body of a person may be prone to infections and diseases.

Reflexology has advantage for people who suffers from any kind of mental illness. Acupressure can also treat the psychological disorders, such as depression, anxiety and so on. Reflexology can help in reducing stress in a body.

Also, putting firm pressure on the areas of stress where the person feel tension can reduce strain on the nerves. People who suffer from illness, such as cancer can get their pain managed without any side effects.


Chapter 5:

You have felt pain in your neck area. And physical tests does not explain the pain. Also, you must have felt fatigue and tiredness in your body. It shows that you have fibromyalgia. You should make sure that you have no body disease. Also, a hidden illness can cause tiredness.

Moreover, the pain which you felt is long term. There can be pain in muscles, joints and back area. It is essential that you check up with a doctor. And, if the doctor is unable to find a cause then you may suffer from Fibromyalgia.

Reflexology which can help in reducing pain in a body. For instance, if you have headaches from a long time period and there is no bodily cause for the headaches, reflexology can be helpful to you.

Furthermore, the body of a person has widespread fibromyalgia pain. So, may need a remedy for it which is natural. Reflexology is reducing tension on the areas of a body where medicine did not work. Medications can give short term relief. But, fibromyalgia is a long term problem and needs a treatment which has less side effects.

Henceforth, reflexology is helpful. Pain in the areas around the upper body and lower areas can benefit from the method of reflexology. If a patient regularly uses the method of reflexology then there is chance of positive results.


Chapter 6:
Reflex Points on feet of a Body

There are three major reflexes on foot that help in fibromyalgia. Firstly, amygdala reflex that helps in the mental health of the body. Secondly, it is adrenal reflex which gives energy for the person to move and work around. And finally, there is hip sciatic reflex that helps to reduce tension in the body. Furthermore, as the patient lay on a flat surface, the therapist will use massage and pressure on the points related to various organs of the body. This treatment can be helpful if the patient takes care of health and other measures. Please visit the website Epsychiatry. And, check out the self-help course on ‘ Coping with Chronic Pain.