Sweating Profusely at Night-Time Period

Written by: Harmandeep Kaur Grewal – MA (Psychology)

Last updated date : April 05, 2022

When you sweat a lot during the night they are termed night sweats. In most cases, you should not worry about them. Moreover, if you sleep at room temperature too hot then you could sweat. Also, wearing more clothes can cause sweating. If you believe that night sweats are due to some medical problem then you should visit a doctor. People ask themselves, why do I wake up drenched in sweat? Sweating profusely at night can be due to medical reasons. Try to reach your doctor. If you are honest with him then you can find a solution in no time.

Similarly, you should try to rule out room temperature as a cause of sweat before meeting a doctor. Also, communicate with the doctor about the time of sweat. If your condition can be treated with some changes then you should try them. Prevention is better than cure. Be proactive then you can treat your problem on time. You should try to change your sleeping environment. By changing the atmosphere you will be able to sleep without sweating. Sweating profusely at night can cause discomfort.

Chapter 1:

Why Do I Wake Up Drenched in Sweat?

Sweating profusely at night can be because of medical reasons. People go to the doctor with a question such as, why do I wake up drenched in sweat?

  • Diseases and infections can be one reason for sweating. If you have caught an infection recently then your body will sweat profusely.
  • Cancer is one of the reasons that can cause sweating in people. Moreover, for proper diagnosis, you should get physical tests. Sometimes, a disease is not diagnosed on time due to a lack of signs.
  • Weight loss is one of the signs that indicate night sweats. You can get physical tests done to rule out any illness. Moreover, you should check if you have any other symptoms in your body.
  • Menopause can cause night sweats and flashes in people. You could ask why do I wake up drenched in sweat? You should consult the doctor for treatment of the problem. Try using cooling pads under your pillow if they can help. You should try to avoid heating your room at night. The temperature in your room should be normal.
  • Side effects of the medicine. If you are using prescribed medicine then it can cause sweating in people. Never take any medicine without consulting your doctor. Drink a lot of water to prevent dehydration.

Chapter 2:

Preventing Night Sweats and Sweating Profusely at Night

There are several ways to prevent sweating profusely. Sweating profusely at night can be avoided. It can give a problem and discomfort to the person. Do people have many questions like why do I wake up drenched in sweat? So, you should try to find the solution to the problem.
  • Don’t drink alcohol before bedtime. It can be one of the reasons for sweating profusely by you. You should ask your doctor how much drink is required to drink before sleep. Then follow that routine. Also, alcohol is bad for your health. Limit your intake of drinks at night. It can raise your heartbeat and make you sweat.
  • Try to reduce stress in your environment. Stress can cause a lot of sweat in a person. Your body will produce more sweat as a reaction to an increase in stress levels.
  • Sleep at a routine time. If you sleep late with your mind active then your stress hormone will react. Stress is related to sweating profusely. Moreover, you should have healthy sleep habits.
  • Your clothing should not be layered which leads to sweat. During summers try to wear cotton clothes. Cotton soaks sweat.
  • Sleep environment should be comfortable. You should not feel discomfort while sleeping. If your bed is too hard then you will wake up in between sleep tired and sweaty.
  • Try to avoid the medicine that causes the body to heat up. Some medicines should not be taken at night. These medicines can cause sweating in people.
Causes of Night Sweats
There are several causes of night sweating. Sweating profusely at night is due to many causes. Many questions comes to mind like why do I wake up drenched in sweat?
  • If you drink before sleep then there is the possibility of sweating at night. Try to avoid alcohol, it can create an increase in heart rate.
  • Increase in the level of stress can cause night sweats. You should use methods to relax your mind and body. Stress will only harm your body.
  • Sleeping environment is also an important indicator of the quality of sleep. If your environment is comfortable then you will sleep well. If there is disturbance and noise then you will not sleep well.
  • Side Effects of Medicine can cause night sweats. Some medications like antidepressants can cause night sweating. You should consult your doctor about your problem. Never take any medicine without a prescription from a doctor. Excess intake of chemicals will harm your body.
  • Sweating disorder can cause night sweats. You should visit a doctor for examination. The doctor will decide if you have the disorder. You should not diagnose your problem by reading on the internet. Also, information available on the internet may not be reliable.
  • Medical illnesses such as cancer can cause sweating in people. You may not be aware of the illness. So, you should conduct a physical exam of the body. After tests, your doctors will provide a diagnosis.
Treatment of Night Sweats
There are several treatment options for night sweats. Sweating profusely at night require your attention. Ask yourself why do I wake up drenched in sweat? First, you should find the cause of the problem then work on the solution.
  • Women who suffer from menopausal flashes should try medication. You should consult your doctor. Never take any medicine without a prescription.
  • You can wear light clothes. Loose-fitting clothes will prevent sweating.
  • Try turning on a fan at night. In summers people sweat a lot and a fan is useful. It makes your room airy you will breathe properly and your sweat will dry up.
  • Avoiding food and drinks that cause sweat at night. You should try not to drink at night if you sweat profusely.
  • Try to reduce stress in your life and environment. If there is noise then you should avoid such an environment. Some conditions, such as daylight, noise, temperature, and so on can affect sleep. Try to control your environment for proper sleep.
  • You should exercise regularly. It will reduce your blood pressure. By staying calm and relaxed you can sleep well.
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