What to Do When Your Child Has No Friends?

Written by: Harmandeep Kaur – MA (Psychology)

Last updated date : March 23, 2023

You must be upset as a parent when you see your child alone without any friends. Also, there could be several reasons why your child could not have people around him. Moreover, he is not able to socialize properly because of past experiences and mistakes. Furthermore, you are unable to help him. So, you teach your child to be active in school so that he performs well and classmates notice him. Moreover, you can learn and then teach your child social skills which are necessary for your child. Do people ask what to do when your child has no friends? Many parents ask others that their child has no friends at school and what should be done?

Firstly, you should find the reasons why your child lacks friends at school and then work on those causes. But, you need to act in the school life of your children to solve the problem. Next of all, you need to increase the self-confidence of your child. Moreover, praise your child whenever possible for his well-being. And do not always criticize him in front of others. Your child may not tell you anything if you do not listen to him. Thirdly, try to observe your child and check if he has any mental health issues, such as depression, and then seek professional help. Finally, show faith in your child as you are his support. Likewise, when he is alone you can spend time with him. For instance, go to the movies together on weekend.


Chapter 1:

When Your Child Has No Friends

What to do when your child has no friends? Moreover, my parents ask that my child has no friends at school. Also, you can check out the causes of it. First of you can observe the cause of your child being a loner. You can talk to his class teacher. But make sure you do not let it be easily seen by him, otherwise, he will become defensive and will not cooperate with you. Therefore, you can gradually learn things about your kid. Also, you should not be very intrusive that your kid feels suffocated around you. And, do not go on asking him why he doesn’t bring friends or doesn’t he have friends. Because it could increase the distance between you and him. You need to have faith in him and leave room for talk and be open-minded. You should never judge him. Otherwise, he will not share anything with you.

Secondly, you can notice if your son or daughter wants help. You can assist her when she asks for it, but do not force your decisions on her. Moreover, when a parent is too controlling then children start to hide things from them. To avoid such as situation and stay open to her. Listen to her without judgment. If your son or daughter is interested in a course related to social skills or personality development then assist her to take it.

Thirdly, encourage your son or daughter to be active in extracurricular activities. For instance, if she is interested in dance or music then let her be. Also, your control freak behavior can take her away from social life and friends.

Chapter 2:

Why Do You Have No Friends?

What to do when your child has no friends? Similarly, parents ask that their child has no friends at school. Moreover, when you know the causes then you can work on them along with your child.
  • You can learn about your personality by checking if you are an introvert. Then you can learn certain skills to talk to people and make friends.
  • Secondly, check if you have social anxiety. For instance, you get nervous every time you start to make a conversation. So, you avoid talking at all and have no friends. Therefore, you can take professional help to treat your anxiety issues.
  • Thirdly, you are so busy with your studies that you cannot get time to socialize. When parents force their children to attend school and private tuition then children have no time for talking to others. Parents should allow their children to take part in extracurricular activities.
  • Next of all, you are overly conscious of yourself, your body, or your background that you do not initiate a conversation. You are scared that others will reject you or mock you.
  • Fifthly, you lack experience in socializing with others. You have never been to a party or a gathering and have no friends to talk to.
  • Therefore, you need to see through your actions and change them accordingly. many parents think that they are doing it for the benefit of their children but in the process they make their children lose their dreams. So, guide your child but do not spoon-feed.

Chapter 3:

Making Friends

What to do when your child has no friends? Also, parents ask that my child has no friends at school. You can help your child make friends.
  • Firstly, you should not worry about starting a conversation with new people. You can talk to people who have common interests as you have. For instance, if you like dancing then you can make friends in the dancing group. So, you people can always spend time together after your practice dance. Moreover, you can eat in a group.
  • Secondly, be open and do not fear rejection. You see people have different likings and dislikes. And their interests may not match yours but do not stress over it. You will find several people who want to be together with you.
  • Thirdly, you should give some time to your friendship. If you go out together and help each other then your friendship will move further. But, if you are busy then people will move on and you cannot blame them for that.
  • Fourthly, you can give compliments to your friends when you meet them so that they remember and made them feel special. But do not fake anything as people as see through your behavior easily and they will not trust you in the future.
  • Next of all, you should never dump your load on others. When you keep talking about personal issues and do not listen to others then your friends will run away from you. For instance, you tell stories about your husband or mother-in-law all the time that people are tired of it. Therefore they do not seek your company.

Chapter 4:

Do Not Force Your Opinion on Children

What to do when your child has no friends? Furthermore, parents ask that my child has no friends at school. You can search for the causes and assist your child with them.

When you observe that your children have no friends then you seek to find out the reasons for it. But you need to understand that your child may want to be alone and spend time with himself. Moreover, creative children try to learn new things on their own so they do not seek the company of other classmates. You should not force him to make friends with others. Let him choose about his future.

Next of all, your child may not have found any other classmate with whom interests matched so he is alone. So, you should trust him as he will find friends on his own. Also, he is doing fine in his studies then let him be himself.

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