Feeling Alone? Tips to Deal With Loneliness

Written by: Ankita Kathad – MA (Psychology)

Last updated date : December 29, 2022

We all experience loneliness from time to time. Sometimes more than the last one. Loneliness is a very strong emotion. We can feel lonely when we miss someone. We can even feel alone when we are celebrating a festival without
loved ones. It is a painful yet normal emotion. In this article, we understand the state of feeling alone and how to deal with loneliness.

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Chapter 1:

Possible Reasons for Feeling Alone

There can be many reasons for feeling alone. These days, most people around the world are feeling lonely more than earlier. The number of people experiencing loneliness is only increasing. Loneliness is painful. A person who feels alone can have many reasons to feel that way. People can feel alone at any age. It has been seen that people who are old feel very lonely. Additionally, people from marginalized groups can also end up feeling lonely. Some common reasons for feeling lonely are:


We can feel lonely when we lose someone we love. Sometimes our loved ones go away or are not alive anymore. This can make us feel lonely. Additionally, when someone goes away from our lives, it can create a void that can make us feel alone. We can feel alone when someone we love walks out of our lives. It can happen in relationships or friendships. We feel lonely because of the value the person held in our lives.


People can feel lonely when they move to a new place. When they transition to a new phase, they often end up feeling alone. For instance, after retirement, many people feel lonely. When people move to a new locality, they feel lonely. This is because everyone is new to them in the new place. Additionally, they miss their old friends.


When you are being excluded, you can end up feeling alone. This happens in many settings. At school, children often sideline some other children. In this case, the left-out children will feel lonely. There are many marginalized communities that are excluded from the mainstream. They can feel lonely. Additionally, people can be excluded for being different than the norm. For instance, many individuals who do not conform to gender norms or sexuality norms feel lonely because they don’t get acceptance. People with disability can feel lonely if they are discriminated against.


When you are away from family during festivals or holidays, you can end up feeling alone. You may feel so because you know that others are enjoying their holidays while you spend your time alone. The feeling of longing can make you feel alone.

Mental Illness

Sometimes, mental illness can cause a person to feel alone. This is because people often don’t understand what it is like to have a mental disorder. In some mental conditions such as a borderline personality disorder, individuals can feel very lonely. In conditions like depression, a person can feel lonely because they cannot explain how they feel to other people.

There can be other reasons why a person might be feeling alone such as :

  1. The person has no friends or family to support them. For instance, homeless people who have no one to associate with can end up feeling lonely.
  2. If your family members don’t speak to you or if they are estranged. This can make you
  3. People who have financial hardships may feel lonely if others don’t help them.

Chapter 2:

How to Deal With Loneliness Effectively?

Loneliness can lead to many problems. Many people who experience long-term loneliness can suffer from depression. Additionally, people can suffer from anxiety because they can get trapped in a mental loop. On one end they feel that their mental state has caused them to feel alone and on the other hand, they feel that loneliness has led to mental conditions. This can lead to a lack of self-confidence in doing anything.

There are ways to drive away loneliness. It is very normal to feel lonely. However, it is also important to move on. Here’s how to deal with loneliness in a better way.

Take a break

Feeling alone can be overwhelming. You can take a break. Going out on vacation can be a good option. Taking a break helps you understand how you really feel. It helps you introspect on how you can fill the void that people have left in your life. Additionally, when you take a break, you can meet new people who can support you when you feel lonely.


One of the root causes of loneliness is that you miss having people around you. You miss your old group of friends or family. When you volunteer at community centers or at organizations, your life finds a new meaning. You also meet a new set of people who help you find happiness. Volunteering also keeps you busy so that you have less time to spend alone.

Join a Club

Join a club of your choice. You may have various interests. Look for a club where you can meet new people. In this way, you can pursue a new activity and also make new friends. Getting to know new people can help you feel less lonely. Moreover, you can share how you feel with them. Joining a club will also keep your mind fresh.

Walk It Out!

Several studies point out that people feel alone because they have become homebound. Especially with this pandemic looming above us. People feel lonely when they don’t see new faces or nature. Spending at least 20 minutes outdoors can help you deal with loneliness. You can walk, jog or play a sport. Even if it’s an individual activity, it will make you feel better because the body releases certain chemicals that keep you motivated.

Find Support

If you think that feeling alone is getting the best of you, seek help. Talk to your friends or loved ones who can understand you better. This helps you understand that you have other people who can support you. When you talk it out, you can feel relieved. You may realize that others may also have similar stories to tell and that you are not alone in this journey. You can use applications or social media networks to connect with people outside if you are longing for a friend.


An effective method to deal with loneliness is to become a plant parent. Gardening not only reduces your stress but also makes you feel surrounded. When plants bloom, you find a certain amount of happiness. Similarly, plants respond to your love and care. This way you will feel less lonely.

Get a Pet!

Getting a pet, especially adopting one has many benefits. Firstly, you are offering a home to an animal. Moreover, you are getting yourself a companion. It helps you feel good because you have given a home to someone. Adopting a pet has many benefits, they make you feel happy and you become more responsible. You get to connect with a community of pet parents too!

Keep Yourself Busy

When you stay busy, you have less time to feel lonely. You can keep yourselves busy in a number of ways. You can pursue a hobby, and look after yourself. Practice self-care or meditation. When you master meditation, you even begin loving
own company. This practice of mindful solitude makes you feel comfortable even at times when you are completely alone.

Chapter 3:

Feeling Alone- Sadness to Solitude

Once you learn how to deal with the feeling of loneliness, you begin this journey of reaching a state of solitude. You will find people who are extremely calm and happy even in the company of yourself. However, often people find it unbearably hard to stay alone. They constantly seek company. They are also the people who are sometimes injured from the inside. Some may suffer from low self-esteem which is why they require constant validation from others around. If you are someone who suffers from low self-esteem, check out self-help courses at Epsychonline. Courses such as Low Self-Esteem help you feel confident about yourself. This confidence will help you make new friends whenever you feel lonely. There are articles that deal with the topic of loneliness. Do check them out.

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