Past Mistakes Causing Anxiety? Worrying About the Past!

Past Mistakes Causing Anxiety? Worrying About the Past!

Past mistakes cause anxiety? worrying about past!

Last updated date : October 112021

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Past Mistakes Causing Anxiety? Worrying About the Past!
  1. What are the major reasons for past mistakes causing anxiety?

Past mistakes cause anxiety and make us more helpless and less productive. Do you want to learn how to stop worrying about past events and manage them productively? Then read this article. It is very common for us to make different kinds of mistakes in the past but over thinking will lead us towards unhappiness and anxiety.

It is true that past incidents can trigger stress, anxiety and depression. In turn, feelings of unhappiness and dissatisfaction. When you start thinking negatively based on your experiences. You will start losing self-control and confidence. With time, worrying excessively about the past will lead to reduced energy, fatigue and poor sleep. Also your ability to experience pleasure and happiness will reduce. 

However, changing your way of thinking will help to get control over your anxiety and sadness. It is natural to feel bad about past mistakes. However, learning from them gives the power to move forward. Everyone has their past mistakes and story. You are not alone.

However, changing your way of thinking will help to get control over your anxiety and sadness. It is natural to feel bad about past mistakes. However, learning from them gives the power to move forward. Everyone has their past mistakes and story. You are not alone.

What are the major reasons for past mistakes causing anxiety?

There are several reasons for anxiety but one of the most common is past mistakes causing anxiety. Here are 6 common reasons to consider

1. Past mistakes causing anxiety

We have little control over past mistakes. Overthinking can lead to past mistakes causing anxiety. So you start worrying about past events, which is unlikely to change. For a bright tomorrow, it should be one’s responsibility to understand that what occurred in the past.

For the sake of learning and to move forward with hope. Try to use these past experiences to learn. When you realize that the past can’t directly impact the future. Then you will feel better and competent. A well-known saying that “We have a hope of succeeding if we learn from our past mistakes and pull together to make the hard choices”.Carl Levin.

2.Negative Thinking:

What we want to achieve starts from within ourselves. It means what we think has a strong impact on us. Self-doubt, negative thoughts, and worry about past mistakes can lead to failure or fear of trying in the first place. Why do these doubts stick around and cause anxiety?

Self-reflection is important. Finding the reasons for being upset, worried, or sad will help us in the future. It’s natural to think about the past. However, you need to stop such thoughts when they start to spiral out of control. It can cause severe mental problems if allowed to continue. It possible to be so caught up in past negativity that you miss the opportunities right in front of you.

3.High Expectations:

When you are better able to control your mind, you will be able to manage anxiety & stress. Anxiety and stress develop within yourself due to overthinking & a high level of expectations. Everything happens within ourselves, both happiness and sadness.

Sometimes we try not to accept reality and develop unreasonable expectations. This later leads to disappointment, negativity, and depression. It is essential to have control over your thoughts and expectations. Your expectations drive your actions and behavior, According to Charles R. Swindoll “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it”.

4.Comparison with the past:

Everyone can clearly understand that the past and present are two different times in their lives. What negative things you have in your past are not directly related to the future. So we should not dwell over that past mistakes causing anxiety because it will lead to stagnation.

On the other hand, a positive approach to the future is very important to better mental health. One must not be worrying about past days as it can block our future progress.

We will meet new people, have new friendships, people, work and lives all change with time. Whilst comparisons can help, the future will never be quite the same as the past.

5. Toxic past Relationships:

Another common reason for past mistakes causing anxiety are worries about past relationships. This constant worrying about your old relationships can impact your current relationship or stop you from pursing another.

Some people feel this anxiety in the initial stage of their relationships and some feel regret about the past on the basis of their wrong judgment and doubts. This leads you to emotional distress, lack of motivation, and other physical and mental problems. We all make mistakes in our relationships. Relationships are complex and no one ever gets them completely right.

6. Mental Health Issues

Certain mental health conditions or disorder are associated with constant worry; in some cases about past mistakes. Take OCD for example; people worry whether the remembered to lock the door or turn off a light. With depression, people can experience ruminations about the past. When the depressive symptoms are severe they can experience extreme and sometimes disabling guilt.


Anxiety has different phases. It starts with the normal symptoms of worry but at it’s extreme can impact functioning. The majority of people feel anxiety and depression at some point in their life. It is curable with the help of mental health specialist. 

Here are some common symptoms of anxiety disorder. 

  1. The feeling of agitation: With these symptoms of anxiety you will start feeling inner tension and restlessness. You will get annoyed by little things and struggle to rest. 
  2. Lack of concentration: Most of the time people find it difficult concentrating on work. Lack of attention or difficulty in concentrating can impact work and ability to enjoy fun activities. It can occur due to a range of mental health conditions but also excessive thinking about the past. 
  3. Fatigue: Anxiety can leave you feeling exhausted. There is no break, or chance to rest when your mind is always worrying.
  4. Having tense muscles: Another frequent symptom of anxiety. You will have a feeling of stiffness and achy. It develops due to stress, physical activity, or any muscular condition. 
  5. Panic: These are short sharp bouts of extreme anxiety. Panic is characterized by a racing heartbeat, difficulty in breathing, feeling faint, quivering, and muscle tension.

Worrying About The Past And Its Impact on Your Reputation:

People judge you mostly on the basis of personality differences. No two people are alike. In fact differences are what make people interesting. Likewise, excessive thinking or worrying about past mistakes can lead to you going into a shell, becoming shy and avoiding people. 

Sometimes past events can have a last impact on your temperament or personality. This is particularly true if the event is traumatic.

How past events can factor into our temperament

  • Perfectionism traits due to past trauma and invalidating experiences
  • Shy and introverted, due to past rejection
  • Lack of reliability due to copying behavior seen in others as a child
  • Easily getting upset or annoyed (Irritable) as you didn’t learn to self-sooth as a child. 
  • An entertainer, a person who tries to please others. You will have a fear of losing people if you are unable to make them happy.

Here are a few tips and techniques that will help you to manage worrying about the past:

1. Forget about past mistakes & move on

Everyone has their own story, nobody is perfect. We need to know how to move on in life. Most of us waste precious moments in life just because of reliving that past mistakes causing anxiety. We can be our own worst enemies when it comes to anxiety. In order to move forward in life, it is necessary to let past memories go. The first step toward a happy life is to think positively and start forgetting about past mistakes. It is also important to learn from past events and try to reduce them in the future. Start with small positive changes, these over time can lead to significant growth or change.

2. Mindfulness meditation:

Mindfulness meditation is a practice for your mental health and wellbeing. This training will help you to avoid racing thoughts, stop negative feelings and keep a healthy control on your mind, body, and soul.

A mindfulness practice can be based on different factors; deep breathing, chanting, awareness of your mind & body.  It is essential to understand that your past mistakes do not define you. We often feel guilty and keep ourselves let down due to past incidents and never take part in healthy activities. Mindfulness can be a way to shift attention from past mistakes. A way to let go.  

3. Give yourself a break from worry & stress:

Anxiety can occur for a number of reasons, at first it can seem hard to shake. But nothing is impossible. Always judge where your mind is at and why? It may be necessary to draw a line through your negative thoughts and doubt.

When you catch yourself worrying about the past. But try distraction as a tool to manage. Give yourself a break. Do a healthy activity like walking, exercise or something else which makes you happy and lively. Once you start a healthy routine, you will feel more productive and purposeful. 

4. Improve your Physical health:

Worrying about the past can negatively impact your physical health. It is a fact that high levels of stress, tension & worry can be damaging. Past mistakes causing anxiety shouldn’t stop you from exercising and taking care of your physical health. When you feel down and have some kind of anxiety symptoms, go for a walk or get some fresh air. 

5. Routines:

Severe level of stress can harm your immune system. A stress management routine will help you to cope with anxiety and boost your immune system. Try to learn and equip yourself with practical skills.

One way to tackle worrying about the past is to create routines. Structure and regularity can remove some of the stress we face. Often worrying about the past makes it harder for us to make good decisions. Here morning, meal and other routines can help. It makes life easier.

6. Be grateful: 

For a happy and stress-free life it is important to be grateful for what you have. Don’t compare your past mistakes or failures with choices and decisions other people make. You are not them.

Find happiness in little things and learn to laugh. Take control over the negative thinking, excessive worries, and rumination. Don’t let your past get in the way of your productivity today. When you will start gratitude, you will find inner peace and satisfaction. Try to say no to such things or activities that feel like a burden. Once you start realizing the condition you are going through and accepting the reality then everything will be under control. 

In short, it is true that the majority of people have experienced past mistakes causing anxiety. However, there are many possible ways to get rid of anxiety and feeling of worrying about past. These tips will help you to keep you grounded in today and will reduce worry and anxiety in general.

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