Anxiety about Going to Work Every Day?

Written by: Shruthi Chacko – M Sc

Last updated date : April 04, 2022

If you’re one of the millions of folks who work, you must be dreading working every day. It’s a highly unpleasant turmoil that ruins many people’s morning hours. But, it doesn’t have to be this way, as with anything anxiety-related. Do you ever have anxiety about going to work every day? However, this whole situation can change. You can feel much better (even Amazing!) before going to work in the morning. Here are some pointers to help you worry less about anxiety going back to work.

Chapter 1:
Watch Out for These Signs- Anxiety about Going to Work Everyday

The first step toward easing this type of anxiety is to recognise that you have it. If you already have anxiousness about going out to work every day, it’s possible that you:

  • When you leave the office, do you catch yourself starting to think about your job again?
  • Every morning before going to work, you feel uneasy, scared, irritable, and unsafe
  • Every morning, you notice that you’re in a terrible, depressed mood;
  • It’s difficult for you to get up and start getting ready for work;
  • You literally despise your job but are unable to leave it.

Chapter 2:
Ways to Get Rid of Anxiety about Going to Work Every Day

First of all, please understand that you are not alone in your feelings. Anxiousness is very normal. Worrying about some things is very natural. Do ever have anxiety about going to work every day? Here are some things one can do to improve your well being and reduce your anxiety about going back to work.

Work is Just a Part of Your Life

There will come a time in your life when you begin to stress out about whether you’ll be able to get out of bed in the morning. If this is the case for you, it is high time you start acting upon it. Also, it’s critical to begin practising stress-relieving methods in the early hours and remember that your job is just a job. In fact, It does not define you or your life. Hence, an anti-anxiety routine will help you release any (or at least some) pre-work anxiety, making getting ready for the day easier.

Try To Remember That Everyone Makes Mistakes

Everyone is a human being. During the course of our work, we make mistakes. Also, If you’re nervous about going to work because you’re afraid you’ll make mistakes or get in trouble. It is okay, remember that everyone makes mistakes and that it’s not something to be very worried about. In fact, when you let go of the unattainable ideal of never making a mistake, you may feel more relaxed (almost lighter) as a result of the sudden release of so much pressure.

Have a Positive Mindset to Stop Anxiety About Going to Work Every day

There may be various reasons why you might be anxious about going to work each day. You might just be afraid of confronting your boss. For example, you may be afraid of making mistakes, or you may simply be overly concerned with everything. Whatever it may be, you can turn negative energy into positive energy by focusing on the positive aspects of a situation or the positive aspects of your day.

Yes, it may sound like a cliche. But, it is critical to remember that everyone has the potential to have a wonderful day ahead of them and that most everyday problems can be easily solved.

Consider Going For Therapy

Many people suffer from anxiety and are unsure how to cope with it. When you choose therapy, you could really begin to feel better almost immediately and achieve long-term results that will benefit you for the rest of your life. If you’re not a fan of anti-depressants, talk therapy can try to get rid of one‟s anxiousness without the use of pills.

Read Up About Anxiety About Going to Work Every day

There are numerous books available on how to deal with anxiety about going to work quite effectively. In fact, they can become your food for healing ( Not literally, obviously). You can also read our anti-anxiety advice here. The important point to remember is that reading these books can help you learn to handle your anxiety effectively.

I am sure you’ve heard that, knowing your enemy is essential to winning against them. Thus, what you need to do is gather information and educate yourself about your anxiety.

Join Workshops and Seminars

Workshops could indeed help you to relax and learn. Also, you can learn how some other people deal with the anxiety about going out to work every day. These seminars are normally held maybe once every month or once a week. Hence, you can pick up a lot of advice from other people who are dealing with the same issue.

Mindfully Try To Reduce Your Work-Related Stress

You should understand that all these anxious feelings are completely normal. Also, it has nothing to do with you, but you should do everything you can to reduce your work-related stress. Maybe there are some things you can do to make work easier, faster, and less stressful? If not, work on improving your mental health and resilience. So that anxiety does not consume you as much, know to rest and restart properly.

Hence, to get rid of such anxious feelings in your daily life, find your ideal way to relax each day.

Cut Down On Your Caffeine Intake and Hydrate More

Yes, caffeine has plenty of perks. In fact, caffeine causes your brain to become hyper-aroused. Your emotions take control of your actions. Also, makes it difficult to concentrate, interferes with sleep quality, increases blood pressure, activates the heart, and causes rapid shallow breathing.

Have any of you ever observed how anxious feelings are frequently followed by a headache? A hydration headache is one of the most common causes of those headaches. Any form of headache can increase your anxiety and have an impact on your work performance and quality.

Also, keep in mind that alcohol is a dehydrator as well as a depressant. So using alcohol to cope with anxiety about going out to work every day can probably make things worse.


Chapter 3:

Hence, these tips should assist you in overcoming your uneasiness about going out to work each day. There are numerous options, and actually trying one is enough. Rather than sulking in a bad situation, choose to improve something which can be improved. It could be something you do at work.   It can become a way of life if you don’t want to be scared every morning you wake up. You are more valuable than that. At Espychonline, we have a self-help course on “Low Self Esteem” to understand and learn how to improve your self-esteem and get back to work. You may also find it informative and helpful to read up a bit more on ” Performance Anxiety at Work” or you could read more on “Tips on Changing Jobs Authentically”.