Best Energy Supplements for Chronic Fatigue?​

Written by: Shruthi Chacko – M.Sc(Psychology)

Last updated date : January 12, 2023

Are you always feeling tired? Do you feel tired soon after you wake up? Do you ever wonder why you feel like this in spite of getting good sleep? Well, it is hard to get through a day when you constantly feeling tired. When you are unable to focus on your work. In fact, you even find it hard to read your favourite novel, only to keep it away after a few minutes. Your eyes start feeling tired. Soon your eyelids start feeling heavy. You find it difficult to concentrate on your work. Do you feel like this often?. It can be a terrible feeling altogether. Do you keep thinking to yourself that there’s so much that is lost during the day? Well, there are some best energy supplements for chronic fatigue that may help you. Maybe you are looking for the best natural supplements for chronic fatigue?

Well, there’s some good news. Thisarticle is perfect for you. So, before getting into learning more about energy supplements, let us learn more about chronic fatigue syndrome.

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Chapter 1:

What Exactly Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

It is a condition where the person feels extreme tiredness and lack of refreshment after sleep. Can you imagine going to sleep only to feel tired and weary? You can imagine how terrible tiring that must be. You do not wake up feeling fresh and ready for the day. Additionally, the symptoms get worse when you exert yourself physically or mentally.

Chapter 2:

How Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Different from Depression?

First of all, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has many symptoms that are not found in Depression. These are such as having a sore throat to swollen lymph nodes. Muscle and joint pain are mostly seen with people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome than Depression. With Depression, the person feels pumped up with energy when involving themselves in physical activities. Whereas, in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, they experience severe fatigue when it is involvement in physical or mental activities. Mostly, people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome see it more as a physical illness. On the other hand, Depression is considered and seen as a mental health condition.

Chapter 3:

Do You Have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

If you feel like you are facing fatigue every other day, then it is possible that you are experiencing the following symptoms. From headaches to muscle pain, they are many variations of signs that can show that you are constantly tired.

Red flags you should out for:

  • Extreme fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Problems with memory and concentration
  • Soreness in the throat
  • Swollen lymph nodes in armpits and necks
  • Pains in the joints and muscles
  • Feeling of dizzy
  • Lack of refreshment after sleep
  • Extreme fatigue after any mental or physical activity.
  • Difficulty in sleeping, eating etc

Have you experienced any of these symptoms? If yes, there could be a chance that you might be chronically fatigued. It is best that you take help from a healthcare professional.

Chapter 4:

Is It Safe to Take Energy Supplements for Chronic Fatigue?

There are so many energy supplements available in the market. Most of them have impressive claims like” Boosts stamina” or ” All day energy”. But, do you know what goes into every bottle of such supplements? What are the ingredients? Surely, these supplements may give you instant energy. But, have you ever thought about what these harmful synthetic ingredients can do to your body? These ingredients can damage your liver and other organs in the long run.

So, why not choose the all-natural route? Do you want to use an alternative safe for your body? Do you want to nourish your mind and body with nature’s goodness? Well, then Ayurveda has all the answers to your worries. If you wish to take the all-natural way, then, Ayurveda is your path to healing your body.

Chapter 5:

Does Ayurveda Help Chronic Fatigue?

Ayurveda views Chronic Fatigue as excessive heat in the body and combinations of toxins. It is believed that the constant tiredness is because of the weak digestive fire in one’s body that leads to toxins forming in the body. Ayurvedic lifestyle looks at the holistic health of an individual. Additionally, the treatment is to bring the mind, body and spirit balance. Ayurvedic treatment involves a focus on diet, meditation, herbal therapies, massage and breathing techniques. Hence, the main goal is to remove the toxins from the body. Once these toxins are now out of the body, one is advised to go on a cleansing diet. This is followed by Panchakarma, which helps get rid of toxins using herbal oils and massaging. The final phase of the treatment is undergoing herbal therapy to restore energy in the body.

Of course, the answer is an absolute yes. Ayurveda has proven to be one of the best alternative treatments for chronic fatigue. Additionally, it has so side effects. It is completely natural. Hence, Ayurveda has many ayurvedic herbs that work great as the best natural energy supplements for chronic fatigue. Read more to know more about these supplements.

Chapter 6:

Best Natural Energy Supplements for Chronic Fatigue

  • Ashwagandha

It is an energizing herb for the body, it improves muscular functioning. It helps in regulating the sleep cycle and gives energy. The herb makes one feel less fatigued and more energized.
  • Shilajit

Did you know that a sticky substance found in the Himalayas has great medicinal benefits? But, guess what it is true. Shilajt is a very famous herb for women to increase energy and build stamina. There are many studies that support these claims stating that it increases energy by enhancing the mitochondrial functioning in our bodies.

  • Tulsi

I am sure you must have heard about this herb right? Tulsi not only has spiritual and religious significance. It has great medicinal benefits. Tulsi is good for overall physical and mental health. It is popularly taken as a tea (Tulsi Tea).

  • Brahmi

It strengthens the memory, enhances hand-eye coordination. According to a study, 300 mg of Brahmi in a day can reduce chronic fatigue and improve your energy.

  • Shatavari

It is known as the “cure for hundred diseases” It is an immunity booster with many antioxidants. It protects the body from pollutants and builds one’s energy.

These ayurvedic herbs are the best natural supplements for chronic fatigue. These herbs are all safe to use. But, however, they can have reactions with other herbal remedies, prescribed medicines, and energy supplements. It is best to meet a trusted doctor before consuming these herbs to treat chronic fatigue and get rid of constant tiredness.

Chapter 7:

Is Taking Energy Supplements Enough to Beat Chronic Fatigue?

Well, taking energy supplements alone are not enough. One must follow a healthy lifestyle along with it. Have you heard of Chyawanprash? You can commonly see this in every other Indian home. Eating this can boost your immunity and can get you away from toxins. Also, try to avoid taking food that is very spicy or sour in nature. It is very important to stay hydrated, then sufficient amount of fluids. But, remember don’t end up drinking lots of water. Anything in excess can always cause damage. A lot of people tend to do that, they overuse an ingredient that has medicinal properties. the idea behind this action is “Oh. this has so many benefits, it can only do me good if I take more of it”. You must be mindful of this. Therefore, anything in excess can cause imbalance.

Along with taking these herbs and following a healthy diet, doing yoga is beneficial. Did you know one of the causes of tiredness is the excess lactic acid in the body? In fact, when you do breathing exercises, the oxygen helps to get rid of the lactic acid. Therefore, it is not only with energy supplements that you can tackle Chronic fatigue, you need to take a holistic approach.

You may find it interesting to read more on ” How I Beat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?” or you can check out ” Fatigue– How to Not to be Tired All the Time” to learn more about fatigue and how you can feel more energised and less tired.

"Completed at my own pace, great online learning!" Venus

99 sections

6-Weeks Self-Paced

  • Educational Content
  • Quizzes
  • Self-reflection material
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