Best Work-Life Balance Jobs in 2022

Medically reviewed by: Dr. Ilbey Ucar PhD (Psychology)

Last updated date : February 08, 2023

Finding a job with a good work-life balance can be as hard as finding a unicorn. Or so it may seem, at times. With a lot of jobs going hybrid or permanently remote, that work-life balance can be even harder to find. Seriously, who would have thought that working from home could actually make the balance worse? This article will list the best jobs for a good work-life balance. We will also look at some tips to maintain work-life balance when working from home.

The majority of jobs with a good work-life balance tend to be in the technology industry. While the tech industry has a bad reputation for balance in life, the nature of the work also allows for flexibility in many situations. For the non-techy folks reading this, you will find something for you on the list, too.

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Chapter 1:

Why is Work-Life Balance Important?

Before you read a long list of the jobs with a good work-life balance, you will want to know why it’s important at all. Chances are you already have a good idea. That’s why you opened this article. But it’s worth looking at again.

So what happens when there is no work-life balance?

In a nutshell, it’s not good. Research shows that a person’s physical health, mental health and relationships are badly affected by work-life balance. Stress and overwork can cause heart problems, respiratory problems, diabetes, high blood pressure and more. Burnout can cause anxiety and depression.

Benefits of Good Work-Life Balance

What happens when there is a good work-life balance?

Well, let’s start off with something that may not be so obvious, especially to higher-ups. Good work-life balance makes people better workers! When you think about it, it’s easy to understand. Wouldn’t you work better if you weren’t stressing about something at home or in your relationships? This is called mindfulness, or being present in the moment. When your work-life balance is off, you may find yourself thinking often about work at home, and thinking about home at work.

Similarly, wouldn’t you work better if you didn’t feel like work was a chore? Of course you would. When job satisfaction goes up because of jobs with work-life balance, your performance improves.

In addition, of course, you’re also more likely to have better relationships. This is so important, and yet is one of the things that we tend to often overlook. Your significant other, your children, your friends: they are all valuable parts of your life. They need your time, and your need theirs.

You’re also likely to have better physical and mental health with better balance. You want to feel fulfilled in your work and in the rest of your life. That’s why we need jobs with good work-life balance.

Chapter 2:

Work-Life Balance Jobs in the Tech Industry

1. Web Developer

As a web developer, you have to make websites that look good and work well. You will need to know coding and web programming languages. You will also need to know about user experience, which can be a whole niche in itself that also offers flexibility. As for web development, these roles are often remote and offer flexible opportunities with increasing experience. This makes it one of the best work-life balance jobs in the tech field.

2. Software Developer

As a software developer, you would work on designing, developing and testing software for computers. For this role, you will need knowledge of programming languages, mathematics, attention to detail, and organisational skills, and more. But you will have more balance in your life than most.

3. Data Scientist

A relatively new field, data science is also fast growing in popularity and demand. Data scientists collect and analyse data in different areas. Some examples are market trends and sales. As a data scientist, you would interpret this data in a way that will help businesses to grow. You will need various tech skills to be a data scientist, and many roles may also require you to have degrees in data science. This job can also be quite flexible, which makes it a job with good work-life balance.

4. SEO Manager

SEO Managers work to make sure that people who want to read websites like these can find them when they want to. This means that they need to sift and edit content so that search engines can easily find it. They apply various strategies for search engine optimisation, or SEO. SEO managers also work with other people to make sure to meet these objectives. This job is also one of many rated as having good work-life balance.

There are more tech jobs that tend to be flexible and so can also be balanced. Remember, you also need to prioritise work-life balance, no matter what your job. You may need to take active steps with your colleagues to maintain boundaries. The best work-life balance jobs in the world won’t do that for you. This will help to make sure your work doesn’t take over your whole life.

Chapter 3:

Balanced Jobs Outside the Tech Industry

1. Nail Technician

Now here’s an option for artsy, service oriented individuals. Nail technicians style and maintain fingernails and toenails. This job tends to be low-stress and less demanding, and so has good work-life balance.

2. Researcher/ Research Assistant

You can be involved in research in any field: the sciences, engineering, market sales, and so on. You may be conducting research on behalf of your clients and presenting your findings. As a research assistant, you would be working in universities in different fields. You might work in a team or work alone. Additionally, in this career, as in most careers on this list, you are less likely to have emergencies that require immediate attention at midnight.

3. Fitness Trainer

As a fitness trainer, you would help people reach their fitness and strength goals. You would create exercise plans, monitor how well the plans work and also watch their health. You are likely in this career to have more control over when and how much you work, giving you more work-life balance.

4. Content Manager

Content managers are responsible for producing, editing and uploading content onto websites. You’ll also have to develop strategies to improve the website’s SEO or search engine optimization. You may need a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, communications or information technology.

5. Substitute Teacher

Here, you may be required to do any or all of the work that a normal school teacher does. But you’ll do it temporarily. You will have to teach students as well as manage classroom behaviour while the permanent teacher is absent for a day or more. Because of the flexible schedule, substitute teaching can be one of the best work-life balance jobs outside the tech field.

6. Civil Engineer
Civil engineers are responsible for designing, constructing and maintaining all kinds of structures. If you’re in a building right now, chances are a civil engineer was involved in its creation. And the same also applies to all the buildings, roads and factories you can see out of your window right now.

To sum up, work-life balance is very important for your well-being. We hope this article and its list helps you on you journey to work-life balance. We wish you satisfaction and fulfilment in your professional and personal life.

If you’d like to know more, read our article on Work-Life Balance. If perhaps you find that your perfectionism hinders your balance, look up our course on Perfectionism.

"Structured and engaging course" Joan

69 sections

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