Body Image Worksheets- All You Need to Know

Written by: Shruthi Chacko – M Sc

Last updated date : March 24, 2022

How do you think your body looks? It really is fine, if you don’t immediately say- ” Fantastic!” with a broad smile. You are not the only woman/man who feels this way about their body image. In fact, a lot of people are not happy with how their bodies feel and look. It is commonly seen among women who struggle with negative body image. In fact, the main culprit to feeling like this is the Media. They are constantly feeding us what a ” perfect body” should look like. Little do they know, what they are making young girls and boys go through. In fact, these young teenagers grow into adulthood with such unrealistic body standards and ideals. The good news is that with self-awareness and acceptance, one can build a positive body image. In this article, we will be taking you through Body Image worksheets that can make you confident.

Chapter 1:
Is Social Media Making You Feel Worse?

Thankfully, there are ways in which you can start feeling better about your body. The first thing you should consider doing is to stop comparing yourself to the women that you see on social media. Perhaps, it is very natural for you to do this immediately. But, remember that it is causing a lot of deep-rooted self-image issues within you. In fact, you may not realise this when you scroll through these “perfect images”. But, they can become very toxic. Now, just to make it clear, the idea is not to delete all your social media accounts, but to find a balance. It is one thing to admire and appreciate these women/men that you find beautiful, and it is another to think ” Why doesn’t my body look like that?”. The latter is the one that has a negative impact on your body image.

Perhaps, it can be hard to not compare. It is a very natural human tendency to socially compare with others. Also, if you ever feel that it is taking a toll on you, maybe you should consider taking a break from social media. This is the best way you tackle you feeling dissatisfied with your body. You will soon be able to be aware of your own unique beauty and be confident with the way you look and feel. Continue reading this article, if you want to give your body the kindness and love it deserves to have.


Chapter 2:
Little Acts to Have a Better Body Image

There are a lot of ways in which you can improve your body image. One such way is getting involved in activities and worksheets. Let us look at some general suggestions that you can take to tackle this. In the later section, we will have a look into body image worksheets.

  • Accept and appreciate your body for just the way it is.
  • Make a list of 10 positve thigns that you like about yourself ( It could be your sense of humour or even confidence)
  • Keep reminding yourself your body, your features, your skin does not measure your true beauty. It is skin deep.
  • Take conscious efforts to not compare yourself to models or celebrities that you see online.
  • Try to wear clothes that make you feel confortable in your skin.
  • Don’t try to buy into everything that the media is showcasing ( Try to be crtical before following trends )
  • Always take some time out for yourself, indulge in self care activities.

Chapter 3:
Body Image Worksheets

Let us look at some popular body image worksheets, that can help you overcome your negative body image. With the help of these body image worksheets, you can identify your deep-rooted beliefs and notions. Continue reading to know more about these worksheets.

Building Body Acceptance

According to this worksheet, one makes certain assumptions. These assumptions are guidelines on how one lives their life. One might not be even aware of these assumptions. In fact, they play a big role in the way you think and behave. So, here is the thing, we make helpful assumptions and unhelpful assumptions. These helpful assumptions are realistic and are flexible. On the other hand, unhelpful assumptions are unrealistic and not very flexible. In fact, people who suffer make such unhelpful assumptions can have body image struggles.

For example, ” If people see my real body, they would not like me” or ” Only if I look attractive, people would like me” or even going to the extent of ” If I am not beautiful, no man would love me” Therefore, the workbook helps you to identify these assumptions. Perhaps, now that you know these unhelpful assumptions, you can go on to work on fixing them. The steps in the workbook suggest to firstly, identify it, secondly, trying to figure out where it is coming from. Thirdly, introspect how this assumption is affecting your life. Fourthly, ask yourself are these assumptions unrealistic or unreasonable? Now, try to think of changing it into a healthy assumption. Lastly, ask yourself, how can you fit this helpful assumption into your life?

Body Worksheet for a Child/ Teenager

Are you a teenager and wondering if there are body image worksheets for you? Well, there are worksheets for children and teenagers. These worksheets can help you with your journey of self-love and build your self-esteem. When you are doing this worksheet, you will notice that there will be an outline of a person with a big red coloured heart. In fact, this image is to keep you reminded to love and be kind to your body, rather than finding faults and being self-critical. There are mainly four sections in this worksheet. These four sections are as follows:

  • How does my body help me function?
  • What are the things that I like about my body?
  • What makes you unique and just ” You”?
  • How can you stay healthy and strong?

Thus, when you do this worksheet, you will soon be able to love yourself and appreciate your body for the way it is. Hence, it makes you more confident and proud to be who you are.


Chapter 4:
Are Positive Body Image Affirmations a Good Idea?

Many experts say that doing affirmations can be very useful. The words you tell yourself have a lot of power. Words can affect how you feel as a person. Practising healthy affirmations can help you with your body image struggles and enhance your self-confidence and help you become your authentic self. You can try out affirmations such as ” I am loved for who I am” or ” I will take care of my body with healthy and nourishing food”. Perhaps, you can become creative and make your own customised affirmations. In fact, it can help you work on the life goals that you have set for yourself. As long as these affirmations are healthy and positive, they will work. At Epsychonline we have a few series of self-help courses such as ” Body Image Concerns” that can help you enhance your body image struggles and make you more self-confident. Please visit our Courses page to find understand about it. Perhaps, you may wish to learn more about body image. If yes, then possibly you could attempt reading up a bit more on ” Disturbed body Image: Are you at Risk? ” or ” Stop body shaming- What needs to be done?” to get a better insight into body image.