Can Anxiety Cause Bloating?

Written by: Harmandeep Kaur Grewal – MA (Psychology)

Last updated date : January 20, 2023

When you are in a stressful situation then you could worry. And it is a pretty normal response from you. Moreover, you need not think about it. As it was your reaction to the abnormal situation. But if you remain anxious all the time. And there is no threat to you. But if you keep fearing then it shows you have some issue. You can consult a therapist. And provide details about your symptoms. Therefore, if your issue stays for more than six months then it can be diagnosed as an anxiety disorder. You will ask can anxiety cause bloating? Or are anxiety and stomach bloating related?

Anxiety disorder is an issue where you are unable to calm down with our assistance. And you worry about everything. It is a mental health issue and needs diagnosis by a psychiatrist or psychologist. You may feel nervous, heart rate increase, sweat, tremble, and so on. Moreover, you would not be able to perform well in your life. You cannot go to work or stay relaxed for more time.

In this article, we will try to explain anxiety disorders and their relationship to bloating. Then further signs and symptoms of the disorder will be discussed. You can learn about the various treatment options for bloating and anxiety.

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Chapter 1:

Anxiety and Bloating

Have you experienced a situation when you are scared and your stomach twists and turns? And could lead to an upset stomach and using the toilet. Moreover, bloating is a symptom of anxiety. Along with heart rate increase, sweating, tension in muscles, and so on. Similarly, your anxiety can change the balance in your digestion and cause turmoil in your stomach causing bloating. You can learn to stay calm to reduce it. Moreover when you are stressed eat less and slowly. If you are bringing over junk food then it could result in bloating.

Furthermore, when you are eating, try to relax. If you argue or fight then food will not digest. As you could not calm down. And have a lot of stress from it. Also, anxiety can affect your gut. And you could not digest. it could lead to bloat. Moreover, when you are unable to sleep under stress, then also bloating could occur. Anxiety and stomach bloating are related. And ask, can anxiety cause bloat?

Bloating is when you feel full. And air and gas develop leading to flatulence. You can have it due to many reasons. First of all, hyperventilation. When you take in more air than is required. Then also you can have gas. Second of all, when you have problems with digestion.

Chapter 2:

Treating Bloating

Anxiety can cause you a lot of discomfort. And you will experience different kinds of signs. As some of you will have tension in your muscles. And others will have upset stomachs. You may wonder if that can anxiety cause bloating. It is found to be true as anxiety and stomach bloating are related.
  • First of all, you can exercise. And go for a walk in a park. It will help in the digestion of food. And you may feel quick comfort after it. But do not overdo it. As it can be discomfort. Therefore, slowly walk for half an hour and drink water.
  • Second of all, you can experiment with yoga poses. And several poses help to digest food. But you need to be careful not to sprain when your body is rigid. You can take your time to learn.
  • Third of all, you can use over-the-counter items for digestion. For instance, peppermint can help you.
  • Fourth of all, you can try massage. And massaging your abdomen can help you pass gas. Also, it will move bowels. But you need to know the method of doing it. Otherwise, it may cause pain in the stomach. Be careful when you check out different ways.
  • Next, if you are under stress, you can try taking a warm bath. It will help you soothe tense nerves. And you will get fast relaxation.
  • Sixth of all, you need to eat a lot of fiber in your food. it will help to clear your bowel. Otherwise, you will be constipated. And you will have the problem of gas.

Chapter 3:

Treating Anxiety

You may have different kinds of symptoms of anxiety. For instance, an increase in heart rate. And you could ask can anxiety cause bloating? As anxiety and stomach bloating are related.
  • You should exercise regularly. And try to move around when you have a sitting job. For instance, you work at the office for 9 hours. And you need to sit for 8 hours. Then you need to walk around and stretch a lot. It will help you relax and calm down.
  • You should stop smoking and drinking as these could make your symptoms worsen. Moreover, smoking causes acid reflux in you. And you will have heartburn and so on. If you are unable to digest your food, Then you have to bloat.
  • Furthermore, you should sleep properly. You should not drink coffee before sleeping. As it can disturb your sleep. you should take a light walk and sleep. And it could help you sleep properly. But do not overwork. As it can stress you a lot.
  • You can learn about your treatment and work on it. And you should stick to the schedule. Moreover, it will help you reduce anxiety. And keep a journal and write about your thoughts. It will help you keep track of your mind.
  • Additionally, psychotherapy will be helpful. You can consult your doctor about the best treatment. Cognitive-behavioral therapy will help change your negative thoughts. And you will learn to think positively. And become aware of your condition.
  • You should keep a healthy lifestyle.

Chapter 4:

Other Ways to Deal with the Issue

  • Also, doctors may prescribe medicine. But you should not use them for a long time. As it can cause side effects.
  • Next of all, you should become more active with each day. You can exercise daily. And stay healthy. And you have the urge to vomit. Then it gets uncomfortable for you.
  • And you will have pain from it. Therefore eat less. Moreover, can anxiety cause bloat? Yes, anxiety and stomach bloating are related.
  • And therefore you become dependent on others. Furthermore, it is seen that women are high risk of anxiety disorders than men.
  • Also, as you know bloating is an uncomfortable and embarrassing thing.
  • You should drink a lot of water. Moreover, you should avoid sodas of any kind. You can try to drink juice but water is best. As sodas can increase the gas in the stomach.

Chapter 5:

Call for Action

For more information, you can click “Courses” on the navigation bar as there are several online courses that can help in many areas, please check them out. Moreover, the course titled, DBT for Social Anxiety, will help you in dealing with your issues.

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