Can Anxiety Cause Stomach Pain

Written by: Harmandeep Kaur Grewal – MA (Psychology)

Last updated date : March 06, 2023

Anxiety is worrying about something. And if the worry becomes excessive then anxiety becomes a disorder. You should see a doctor if you have this kind of anxiety. Moreover, this state should for months be diagnosed as a disorder. Even though we all times get worried about things. For instance, our financial problems give us worry. Our parents or children come late then the mind goes crazy. And several other cases where anxiety takes over. But if your anxiety gets in way of your daily life then it is a problem. It can cause physical symptoms in you. Like, people ask, can anxiety cause stomach pain? Also, does anxiety cause stomach pain?

Furthermore, anxiety creates fear and panic in us. And it leads to several bodily reactions. For instance, heart rate increases, tension in muscles, sweating, stomach pain, trembling, and so on. And you lose control over your body. Therefore, if you are to be diagnosed with the problem then see a therapist. If you meet the criteria then you will be diagnosed with the disorder. In this article, we will discuss symptoms of anxiety. And the effect of anxiety on the body. And ways to deal with stomach pain and anxiety.

Chapter 1:

Can Anxiety Cause Stomach Pain

When we are nervous then we experience anxiety that can cause pain in the abdomen. And people call it a nervous stomach. Some even witness nausea, bloating, and loose motions. You see our brain and gut are connected. And when the brain sense fears then it affects the stomach too. Therefore, stress and worry can negatively affect your body. Moreover, if you have had anxiety for a long time. And it keeps on getting worse. Also, if your pain in the abdomen is rising then you need help from a professional.

Furthermore, you should get a thorough check-up. And it will help you rule out some other diseases. Many illnesses cause pain in the stomach. For instance, ulcers, acidity, cancer, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, and so on. If you test negative for many of these then your pain is from stress and anxiety. And you need help from a therapist. Also, you can manage your stress on your own. You need to practice relaxation methods. It will help you a lot. And change your sleep and eating habits. Many times anxiety is there because of a sedentary lifestyle. Similarly, eat those kinds of food which are easy to digest. If you will eat heavy foods then you will have pain from indigestion. you can try green vegetables and fruits.

Chapter 2:

Anxiety and Symptoms

People may ask can anxiety cause stomach pain? Yes, pain in different areas of the body can be caused by worry and stress. You need to work towards reducing anxiety. And, anxiety cause stomach pain in many of us.
  • First of all, your worry is affecting your life. You cannot do normal things in life.
  • Second of all, you show different body reactions. Like, as heart rate increases, stomach pain, sweating, and so on. Moreover, in case of panic, you could need to be hospitalized also.
  • Third of all, you cannot concentrate. And feel that you are losing control over yourself.
  • Next of all, in certain cases when you have social anxiety then you cannot make

Chapter 3:

Preventing Nervous Stomach

First of all, you should relax and let go of stress from your body. As stress is the reason for your pain in the stomach. You should learn to relax and calm down. Moreover, there are methods like deep breathing. You can learn to breathe properly when you are anxious. It will bring oxygen to your brain.

Second, improve your health of gut. Your symptoms may include, indigestion, cramps, and diarrhea, Furthermore you can have constipation and loss of appetite. These conditions can be caused due to stress, ulcers, or irritable bowel syndrome. Therefore, you need to learn to manage your stress.

Third of all, improve your eating habits. You should eat properly. If you are taking large bites of food then they may cause indigestion. And it would in turn lead to pain in your stomach.

Next of all, get active. You should take short breaks in between your work. You should say no work which you do not work. And try not to please everyone all the time.

Chapter 4:

Tight Stomach

When you have pain in your stomach. And it is due to the tightening of muscles in your abdomen. There can be several causes for this issue. And one is indigestion. In this, you have too much pain. And you will even experience swelling in it. And it could lead to weight loss. You would ask can anxiety cause stomach pain? And you should be aware that anxiety causes stomach pain.

You should start with meditation. It can help you to deal with anxiety. Moreover, learn yoga poses which help you to reduce stress. Also, you should sleep on time. Many times your sleep disturbance will make your symptoms worst. Also, eat proper meals. And avoid spicy food. Moreover, you should stop drinking alcohol. And not consume coffee, or tea all the time.

And stay positive. As all treatments will take their time. And there is no shortcut to it. You can do deep breathing when you feel uneasy. And try to remove negative thoughts from your mind.

Chapter 5:

Treating Anxiety

First of all, medicine can be given, but it should be prescribed by your doctor. If you show extreme symptoms then drugs are given. For instance, an anti-anxiety medicine. It can make you relax in less time. But it has shown to be addictive to people. So, you cannot use it for a long period. Moreover, anti-depressants can be useful for the treatment of anxiety. Anxiety can cause a lot of symptoms in you. And you may ask can anxiety cause stomach pain? Yes, anxiety causes stomach pain.

Second of all, therapy will be helpful for you. You can use ‘talk therapy, or ‘exposure therapy. But cognitive-behavioral therapy will help you change your thinking pattern. And you will try to understand your thoughts.

Third of all, you should eat a healthy diet. And avoid spicy food. Moreover, you should not drink alcohol and caffeinated drinks. As they can increase the symptoms of anxiety. You can learn about your condition. Ir will help in the treatment. And you should be consistent in taking your medicine and therapy.

Chapter 6:

Call for Action

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