Can You Move Out at 17? How to Move Out at 17?

Written by: Tanvi Vinay Gangavali – MA (Psychology)

Last updated date : January 10, 2023

Can you move out at 17? The answer to this question is different for different persons. The answer is both yes and no. It entirely depends on the individual’s choice and need. There are many reasons why teens choose to step out of home. This could be because of educational needs or trying to look for an earning. The reasons are many but if you wish to move out at 17 then the next question is how to move out at 17? This article helps you know how you can move out at 17, the reasons and how to move out at 17.

Most people move out and set up their own homes either during their late teens or late 20s. The change of stepping out is based on why you want to move out. It also the relationship with your family. If the family is supportive then moving out is easy. Sometimes, family issues also lead to teens wanting to stay away fromhome. This decision is hard. It is also hard for the teen but planning helps to stay strong.

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Chapter 1:

Why Move Out at 17?

There are many reasons to move out at 17. Each depends on the teen. These include-
  • Wanting to stay independently.
  • moving out for study.
  • wanting to live closer to the place of work or study.
  • living in with your partner.
  • family conflicts.
  • issues with siblings.
  • parents asking you to leave the house.

Chapter 2:

Things to Consider When Moving Out at 17

To move out at 17 is a big decision. It also makes us feel nervous. It is common to feel scared. You might also feel confused about your decision. All these feelings are natural. But it is important to think about certain things when you are deciding to move out. There are some issues listed below which can help you think about your decision-
  • You need to think if this is your choice. Also, if this choice is because you feel ready or is it because of other reasons. Other reasons include peer pressure or just because someone is doing it you also want to do it.
  • If you want to move out at 17 then think about your safety. Under 18 people find it hard to rent a house or sign a lease because they are not yet adults. Hence, if you want to move out then think if you have a place which is safe to live in.
  • Money. This is a very important factor to think about. You will need money to support yourself because you are living all by yourself. This also means you will need to plan your budget. The plan should be such that you can cover all the essentials you will need. This includes rent, bills, groceries, and medical.

Chapter 3:

Moving Out- Issues

The idea of moving out at 17 is exciting. Many times we do not think about the problems we might face. This is also because we focus on the benefits of staying alone and miss out on the problems.
  • Being ready. If you feel you cannot manage all the responsibilities and are not ready then it is best not to make this decision. Moving out is a huge shift in the way you live. Along with freedom and independence, you also have a lot of other major decisions to take. Hence, if you are not ready then do not step into this at this point in your life.
  • Money issues. Living all by yourself means managing all the finances. Earlier this was done by your parents and now you have to take care of everything. This might also lead to debt. Hence, only if you have enough money you should decide to step in.
  • Issues with the place you stay or with the people you stay with. If this place you want to stay in is not safe or if you share the house with other flat mates and you might not get along with them then the entire phase will be stressful and hard.

Chapter 4:

Moving Out- Emotions

While you move out at 17, you have your own emotions and also your parents will have. You might have a roller coaster of emotions. For example, you may:
  • you might feel nervous.
  • feeling anxious.
  • you might worry about how your future will be.
  • worried about managing finances all alone.
  • feeling lonely.
  • feeling not ready.

Like you have your emotions, your parents also have similar kind of emotions such as-

  • they tend to feel worried that you might not be ready.
  • feeling sad because they will miss you.
  • they think you should leave home only when you are a little older.
  • worried about the people or place you want to live in.

It is important to talk about your emotions.Also try to acknowledge the emotions of your parents. It is best to address this and leave home on a positive note.

Chapter 5:

Tips to Move Out at 17 Successfully

Moving out at 17 is not easy. But planning and making an informed choice helps. Below are some tips to help you to move out at 17 successfully-
  • Make a conscious decision. Study the situation carefully. Don’t make a hasty decision which is led by some emotion. Ask yourself questions like- Am I ready to live alone? Do I have enough money to support myself? Do I have enough valid reasons to move out at 17?
  • Plan a realistic budget. Many times we consider essentials while planning our budget and miss out on certain hidden expenses. This could be such as security deposit for the rented house, medical expenses, maintenance of utilities.
  • Share and Talk- It is important to communicate your emotions and thoughts. This is mainly to avoid issues, arguments and misunderstandings. You need to talk openly and with respect to your flatmates and parents. This discussion should be two-way and you need to be open to listen to their point of view.
  • Be in touch – No matter where you are stay connected. Talk to your parents or visit your home regularly. Spend time with them.
  • Seek help- There might be times when things become difficult or too much to manage. It is ok to ask for help from your parents or friends.

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"Very practical suggestions" Peter

95 sections

6-Weeks Self-Paced

  • Educational Content
  • Quizzes
  • Self-reflection material
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