Chronic Pain and Your Moods Swings

Written by: Harmandeep Kaur Grewal – MA

Last updated date : April 05, 2022

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Chronic Pain and Your Moods Swings

  1. Can Chronic Pain Cause Mood Swings?

If you have pain then you will get angry, sad, depressed, or frustrated. Any kind of pain will create an emotional response. Living with long-term pain is difficult. You may not be able to live like normal people. Chronic pain and your moods are related in many ways. Can chronic pain cause mood swings? Chronic pain is long-term pain that causes problems for a person. So, pain can cause a change in mood.

Moreover, mood disorders can cause emotional pain. Depression is one of the mood disorders that can cause pain in the patient. You will not be happy with depression. Also, can chronic pain cause mood swings? Mood swings are changes in the mood of a person.

Chapter 1:

Can Chronic Pain Cause Mood Swings?

When you have chronic pain then your mood changes. There is a possibility of stress hormone in your blood. The hormone could raise blood pressure, sugar in the body. Chronic pain and your moods are topics of interest for research. Can chronic pain cause mood swings in people? Such questions need attention.

  • Change in mood due to any discomfort is possible. You will not be happy and satisfied with the pain in your body. Moreover, to relax you will find ways to reduce pain. Also, long-term pain is harmful to the body and mind. Never overuse painkillers. Pain killers can affect the liver and kidneys.
  • Stress Hormone is released in the body with long-time pain. Your body will produce cortisol all the time. Additionally, it can impact various organs of the body. You should try to relax and not distress over pain. Remaining calm is the only choice. You can find the cause of pain and deal with it later.
  • Likewise, your energy level will be low than other people’s. Also, you should exercise to maintain stamina. Regular activity will keep your heart healthy and fit. If you stay in a sedentary lifestyle then many diseases can occur. For instance, eating high-fat food with no exercise will make you prone to diabetes and cancer.
  • Pain in different areas of the body. Also, chronic pain can be present in different areas of the body. If your pain is due to stress then it could affect any organ. For instance, you could have headaches, stomachaches, or muscle pain. You can get a physical check-up to be sure. Your doctor can rule out any illness to be sure of mental health problems.
Mood Changes in People Due to Pain
People who suffer from chronic pain behaves aggressively. Chronic pain and your moods are related. Also, can chronic pain cause mood swings? Yes, there is a possibility.
  • Sleep changes can occur if you suffer from mood disorders. If you are excited all the time then you may not sleep well. In contrast, if your mood is low then you will sleep more than needed. Any kind of sleep change will affect your daily routine. You could be energetic or tired depending upon the kind of sleep you got.
  • Changes in eating habits can occur with mood changes. If your eating habits are not healthy then you could not be energetic. When you are depressed then you could eat less or more. Some people do comfort eating which could occur because of stress in life. Chronic pain worsens eating habits.
  • Mood swings happen when there is a large change in mood. You may feel happy in the morning and your mood changes to sadness in the evening.
  • Change in work habits with chronic pain is possible. If you stay unhappy all the time then you will not be able to work.
  • There could be stress in life. This stress could be from recurrent pain that you experience. Pain can make you agitated all the time. You should try to be calm and visit a doctor. Also, try to find the cause of pain. If the doctor rules out any illness then stress could be the reason for the pain.
  • Emotional pain and problems are related. Pain makes you sensitive. When you are sensitive then you get hurt easily. Chronic pain and your moods are related.
  • Coping with problems can require support. If you have pain in a body area then your mood will change from time to time.
Depression is caused by various reasons. Can chronic pain cause mood swings in you? Depression and body pain can be a cause of distress for a person. Chronic pain and your moods.
  • Change in mood occurs when you have depression. Usually, the patient remains sad and pensive. Any kind of environmental stress, for example, pain can cause further emotional instability. You should be mentally stable to handle any kind of stress. But depression makes you weak and vulnerable.
  • Eating habits change with depression. Binge eating is a common symptom of depression. You should consult your doctor when you experience weight change. When you face pain in your body then you will remain sad and your appetite will change. You can also eat less which can cause a low level of energy.
  • Sleeping habits of people with depression are changing. Chronic pain affects moods and sleeping habits.
  • Change in pattern of mood with a slight change in life. For instance, getting gate can make your mood change.
  • Isolation from social life is another symptom of depression. Moreover, when you are depressed you will meet fewer people. After some time you will be alone.
  • Change in weight due to unhealthy eating habits. Chronic pain and your moods are related. Can chronic pain cause mood swings? These questions comes to mind.
  • Have problems adjusting to social life. A patient with depression could remain separate from his mates.
  • Similarly, a lack of performance at work can occur. Your lack of energy will impact your mood. The mood affects the quality of work you do. If you are agitated all the time then you will not do well.
Different Mood Disorders
Can chronic pain cause mood swings? Chronic pain and your moods are related.
  • Mania is a mood state where a person is overly happy. There could be no cause for sudden happiness. Chronic pain and your moods are related.
    • The self-esteem of a patient increases.
    • Also, there is a decrease in the amount of sleep.
    • The mind of the patient is filled with ideas.
    • Change in eating habits.
  • Depression consists of a sad mood most of the day.
    • There could be a change in sleeping habits.
    • The person may gain or lose weight.
    • The person may not enjoy life
Treatment of Pain and Mood Disorders
Chronic pain and your moods are related.
  • First way to reduce pain is through medicine. The doctor will prescribe pain killers for quick action. There can be side effects of pain killers. So, drug abuse should be avoided.
  • Psychological therapies like relaxation training can help the patient to manage pain in the long term.
  • Chronic pain and your moods are related. There could be skills that are trained for the patient to cope with pain.
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