Chronic Wrist Pain - Learn Ways to Manage It!

Written by: Shruthi Chacko – M Sc

Last updated date : April 04, 2022

In the present day of gadgets, we are all overusing our fingers and arms. The phones that we use to text, the laptops that we use. We are constantly using our hands. It is no wonder, why people have pain in their arms and hands. Imagine, that when we are constantly using our fingers, it only makes sense that there is an increasing number of people experiencing pain. Read this article to know about chronic wrist pain and chronic arm pain.

Chapter 1:

Things You Can Do to Avoid Arm and Wrist Pain

There are a few things that you can do to combat this pain on your arm and wrist. Firstly, check if you have enough vitamin D and calcium in your body. If you find that there is a lack of this, it is good if you can find supplements or eat foods high in calcium and get enough sunlight. In fact, your doctor will help you in finding the best way for you to get calcium and vitamin D.

You need to also keep a watch on your lifestyle. Sometimes, strain and stress can develop into chronic wrist pain/ chronic arm pain. Maybe you should pay attention to how your life and work. Make sure you are not straining yourself too much. It is important to pay attention to such details of your life. Finally, make sure you are keeping yourself safe. In fact, many times while playing a sport, you can easily injure yourself. It is important to keep yourself safe while even doing intense workouts.

Hence, If you start paying attention to the little things, you can find out the root cause of the issue. Even things like wearing the right shoe are very important.


Chapter 2:

What Can Cause Chronic Wrist Pain/ Arm Pain?

First of all, the chronic pain that you have could be because of various reasons. So, you must figure out why you are experiencing this pain with a help of a practitioner. It could be an injury, a fall, or even a repetitive way of movement. All of these are some of the reasons why you may be having chronic pain. An injury to the rotator cuff is one of the common reasons for chronic wrist and arm pain. If the muscles are damaged or even strained, it can cause pain and muscle tension in your arm.

In fact, Arthritis is most likely due to chronic arm pain. In some cases, the inflammation in the elbows can be another cause of chronic pain in the arm and wrist. Some conditions such as Fibromyalgia or Osteoporosis are a few other conditions that can cause someone to suffer from chronic pain. There is a long list of reasons why you may be having chronic wrist pain. You can take help from a doctor to help you to relieve this condition.


Chapter 3:

The Right Diagnosis Is Crucial

Sometimes, as a victim of chronic wrist pain or chronic arm pain, you may not even know it all began. This can be quite frustrating that you do not know why you have this chronic pain. Moreover, in some cases, you may even have had an injury that might have caused damage to the tissues in your arm and wrist. Hence, it is very important to know the underlying reasons for chronic pain. You should consider meeting a doctor to help you find answers.


Chapter 4:

8 Ways to Relieve Chronic Wrist Pain/ Chronic Arm Pain Naturally

There are some natural ways in which you can reduce your chronic pain. However, it is best that you meet a doctor regarding it. Till then these methods can really help you out.

Be Active

It is often thought that when you have body pain, it is better not to exercise. In fact, people with arthritis have a decrease in joint pain with exercise. Hence, exercising is good for you if you have chronic pain as well. It will help in reducing the pain and makes the muscles stronger. Also, helps the body to produce endorphins and helps in relieving pain.

Eat a Fiber RIch Diet

Studies have shown that eating a fibre rich diet helps with chronic pain. Eating a fibre-rich diet produces short-chain fatty acids. These acids help in balancing the microbes of the digestive tract. Additionally, this helps in reducing the inflammation in the body.

Apply Heat to Painful Joints

When you apply heat to the joints that hurt, it can reduce the chronic wrist pain/ chronic arm pain. It increases the blood flow and loses up the stiff muscles. There are ways in which you can relieve your pain such as using a hot water bag, warm shower, electric heating pad etc.

Turmeric Can Help Your chronic wrist pain

Did you know the turmeric root can reduce inflammation? The ingredient called curcumin helps in inflammation. You can include turmeric in our sauces, curries, smoothies or maybe even teas. You can check with your doctor the kind of supplements that you can take. Also, keep an eye out for preservatives such as gluten, soy and dairy.

Have Good Sleep Habits

It is very important for you to have a good sleeping routine. In fact, it helps in reducing inflammation and speeds up the process of preparing the body. Try to have a calming nighttime routine. This will help you will calm your senses and fall into sleep.


Meditation can help you calm down and relax. There are various ways in which you can incorporate meditation into your life. There are many apps that have meditation and guided imagery. Hence, meditation can help with your chronic wrist pain/ chronic arm pain.

Accupunture May Help Your Chronic Arm Pain

This ancient Chinese healing technique can reduce your chronic pain too. However, there are not a lot of studies that show that acupuncture helps chronic pain. But, there are a few studies that show that it can help with chronic wrist pain and chronic arm pain. You can find an acupuncturist practising in your city to help you out.

Have a Calming Massage

This is something that can help you relax. A massage can loosen up your muscles, increase blood flow and calm your senses and mind. There are a lot of studies that show that people with chronic pain and chronic fatigue syndrome can benefit from a therapeutic massage. Hence, try to incorporate a healthy lifestyle with some calming massage to help with your chronic wrist pain or chronic arm pain.

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