Coping With Change at Work and Workplace​

Written by: Harmandeep Kaur Grewal – MA (Psychology)

Last updated date : January 23, 2023

Change is the law of nature. You should not resist change in life. Coping with change at work is needed. Moreover, coping with change at the workplace requires effort from your side. You should not stay in a comfortable position for a long time. Also, change brings progress and development. Though all changes are not for development. Additionally, changes occur due to many reasons. There could be a change in the region, promotion, demotion, and change in the department at work.

When computers were first introduced then employees has some issues. Moreover, you should accept the change as it is for your welfare. Accepting makes it easier for you to cope. If your work location is changed then you need to adapt to a new place. By remaining positive you can face this problem well. You should not resist growth. Be brave in life and you will see good results. If you avoid problems then you cannot grow in your life. Remain calm and take help from people around you.

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Chapter 1:

Coping With Change at Workplace

Coping with change at workplace is need of hour. There can be number of times when work demands change. It can be in form of change in location, position, department and so on. Hence, coping with change at work is important.
  • Be truthful and tell others what you think. You can provide useful feedback. Also, feedback can help in improving the conditions at work. Tell your seniors about your problem. Don’t fret if they do not show concern. You were honest and you tried.
  • Be positive. Don’t concentrate on negative thoughts. Always stay hopeful and positive. Similarly staying positive can make you strong and willful.
  • Always communicate with people around you. When you are not vocal about your concerns then people do not know. You need to tell them about your problems. Coping with change at work is important.
  • Try to think from a different scenario. Change can be useful to you. Stay positive.
  • If the workplace change requires upskilling then take training. By skilling yourself you can adapt better. Do not feel stressed but adjust.
  • Stay positive at work. If you are positive then you will cope well in life. If you are negative then you will not like the change. You will stay unhappy and not satisfied.

Chapter 2:

Coping With Any Kind of Change

If you are required to change at work then you must. Coping with change at work is important. It will bring satisfaction to your mind. You should not resist change. Don’t be rigid be active.
  • Plan beforehand. It will help you cope well than others. Moreover, there won’t be any stress if work is completed on time. Value time and don’t delay work. For instance, if you are in habit of delaying work then you will be unhappy.
  • Change your thinking as per your environment. Also, you have the power over yourself. So, change according to the need of the situation. Try to not complain and resist change. It will stress you. Stress can hurt your goals. You will be aggressive and frustrated. So, avoid resisting behavior and work hard.
  • You should have time to reflect on your life. It will increase your self-awareness in you. Being conscious and aware will benefit you.
  • Despite problems try to be stable and normal. Coping with change at work is important.
  • There should be some comfort available. If there is support and help available to you then
  • Show gratitude and be thankful. By thanking for the things you have you will stay happy. Try to not complain. Grumbling and complaining will make you unhappy in life. Your happiness lies in your hands so do not destroy it. If adapting to change is needed then change well.

Chapter 3:

Types of Coping

  • Problem-focused Coping- In this type of coping, you try to find a solution to the problem. If there is stress in life you try to change that. By removing stress you can focus on the problem. For instance, you need to pass an exam, then you should study.

  • There can be different situations where problem-focused coping is useful. For instance, at the workplace, you can talk to your manager when you face any problem.
  • You don’t try to avoid the problem but find a solution.
  • If change is required at work then coping with change at work is needed. Do not resist change you will only be stressed out of it.
  • Be calm all the time. You can do well at work.
  • Emotion-based Coping- When you use emotion-based coping styles.

  • There could be escape behavior. When you are unable to face the trauma then you go for emotion-based coping. Such a coping style does not problem solution to the problem. And the problem stays the way it is.
  • You cannot run from a change at your work. As coping with change at work is essential. If you deal with problems in an emotional manner then you will not succeed in life. Your success is in your hands. Do not complain just adjust.
  • If there are problems that you are not able to solve then take help from others. With support and help, you will cope without any hurdles.

Chapter 4:

Reacting to Change

There are several ways in which a person will react to change at work. Coping with change at work is essential. Moreover, coping with change at workplace is required. In an office, you will be required to do what the company states. Company has the right to bring change and development.
  • One way of reacting is letting go of past habits and routines. This method is the least tiresome. You will gain more from this method. When you let go then you can put all your energy into the present task. You will stay happy and satisfied.
  • When you explore new things and adjust to change without resistance. In this way, you don’t have any problem adapting to work.
  • When you accept change then you commit to it. By committing you will upskill yourself to work. And you will adapt better.
  • If you are resisting change then you will find it difficult to adjust to the situation. You will be stressed and frustrated. Take time and reflect on your behavior. Sometimes change is required so you should accept it.
  • When you are happy and satisfied at the workplace you do well. By accepting challenges you will grow. By growing you will get promoted. Promotion is a change. It is a positive change for people. Coping with change at work is important.

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"Very practical suggestions" Peter

95 sections

6-Weeks Self-Paced

  • Educational Content
  • Quizzes
  • Self-reflection material
  • Suggestions & feedback
  • Worksheet, tips & tools to use

$9.00 $12.00

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