Dreams of Mom Dying- Meaning and Interpretation

Written by: Ankita Kathad – MA (Clinical Psychology)
Last updated date : August 16, 2022


Dreams can sometimes be strange and complex. Dreams of mom dying can be distressing in general. You may think, “What if the dream was a prediction?” The dream can keep you wondering. You may feel confused and scared. In this article, we aim to explore what can dream of a mom dying means and what it means when you dream of your mom dying.

To understand more about dreams of mom dying, let us look at some top theories about dreaming.


Dreams can sometimes be strange and complex. Dreams of mom dying can be distressing in general. You may think, “What if the dream was a prediction?” The dream can keep you wondering. You may feel confused and scared. In this article, we aim to explore what can dream of a mom dying means and what it means when you dream of your mom dying.

To understand more about dreams of mom dying, let us look at some top theories about dreaming.

Chapter 1:
The Interpretation of Dream- From Freud’s Lens

The interpretation of dreams is a famous book written by Sigmund Freud. This book introduces various elements like the unconscious mind. In summary, the book speaks about the role of unconscious memories in the content of our dreams. As per the book, our dreams convey a lot of symbolic meaning. The dream is divided into two parts. The first one is the manifest content and the second one is the latent content. The term latent content means the hidden meaning of our dreams. As per Freud, this hidden meaning conveys our desires in disguise.


Chapter 2:
Dreams- Information Processing System

As per this theory, dreams and information processing are linked. When we dream, our brain processes the knowledge stored during the daytime. Moreover, as the body enters REM sleep, our brain organizes information and erases useless details. The process of dreaming, therefore, helps people to arrange information in smaller and manageable units.

Dreams-Memory Processing Unit

This theory suggests that dreams help in organizing memories. When we dream our memories either become strong or weak. Dreams help in processing the overload of sensory information. It helps in retaining useful memories in separate compartments. Once stored successfully, we can bring these memories back to attention when needed.

Dreams Improve Creativity

Another belief regarding dreams is that they are meant to assist us in problem-solving. In our dreams, the mind is free to wander and explore its potential. The mind is free to create things that it cannot create in the conscious world. There is no restriction or societal pressure on our brains. Therefore, we can see a range of creative activities taking place in our dreams.

Dreams Are a Reflection of Our Daily Life

Every day we witness a mirage of events. While we can attend many of those events, some are left out. Dreams, therefore, act as a continuous reel like a movie. This could be the reason why we often witness daily life events in our dreams.

Dreams Prepare Us!

Dreams act as stimulation for us. This prepares us to face dangerous situations. For example, when you dream of a snake, the scene acts as a stimulation. It helps us overcome our fear. For example, when we dream of falling off a cliff, it helps us to face that fear in a safe environment. When we practice facing these fears in our dreams, it helps us prepare better to face them in real life. Dreams of mom dying are probably occurring because in our dreams we can safely express our emotions about our mother.

Dreams Convey a Certain Meaning

Often dreams, convey our current state of emotions. For instance, when we feel stressed, we may have a scary dream. We can have nightmares if we have gone through a trauma. Moreover, if a person is going through a mental disorder, they have dreams filled with troublesome content. People who suffer from anxiety may have distressing dreams too. It can be a way of their brain trying to deal with stressful stimuli.


Chapter 3:
Dreams of Mom Dying- What Does It Mean When You Dream Of Your Mom Dying?

There can be many reasons why one dreams of someone dying. It can signify a symbolic goodbye to loved ones. It can also mean that we are very worried about the other person’s life. The person who is too close to us is one possibility. It could also mean that we are insecure about losing the person who is dying in the dream. When we dream of a mom dying, it can be very sad and can bring a lot of anxiety.

When we dream of mom dying, it is never fun. However, we likely have a heavy burden of worrying about our mother. This is what gets reflected in the dream in the form of her death. There can be many reasons why we dream of mom dying. There are also many interpretations of the same. Let us look at a few of them:

We Love Our Mother a Lot.

Most of us share a special bond with our mothers. The meaning of a mother dying in a dream does not always indicate that she is going to die. Well in most cases, it never means that she will die. Rather it tells a lot about our insecurity about losing her. When we love someone a lot, we fear losing them. We want them to stay for the entirety. We want their presence lifelong. However, we know deep inside that this is not possible. However, we deny this bitter reality that all our loved ones will one day go away. This denial creeps into our dreams one way or the other.

We Have a Difficult Relationship with Our Mother

Often, children share a difficult relationship with their parents. Either one or both of them. When they share a difficult relationship with their mother, the child may hate the mother. Their mother may have bullied or belittled them. This may have led to negative feelings for their mother. They dream of their mother dying because their dreams act as a safe space for them to display their true emotions towards their mother. Their dreams act as a haven to express what they truly feel for their mothers. Often children who are treated badly by their mothers are scared of their moms. Thus, when they dream of their mother dying, they don’t wish them dead. However, their death is a symbol of the negative feelings the child has for their mother.

The Mother Is Going through an Illness or Old Age.

When the mother is suffering from a terminal condition or any serious illness, the child may dream of her mom dying. This dream is indeed a reflection of the child’s anxious state of mind. We may not be able to express our fear of losing our mother in our waking life. Dreams act as a medium where our fears are displayed. For instance, in our dreams, we may see our mom dying and us mourning the loss. Dreams may act as a safe space for us to express our worries, fears and sadness about the loss.

We Miss Our Mother!

Often, we are caught in the hustle-bustle of everyday life. In this chaos, taking out time for the mother can become difficult. Dream of mom dying could be an indication of us missing our mother. We may be constantly thinking about her during the day but are unable to take out time for her. Us dreaming about her death can be a reminder to spend more time with her. Often, people who dream of a mom dying have lost their mother. They keep dreaming about their death because they are not over the trauma of her death. The memory keeps replying again and again in their dreams. They may also dream of mom dying because they feel overburdened by the trauma.

We may also dream of a mother dying as a sign of moving on. Although the thought of a mother dying is scary, her death in our dreams can also be a signal for the mourning person to move on. The person who has lost their mother can feel stuck and helpless. The images of mom dying can serve as a sign to move on.


Chapter 4:

Researchers yet do not know the exact causes of dreams. Therefore we should not make the dream of mom dying literally. We should not overthink more about it more. However, we can reflect upon the dream healthily. We can check on ourselves with regards to our emotions towards our mom. If the dreams of mom dying are too distressing for us to handle, we can even share them with experts in the field of psychology. Often disturbing dreams like mom dying signify our insecurities and worries. We can seek help to deal with such bad dreams healthily.

Although dreams lead to the arousal of powerful emotions, they cannot always be deciphered. There can be many meanings to a dream or no meaning at all. We must understand that dreams are also a part of the process in the brain. Dreams of mom dying does not always mean that our mom is going to die. They can mean a million other things.

If you are too distressed about the dream s of mom dying then you can take out time to spend with the mother (If she is alive). You can also speak to her about your dreams and worries. You can also analyze