Feeling Sad after Holidays - Feeling Weird Coming Home!

Written by: Meenakshi Joshi – M Sc (Psychology)

Last updated date : May 20, 2022

Table of Contents

Feeling Sad after Holidays – Feeling Weird Coming Home!

  1. Are Holidays Fun?
  2. Are You Feeling Sad after Your Holidays?
  3. Tips to Overcome Feeling Sad after Holidays

We like to go out. We all like to enjoy ourselves. The routine things that we do every day get boring after a while. We all want a break. But does it help? Have you ever ended up feeling sad after the holidays? Do you wonder why I feel weird after coming home from a vacation?

Chapter 1:

Are Holidays Fun?

To understand why we feel weird or end up feeling sad after holidays or after coming back home from a vacation, we first need to see if such events are fun. Consider Jake, who is a Type A person. Jake likes to control things. He wants to do everything perfectly. He is a director at a law firm and enjoys his work and role. Jake needs to work 15-16 hours a day to feel “satisfied” with his life. He thinks that his “work” is the most important thing in his life and his entire focus is on “being the best lawyer “. Hence, he rarely misses work, worked way overtime, takes no weekends off, etc. He lives to work and cannot “not work” even for a single day of his life.

So, for such a person going on a holiday or vacation would not be fun. He will not go on a vacation if possible or work on a holiday. But if he does take a few holidays or goes on a vacation, he will end up feeling sad about going or will feel weird that he cannot go home and back to work.

However, for most of us, holidays are fun. We want to take a break and go somewhere nice. Go to a place where we can enjoy and relax. Somewhere far away from work and our daily routine. If you feel the same, then you too are someone who loves holidays.


Chapter 2:

Are You Feeling Sad after Your Holidays?

When you come back home from vacation do you get feel weird? Do you feel that something is not right or you are missing something? Are you feeling sad that your holidays are over? Here are a few reasons why you feel this way –

You are missing the “feeling” you felt on your trip!

Coming back from the holidays can be sad because you miss feeling excited and happy. The feeling that you experienced when you were on vacation. Typically, you would go to

  • a place you could relax like a beach or hill station. You want to be away from the traffic and deadlines of your day-to-day life. The hectic timetable that you have to follow every day. Finally, when you go on a break, you get that much-needed rest and peace of mind. You can sleep in and do nothing the whole day. So, after coming home you feel weird because you are missing the quiet that you felt when you were there.
  • an adventurous place or on an adventure. So, if are the thrill-loving kind, you would go for a trek or adventure trip. For example, you might go rock climbing, river rafting, etc. things like give you an adventure high. Things that make your adrenaline rush. You feel alive and get so much energy from such things. So obviously, coming home puts a stop to this excitement.
  • a friend’s or relative’s place. If you are going to a friend’s or a relative’s home, then you might end up feeling sad as you miss the warmth, care, and love you get from them during the holidays, and hence coming home makes you depressed. You might miss meeting having long chats with your friend or having dinner with your sister.
  • a new place where you go sightseeing. Visiting a new place which you have never seen before holds a lot of curiosity. For example, you go to a place that has a great art museum that you have been wanting to visit for ages. This curiosity and wonder end when you come home from the trip.
You miss spending time with your family or yourself!

At times, you may get to spend quality time with your family only on holidays. Everyone is busy with their work, classes, college, school, etc. so you rarely get time for each other even after living in the same house. This can happen for a married couple as well. Both partners could be busy with their work, household chores, looking after the kids, etc. that they might not be able to do any romantic dinners or dates.

Going on vacation gives them this opportunity to focus on each other. It gives them time to spend some romantic moments with each other away from all these hassles. This is needed and important for a relationship to grow stronger.

Hence, coming home from holidays can make you sad as these romantic feelings are put on the back burner again. Also, you might miss the time you get to spend alone. Sometimes, we do need to be alone and spend time with ourselves. Holidays could be the perfect place to do so.

You have to get back to work and routine!

Finally, the most important reason why you end up feeling sad after the holidays is that you have to get back to work and routine. Getting back home can make you feel weird because vacation over means routine starts. You are back to doing the same thing again. Get up, get ready, go to work, cook, clean, take care of kids, take care of your parents, etc. Going through the same daily schedule again.

It is not that you do not like to work or you do not like your home. It is just that the “fun” or “excitement” attached to holidays is not the same when you are in your “routine”. Also, you might miss home when you are away and coming home makes you feel safe and comfortable. So, it is not all bad! But still, it is a little bit depressing.


Chapter 3:

Tips to Overcome Feeling Sad after Holidays

  1. Try to plan some fun activities on the weekend
  2. Invite friends over for dinner in the coming week
  3. Make your work interesting
  4. Take small breaks daily and engage in relaxing activities like listening to music
  5. Join a hobby class
  6. Start working out.
  7. Set small goals and reward yourself when you achieve them to keep you motivated
  8. Keep a flexible routine. Change things here and there to break the boring monotony

Thus, coming back home from vacation can make you feel weird and you might end up feeling sad after the holidays. It is natural as you miss the “free and fun” feeling that you felt when you were on the trip. Also, getting back to routine can be depressing but it can be made comforting and interesting.

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