Gay Bullying in Schools and Homophobia

Written by: Harmandeep Kaur Grewal – MA (Psychology)

Last updated date : March 25, 2023

When you are harassed because of different reasons verbally, physically, or online. Also, bullying is making fun of another person. Moreover, gay bullying in schools is highly prevalent in our society. You may have observed in your school, college, or work that people who identify themself as LGBTQ+ get bullied often. Now, many good changes have happened in our society that people are becoming more sensitive to them. And there is an increase in awareness among people about other genders. So, gays and other LGBTQ have come out. Homophobia in schools is there.

Additionally, many straight men do not show their liking for gay people. And hence they bully whoever terms themselves as sexually different. Also, our society should be more accepting of vulnerable people. Likewise, parents of gay men could be showing sympathy. In contrast, many fathers or mothers show their disgust at the different sexual choices of their children. So, you may have to struggle all alone in the cruel society. Hence, you should look out for people who are accepting and form your community groups for help.


Chapter 1:

Gay Bullying in Schools

Gay bullying is present at schools. Moreover, homophobia in schools is there. So, you need to observe and deal with it in different ways.

You know that a school is a place where students go together to study. Hence children and parents want a safe and happy environment. But, sometimes, certain groups which are naive get harassed by their classmates. So, you should report any case of bullying to the higher authorities. Therefore, do not stay silent as it can go against you in the long run. Moreover, your voice could resonate with others like you. Consequently, gather the courage to stand up for your rights and never take abuse from anyone. Your perpetrator needs to be punished. So that they do not harm other students in your school.

Additionally, your teachers and other elders have a huge responsibility to take care of your welfare at school. Also, homophobia is present in students and others in the school. And students such as gay may find themselves discriminated against at school. They need a safe environment as they can become victims of abuse from others. Moreover, your school should organize seminars to teach children that everyone is equal no matter their sexual identity. Also, any abuse of children from the vulnerable group should be harshly punished. Accordingly, other students will learn not to repeat such acts of bullying. Also, homophobia in schools is deploring.

Chapter 2:

Different Kinds of Bullying Experience

Gay bullying is present at schools. Moreover, homophobia in schools is there.
  • First of all, jokes and comments about gay men. This leads to humiliation and shame. Moreover, you are scared. And do not go to school. And want to escape bullying at any cost.
  • Second of all, you get physically abused. Also, you experienced beating and kicking from students.
  • Thirdly, harassment is present. And unwanted sexual signs and signals. And this could make you uncomfortable and embarrassed.
  • Fourthly, an unknown person threatens you online. Also, the comments on your picture are abusive.
  • Fifthly, no one in your class wants to do the assignment with you. And, there is discrimination against you.

Chapter 3:

Dealing With Gay Bullying

Gay bullying is present at schools. Moreover, homophobia in schools is there.
  • First of all, you should believe that you are a very strong and brave person. For you to come out in a conservative society. You made a courageous move. Therefore, you need to keep your bravery alive. As you need to face nasty people who may comment on you. You need to go past them and no need to retaliate.
  • Secondly, you should be aware of your bullies And report any harsh or nasty comments so that no one else could do the same. Therefore, report bullying at school
  • Thirdly, homophobia is present in schools, colleges, and other places. As you know you cannot escape it but learn to deal with it. Also, if you receive any threat to your life or otherwise, report it. you can talk to someone. And report it to the police if you see it necessary.
  • Fourth of all, talk to someone whom you trust. And do not stay silent. As your bully will think you are weak. And further bullying will continue. It is your responsibility to speak up.
  • A fifth of all, you can be part of a program to educate other people. You can provide information on the LGBTQ community. And also share your experiences. Therefore people will know of your struggles.

Chapter 4:


Gay bullying is present at schools. Moreover, homophobia in schools is there. So, you need to observe and deal with it in different ways.

When your society or culture has certain beliefs or attitudes towards homosexual behavior or people which are not positive. And homosexuals get discriminated against. You see there are several ways. And harassment of homosexuals by others. First of all, discrimination at school, in sports, and so on. And you are not provided with opportunities that others have.

Secondly, someone threatens to disclose your sexual identity to others without your permission. And, you are scared and in fear. Moreover, disclosure of your information can harm you in many ways. So, you are blackmailed and harassed.

Third of all, homophobic may use religion as a weapon against gay men and others. And it could lead to many people going against you. And no one will speak up for you in fear.

Next of all, usually, men hesitate to act like gay men. That they try to be masculine in different ways.

Chapter 5:

How to Deal With Homophobia?

Gay bullying is present at schools. Moreover, homophobia in schools is there.
  • You can attend and become part of political activity. And you should encourage those who are already part of such groups. Also, you can educate people about the struggles of gay people. And you can teach people how to deal with homophobia.
  • Next of all, it is your responsibility to report any incident of homophobia. And discourage any bullying behavior.
  • Thirdly, if you are a parent then understand your child. He needs your love and support. So, you should be there for him when he requires you.
  • In school, teachers should make sure any bullying incident gets reported. And you should help and protect the vulnerable children.
  • And, if you have any problems with homosexual behavior then try to learn about them. You should be careful about the language which you use. And try not to offend gay men as they are already sensitive.
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