How Do I Stop Being a Hypochondriac

Written by: Harmandeep Kaur Grewal – MA

Last updated date : March 29, 2022

Hypochondria is a problem where the patient has fear of diseases. If you have unrealistic fear that you will get any kind of disease then you suffer from hypochondria. So you will ask yourself that how do I stop being a hypochondriac? Also, the unreal fears that you have may not show in physical tests and you may feel agitated. Now the important question is, can a hypochondriac be cured?

Moreover, an illness that does not show any symptoms but may have some psychological causes. Also, excessive stress in life can cause hypochondria. If you have recently faced stress then you can be vulnerable to having hypochondria. If you have fear of illness which are unrealistic then you may have the disease.

Chapter 1:
Is Hypochondria Treatable?

Normally, you are worried about your health. But, if you constantly worry about diseases. You have seen people around you suffering from several diseases. Moreover, there is a tendency that you can assume that you have a similar illness. For instance, if your mother had breast cancer then you should keep getting mammographs of yourself. You should always consult your doctor before conducting physical tests. You should think how do I stop being a hypochondriac?

  • There can be a medication that can be given to the patient to reduce anxiety. Also, if you take medication for anxiety then you can feel better in less time. For instance, if you suffer from panic attack then it could be subdued with medicine.
  • Counselling can help the patient of hypochondria. If you are fearful of diseases all the time then you should visit a doctor. You should not take the problem lightly as it can lead to more problems in future.

Chapter 2:
Causes of Hypochondria and Is Hypochondria Treatable?

There are several reasons why a person develop the disease. If you have faced stress in life then it could also lead to the problem. If there are treatments available then you should find ways how do I stop being hypochondriac?

  • There are psychological treatment options for patients with hypochondria. For instance, there are therapeutic options to treat the disorder.
  • There are specific therapies for patients with hypochondria. Cognitive behavior therapy focuses on the thoughts and behaviour of a patient. If you are having compulsive thoughts about disease then you should go with cognitive behaviour therapy. In this therapy, the psychologist tries to change the thought pattern of a patient and related behavior.

Chapter 3:
Hypochondria Diagnosed

There are several ways to diagnose hypochondria. If you are always worried that you have a disease then you can visit a doctor for check-up. Also, by doing physical tests you can be sure if you have a disease or not. If after tests, the reports are negative for disease and doctor is convinced that you have no illness then you have hypochondria. The patient should find is hypochondria treatable? And how do I stop being a hypochondriac?

  • Persistent pain in any body area, without having any disease then you can be diagnosed with hypochondria.
  • The symptoms should be there for a long time at least for six months.
  • If you are worrying over the signs of the body and not able to perform your daily task then you have hypochondria.
  • If you consider even normal body changes as a problem or disease symptoms then it is hypochondria.
  • A physical examination does not ensure you or reduce anxiety.
  • Making a lot of efforts to avoid people that can cause illness. It is a condition where people can go to a large extent to avoid certain situations which can cause anxiety to the person.
  • If you are repeatedly undergoing physical tests then it is a sign of hypochondria. Hypochondria is a state of anxiety. You should not stress over your behavior. Moreover stressing will increase the symptoms of the disease.

Chapter 4:
Symptoms of Hypochondria

There are several signs and symptoms that show that you have hypochondria. You should explore if hypochondria is treatable? The patient will try to find ways on how do I stop being a hypochondriac?

  • First important sign of hypochondria is that you have unrealistic tension or fear about diseases. For instance, you believe that you have cancer and keep getting a body scan. Also, such a scan can be harmful to the body.
  • Second, the sign is that the symptoms such as pain or sensation are there for a long period.
  • Third sign is that you are unable to perform your duties on time. For instance, if you are working and you cannot perform your job. You may not be able to reach your work on time and not meet the targets.
  • Finally, you spend a lot of money on scans and tests. Also, anxiety could harm your mental health.

Chapter 5:
What Can Trigger Hypochondria?

Several reasons can trigger hypochondria. If you have faced a tragedy where you have lost a loved one then you are vulnerable to hypochondria. For instance, if your mother had developed breast cancer and you are genetically at risk. So, you will keep getting your physical tests to check if you have cancer or not. Also, if there is the death of a parent then children are risk at of developing the disorder. If your condition deteriorates then find is hypochondria treatable? And how do I stop being a hypochondriac?

  • Stress in life can trigger hypochondria. If you have experienced a lot of stress then you may get the disease. You should try to avoid stressors or triggers that cause anxiety in your life. If you keep encountering stress then you will become insecure and anxious.
  • Additionally, anxiety causes hypochondria in people. When you experience unexplained anxiety you will try to reduce it by doing physical tests. For instance, you
  • If you experience a sudden death in your family then you may be vulnerable to hypochondria.
  • If you are in a habit of getting a lot of information online about diseases then you may be a hypochondriac. For instance, if you are obsessed with cancer news then you may be getting scans for cancer. And, such a condition you will always be nervous and insecure.

Chapter 6:
What Are Ways to Treat a Patient at Home?

Once the patient is clear about the disorder and there is self-awareness in the patient.
  • The First method to treat hypochondria is through psychotherapy. Psychotherapy helps the patient to relieve anxiety in the patient that is causing the problem. For instance, if you have anxiety that you will die or get disease then the therapist will work to reduce the tension. Also, negative thoughts lead to tension. And, such stress must be dealt with.
  • Medication can help the patient to treat the problem. Medication treats symptoms of anxiety. Also, taking medicine can help reduce symptoms. You will feel the difference once you take medicine. Also, you may save a lot of money from spending on scans and tests.
  • Cognitive behavior therapy can help treat hypochondria. You would not need to take medicine if the therapy worked. But, you need to show willpower and confidence. Moreover, with a strong will you can overcome any problem.
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