How Do I Stop Myself from Dieting?

Written by: Shruthi Chacko – M Sc (Psychology)

Last updated date : April 27, 2022

Have you tried a diet only to stop it after a week or so? Well, you are not alone. If you have clicked on this article. I’ll take a guess that you have tried many diets to loose weight. Maybe it helped you loose some weight. But, only to realise that you regained the weight back later. Now, you thinking, “how do I stop myself from dieting?” cause you’re tempted to just try ” once more”. Don’t worry we’ve some great tips coming on for you. So, are you ready to stop dieting forever? If yes, keep reading this article.

Chapter 1:

Are You Super Tired of Dieting?

If you are really tired of being stick in this cycle of fad diets now and then. There is something called intuitive eating can help you get out of this cycle. It teaches you how to listen to your body’s signals. Also, how to break the binge-restrict cycle, as well as how to heal your relationship to food. This is accomplished by following principles that will lead you back to a more natural way to eat. In fact, diets, mostly means an all-or-nothing mentality that prepares us to fail. Breaking a diet’s rules usually leads to a new loop of overeating. This leads to just another diet.


Chapter 2:

You Can Unlearn Dieting

It does get hard to stop dieting. The process of unlearning can be challenging. But, it is not impossible. Especially, if you are somebody who have bee following diets for quite some time. Sometimes, the reason why people continue to follow diets, is the hope of a change. Believing there is a possibly to become that perfect image of. body that they have in their mind. In fact, many people achieve that with dieting. However, it becomes more likely that they are going to gains that weight back soon following a strict diet.

The process of unlearning can get hard. But, you should know that you’re not alone. There will be ups and downs as you learn how to stop dieting and eating sustainably. But, if you stick with this, it will most likely be one of the best and most liberating things you ever do. Hang in there, you can learn how to stop dieting forever.


Chapter 3:

Get Rid of the Whole Dieting Mentality

I understand that the idea of never dieting again may be scary. It may take a bit of time to relax into the idea of never dieting again. But, when you let it go., it is really worthwhile. Ask these questions to yourself- How many dinners with pals have you dreaded—or, worse, avoided. All because you’ve been trying to watch what you eat or sticking to certain food rules? How many kilos did you lose, gained, lose, gained, and gained again over the years? You see it is a vicious cycle. How often are you anxious because you weren’t sure if you were following your food rules correctly? And how much money have you spent on diet pills, protein powders, supplements and diet books over the years? Keep reading to know few great tips if you keep thinking to yourself ” How do I stop myself from dieting?”


Chapter 4:

Tips to Stop Dieting Forever

Get Rid Of The Forbidden Fruit Mentality

You know that when somebody tells you that you can’t have something, you want it even more? It’s the “forbidden fruit” syndrome, which is present in almost every diet. Many of us are know how this works, but to refresh our memories, it goes as follows: You tell yourself you’re on a diet. That you van’s eat cake. You’re suddenly craving cake. What to do! You see cake wherever you go. But, you try to forget and ignore the cake. In fact, you’re miserable and irritated that you can’t have it. You get mad at yourself for desiring it so much and tell yourself to “be good.”

Hence, the best way to get rid of this forbidden fruit idea is to eat all foods. Do not restrict yourself. Don’t put labels- good food, bad food. No food is truly good or bad. Don’t worry, give yourself some time to change. Of course, there will be days when you want that chocolate sundae and that is okay. Eating is occasionally isn’t very bad for you.

Understand Your Eating Patterns And Stop Dieting

Are you thinking to yourself ” How do I stop myself from dieting?”We usually think of emotional eating as something bad, that happens only when we’re sad or stressed. But, that’s not always the case. You may eat emotionally when you are happy, anxious, or angry. Sometimes you are not eating because you are actually hungry. It’s motivated by a food that looks really good and then you want to eat it. This is normal as long as it isn’t your only coping mechanism. Trying to avoid eating for reasons other than hunger can cause guilt.  If this happens frequently and you have just no ways of dealing with your emotions other than eating, it’s time to seek professional help.

Try To Understand The Underlying issues

Everything we do, including eating, has a reason. Many factors influence how we eat and think about food. Some of these things may be influenced by how we were taught to view food, eating, and also our bodies. This is particularly true for people who are forced to follow a diet. Even people who were a victim to harsh comments about their bodies as children. These factors have a long-term impact on our eating patterns and body image.

It can be very useful to seek professional help in unpacking all of this. So that you can change the “why” and quit blaming yourself for the way you look. Also, putting a quick band-aid on it by continuing to go on diet after diet. If you’re having difficulty eating more intuitively. Perhaps, your food issues feel impossible to solve and/or disturbing. Do consider seeking out an expert who can help, guide, and support you.


Chapter 5:

End Note! ( don’t worry, you can stop dieting)

Hence, it is completely possible to learn how to stop dieting and eat normally. But, it is a process that will involve being courageous, compassionate towards yourself, and trusting the process. Intuitive eating is a scientifically backed up for breaking free from the diet loop and stop dieting forever.