How Do You Deal With Repressed Anger?

Written by: Harmandeep Kaur Grewal – MA (Psychology)
Last updated date : January 12, 2023

When you are not able to vent out your anger it gets repressed. You are worried about the consequences of your aggressive behaviour. Moreover, you know that you will be punished if you hit someone. For instance, if you are angry at your neighbour and you beat him up. Then your neighbour will come back to hit you or will call the police. Also, you are scared to be ostracised by society. How do you deal with repressed anger? Furthermore, how you release anger from the body?

Additionally, your repressed anger can harm your body and mind. When you emotionally avoid a traumatic situation then the deeper emotional inside you remain unsolved. Moreover, you try to hide your emotions. Your fear and anxiety takes place. Also, if repressed anger is short-term then there is no problem. In contrast, if you have the issue of repressed anger from years then it could harm you.

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Chapter 1:

How You Deal With Repressed Anger?

Do you feel tension in your muscles when you feel anger? How do You deal with repressed anger?
  • First of all you should increase awareness. Moreover where your aggression is coming from. And then you can learn to cope with it. For instance, your manager is venting anger at you and you are unable to react. Because your job is important you cannot get angry at your manager. But, you can rationally talk to your manager. And, tell about issues which you face at the job.
  • Secondly, you can start to write things that cause anger in you. Also, you can write why anger is triggered. For instance, if your low self-esteem is causing anger then you can learn to think good about yourself. For instance, you keep saying to yourself, ‘I am good for nothing fella!’ and repeating it. Hence, you are suffering. Therefore change your thoughts, ‘ I can be happy, anger is not everything.’

Chapter 2:

Causes of Suppressed Anger

You should know repressed anger is caused by many reasons. How do you deal with repressed anger?
  • Firstly, repressed anger can come from past rejections. Moreover, when you were not able to show aggression and your anger remains inside you.
  • Secondly, when you want everything to be perfect. For instance, control freaks get angry when things don’t work as per their expectations.
  • Thirdly, you could lack emotional intelligence. For instance, you know anger could harm your relations but still get angry.
  • Nextly, toxic shame can cause repressed anger in you. For instance, you evaluate each action and get angry at yourself.
  • Finally, you always want to please others. Moreover, repressed anger occurs when you feel people are unhappy with you.

Chapter 3:

Signs of Repressed Anger

When you want to punch your boss but you cannot. And you could talk behind your boss to get even. How do you deal with repressed anger?
  • One of the signs of repressed anger could be feeling sad or depressed but not showing anger.
  • Moreover, there is the cynical or sarcastic tone in your language.
  • Also, you are unable to form intimate relations with people.

Repressed anger can make you bitter and sarcastic. Moreover, you will lose relationships. How do you deal with repressed anger?

  • One of the basic effects of anger is damage to personal relations. Therefore, your family will not take your aggression. And, your spouse could leave you for your behaviour. You can learn to communicate and increase talking with the family.
  • Second of all, your body will suffer from aggression. You will have high blood pressure leading to heart disease. Moreover, chronic stress can cause cancer, diabetes, and other ailments. Hence, do not keep anger inside you. You can learn to release anger from your body for good health.
  • Thirdly, you can suffer from cognitive dysfunction. You can have problems concentrating and thinking clearly.
  • Finally, your performance at a job will fall. So, you could lose your work.

Chapter 4:

Ways to Channelise Your Anger

How do you deal with repressed anger?
  • First, you can use your emotions in creative arts. For, instance you like writing. You can express your feeling in a story or a novel. Moreover, you will be able to channel your emotions without costing you anything. Also, there are other creative fields, such as acting, painting, and singing. Therefore, your efforts and strong willpower are required.
  • Secondly, learn to focus on positive things happening in your life. For instance, you are angry all the time. And your complaint about your life, job, family, home and so on. Because you do not focus on positive things around you. You need to change your attitude and outlook towards life.
  • Thirdly, when your mind brings negative self-talk then try to change it to positive talk. So, it will help you lower your level of anger and learn to adjust in life. Also, if your mind says, ‘I am a bad person, then try to change it to ‘ I am a human being and I can make mistakes.’ In this way, you will learn to change your thoughts.
  • Next, you should not worry about the future and stay in present. Moreover, focusing on the past will make you unhappy and unsatisfied.

Chapter 5:

Managing Anger

How do you deal with repressed anger?
  • You can practice deep breathing exercises. Moreover, such exercises will help you stay focused and calm. You can learn by practicing regularly. Also, you need 10-20 minutes of your time.
  • Furthermore, learn to release your anger positively. For instance, you can laugh over the matter that caused anger in you. Moreover, you can make jokes and laugh at home. So, the anger is released without any outburst.
  • Additionally, you can list your problems and find ways to deal with them. Moreover, when you can use problem-focused coping methods. For instance, you are getting late due to traffic, which is causing aggression in you. You make room for more time in your schedule to cover the time for traffic.
  • Moreover, check whether your emotions are going out of control. Again then use help from family and friends. When you feel that you are losing control, talk to experts. For instance, a therapist will make you do exercises in anger control.
  • Also, after your repressed anger is calm. You sort out your issues.

Chapter 6:

How to Heal from Cold Mother Syndrome?

Moreover, how do you deal with repressed anger?
  • Yoga and meditation can be helpful for you to calm down when you are angry.
  • Moreover, physical exercise can help reduce the anger repressed inside you.
  • You can change your environment. Also, it can help you be distracted from your present situation.
  • Furthermore, you can check the anger in your body. When you are aware of your anger reactions or repression then you can understand triggers.
  • Moreover, cognitive-behavioral therapies can help you re-analysis your thoughts. You can learn to forgive others. Therefore, you can release anger from your body. For instance, If your anger comes from low self-esteem then you can change your thinking about yourself. Hence, you can improve yourself.
  • Additionally, anger kept inside your body can cause high blood pressure, sugar, and so on. So, you must release your body by exercising or meditating.
  • Finally, learn to track when your body is tense and aggressive. For instance, your body muscles get tensed, your heartbeat is increased, and you gasp for air. Also, you experience tiredness, headaches, and dizziness. Moreover, when such symptoms appear, cool down.

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"Practical and insightful" David

70 sections

6-Weeks Self-Paced

  • Educational Content
  • Quizzes
  • Self-reflection material
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