How to Be More Social? ( Even If You Are an Introvert)

Written by: Shruthi Chacko – M Sc

Last updated date : April 05, 2022

Table of Contents

How to Be More Social? ( Even If You Are an Introvert)

  1. Can You Be a Talkative Introvert?
  2. Ways in Which You Can Be More Social

Do you wish you were more social? Are you not a fan of big crowds, but still want to be outgoing? First and foremost, let me make it clear: there’s nothing wrong with the way you are. In fact, you might be shocked to know even the most social people that you may know, sometimes feel like this too. There is nothing wrong with wanting that. But, still, you might be wanting to know how you want to know how to be more social. Read this article to learn to be more talkative and outgoing.

In fact, it is very rare that you might find someone who is purely an introvert or an extrovert. Most people, to be honest, characterise themselves as being somewhere within the middle.

Chapter 1:
Can You Be a Talkative Introvert?

Well, now you may be wondering that talkative introverts are basically ambiverts. Now, that is debatable. One can be talkative and be introverted at the same time. They tend to lose introverted energy in social settings for some periods of time. Only some situations make them talkative. Later on, they will go into being more comfortable in their own space and company.

If they are comfortable with the group of people, they can go on talking for long periods and you might mistake them for being extroverted. Hence, talkative introverts have a balance of both worlds. They are extroverted and introverted based on their situations. Research has shown such people are much happier and more content with their lives.


Chapter 2:
Ways in Which You Can Be More Social

There are many ways in which you can be more sociable, whether you identify as an introvert or simply want to be more social in general—after all, meeting new acquaintances as an adult may be intimidating for anyone. Here’s where you should begin.

Be Confident in your own skin

When you are comfortable with the way you are, you learn to appreciate yourself. In fact, it is said that when people are comfortable with the way you are, you become better with how you deal with life circumstances. The more you become confident with yourself, you will soon become more comfortable with expressing your views more openly and you will not worry much about what others say. In fact, when you are comfortable in your skin, people around you will notice and like you more.

Change The Way You Talk To Yourself

If you feel as if people are judging you every time you enter a social setting, you may be intimidated and struggle to socialise. However, just as you are unlikely to pay attention to what a complete stranger does, others are reluctant to be attentive to what you do. We are too preoccupied with ourselves and even our own beliefs to give much thought to others.

It’s possible that you judge yourself if you frequently feel judged by others in social situations. This is referred to as projection in psychology. Let’s say you believe people look down on you because you have a large nose. In truth, it’s possible that the issue is that you rate yourself based on your nose. You’ll probably quit thinking about your nose as your self-esteem improves. Furthermore, you will no longer be concerned about what other folks think of it.

Hence, by modifying the way you speak to yourself, you can boost your self-esteem. Practice conversing with yourself as if you were conversing with a dear friend.

Change Your Focus In Social Situation

Observe the individuals around you instead of obsessing over your own internal monologue or nervous thoughts in a social situation. Instead of focusing inwards, try focusing forth. Do you wonder how to be more talkative and outgoing? Whenever you encounter someone, attempt to learn anything interesting about them, such as their work, chosen pastimes, or whether or not they have children. Do not, however, interrogate the other individual. After you’ve answered a few questions, tell us about yourself.

Also, good posture can make you feel and appear more self-assured. You may improve your posture by doing exercises like the ones shown in this video. To ensure that you may not have to dwell about it in everyday interaction, repeat the exercises on a regular basis until you automatically adopt a suitable posture.

Interact With People Who Have Similar Interests

Parties aren’t the best places to meet new people, but groups and clubs are. Why? Parties are notoriously noisy and difficult to converse in. People here usually just like to have a good time rather than build strong ties.

Ever wonder how to be more talkative and outgoing? Join groups that are oriented toward your interests. Whenever a gathering appeals to your interests, you’re more likely to meet people who share your interests. It’s also easy to strike up a discussion with someone who shares your interests.

If you don’t have much of social life, place yourself in circumstances where you can meet more individuals who share your interests. How do you turn that passion into a social activity? Maybe you are passionate about Literature if there are any Literature gatherings.

Be Freindly and Relaxed

By practising being pleasant and calm at the same time, you can increase your social position. “Relaxed” refers to adopting natural body language and speaking softly with a relaxed voice. Even if you’re nervous, you can maintain casual behaviour. Anxiety behaviour in animals is linked to low social standing, according to studies.

“Friendly” in this context means “sincere,” as in asking real questions, expressing gratitude, maintaining a friendly and positive facial expression, and offering genuine compliments. This gives the impression that you really like them. There is a link between sociability and social position, according to studies with children.

Visualise Yourself as a Social Person

Ever wonder how to be more talkative and outgoing? Try imagining yourself as a socially adept person whenever you’re on your way somewhere to socialise. Visualization can help you to feel less socially uncomfortable while also improving your social skills. We, humans, have a tendency to make things more complicated.  But, if we consider that now, you already have a good idea of how a socially skilled person behaves.

Hence, we’ve already developed an image in our heads based on what we’ve seen in movies and what we’ve seen others do. They are comfortable, upbeat, maintain comfortable eye contact, smile, and establish a connection, among other qualities.

Say Yes to Invitations

If you decline an invitation to an event, the person who invited you will be less likely will invite you once more in the future. Accept at least one or two of the invitations you receive. It also isn’t about events in and of themselves. It’s all about altering your behaviour and being more social.

Low in self may make us feel as if we are unworthy of attending an event. “They presumably invited you from out sympathy or to be courteous,” we would reason. This could be the case or it could not. In any case, you should take advantage of any attempt to enhance your social abilities.

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