How to Fight Loneliness - What Can You Do?

Written by: Shruthi Chacko – M Sc (Psychology)

Last updated date : March 28, 2022

If you are reading this article at the moment, you may be feeling lonely. You may feel like loneliness is a never-ending feeling. I want to tell you that, this feeling is not going to last forever. Moreover, it will pass and nothing in life is permanent. Are you feeling alone when you are surrounded by people? Don’t worry, there are ways in which you can start to feel better. You do not have to feel like this always. Do you want to know how to fight loneliness? It is very natural to feel lonely after a breakup, death or going through a divorce. Anyone can feel lonely whether you are young, middle-aged or old. There is no age or time for feeling lonely. Keep reading this article to know more about, how you can beat loneliness.

Chapter 1:

When Do People Expirience Loneliness?

You can feel lonely at any point in your life. Sometimes, it may be hard for you to know why you are feeling lonely. Mostly, with introspection and taking some time out, you would be able to know you are feeling a certain way. If you feel that you are not unable to figure out why you are feeling lonely, it is better that you take help from a professional. Perhaps, it is very common that people to feel lonely when they are going through big events in their lives. Maybe your parents are getting divorced, or changing cities, going from primary school to high school. These are all big moments in people’s lives that have a huge impact. All of these situations and instances may be making you feel lonely. Hence, this can make it hard for you to connect with people which again makes you feel lost.


Chapter 2:

Why Do People Experience Loneliness?

There are a lot of reasons why people may feel lonely. Do wish you knew how you can fight loneliness? Have you experienced some situations or events that have made you feel lonely? In fact, it is true that some events can make a person feel sad and lonely.

  • Feeling disconnected with friends can make one feel lonely. Do you feel a little distant from your friends sometimes? In fact, this is a very common to feel this way. Also, you maybe friends with someone and yet, you feel distant to them and feel a sense of disconnect. I am sure all of us go through such expiriences with friendships.
  • Is being single taking a toll on you? Maybe you recently went through a break up or you have never been in a romantic relationship. Do you feel like you are getting judged? Do you feel like you do not fit in? Thus, having such thoughts can also make you feel alone, lonely and confused.
  • Do you feel like you do not fit in with your classmates? Perhaps, you are finding it hard to find people with similar interests. This is making you feel lonely, and even more difficult for you to go out and meet your freinds.


Chapter 3:

How Can I Stop Myself from Feeling Lonely?

Try to Find Things You Can Do on Your Own

Try thinking of activities that you enjoy or have a good time doing. It could be anything, maybe you enjoy watching films, reading books or even painting. It could be anything that you enjoy, anything activity that makes you distracted in a healthy way. Have you ever thought in this way, that you get an opportunity to spend more time with yourself when you are lonely? Perhaps, when you see it from a different perspective, you can try to become more self-aware about yourself. Reflecting has more benefits than you think. Try going on a solo vacation, going to the park, visiting the museum or just going to a place in your city that you have always wanted to visit. Hence, feeling lonely can be an opportunity to spend time with yourself.

Meet Your Loved Ones

Are you wondering how you can fight loneliness? This is probably the best time for you to talk to your family, friends or your acquaintances. Your loved ones give you emotional support and strength. When you are experiencing loneliness, it is important that you surround yourself with people who are positive. You do not want any negativity coming into your life, especially at this moment. Hence, try to spend your time and energy with people to truly love and care about you.

Try to Put Yourself Out There

Do you want to beat loneliness? Are you someone who is shy and awkward? Maybe it is hard for you to put yourself out there. It is okay, most of the people who are lonely find it hard to socialise. Perhaps, they feel like there is no point in conversing with others. People may find no meaning behind socialising. But, when you put yourself out there, you will feel better. The energy of others and connecting with people can make you feel more alive and at peace. Hence, it may be hard in the first place, but try giving it a chance?

Try to Do Something Meaningful

Do you wonder how you can beat loneliness? Maybe it is a good idea for you to volunteer at the animal shelter? Maybe dog walking? Perhaps, even volunteering at the old age home or homeless shelters? There are various ways in which you can involve yourself with the community. When you contribute to your community, you feel like you are doing something worthwhile. In fact, involving yourself can also make you feel less lonely. These interactions that you have can help you in building positive connections with people. Hence, there is a sense that you are doing a greater good for society and the world.

Be Active to Get Rid of Loneliness

Moving your body not only makes you fit, but it also makes you less lonely and less sad. Do you want to beat loneliness? Then maybe, you should try moving your body. It is not much about losing weight, it is more to do with your sensory system. When you engage your body, your mind is also getting engaged and pumped up. You don’t really have to hit the gym always. You can try walking, surfing playing your favourite sport or even walking barefoot on the grass or sand. All of these activities can help you feel good and energised.

Quit Social Media for Sometime

Do you want to fight this wallowing feeling of loneliness? Do you find yourself spending a lot of your time on social media? Going up and down your feed? It is true that social media is a good way to connect to people. But, it can always make one feel alone and sad. It is very common for people to go on to compare themselves to others online. This further can leave people feeling more sad and lonely than before. Hence, taking that little social media detox is not such a bad idea after all. So, if you feel like when you go on social media you feel more drained out or more distant, maybe it is good that you quit it for some time.

Consider Seeking Therapy

You may be feeling unsure to go for therapy, you should probably consider it because, it can really help you beat your loneliness. Moreover, you feel heard and valued and you start feeling less alone. Sometimes, all it takes is to be listened to and cared for. The moment you feel it is too severe and you cannot seem to manage. This is a sure sign that you need to get help. Hence, you should really consider seeking help and go to therapy to stop feeling lonely.

Nature can Heal Your Loneliness

This may sound very simple. But, hey, it can actually work to beat your loneliness. Connecting with nature can make you feel calm and energised. You will learn to appreciate your surroundings. You will learn to feel grateful for the things you have in life. Taking a walk or renting a bike around the park can make you feel good and fresh. Just being outside your house in nature can do wonders. Also, getting some sunshine and fresh air can improve your mental health. Indeed, it is true when people say that nature can heal us.

Loneliness Does Not Last Forever

If you are feeling lonely now, there is one thing that I want to tell you. This feeling does not last forever. In fact, with time you will be able to fight loneliness. It will leave you sooner than you imagine. You will learn to overcome it with time. So until then, try to keep a positive mindset and things will fall into place. Remember that this feeling that you are going through is temporary.

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