How to Get Rid of Body Aches

Written by: Ankita Kathad – MA (Clinical Psychology)
Last updated date : February 27, 2023

Body aches cause pain which affects our mood and routine both. They can affect our functionality and performance. We all go through some kind of body aches now and then. Some of us experience frequent body aches compared to others. Pain can affect our mental health. On the flip side, the brain can also lead to body aches. How? In this article, we discuss what are psychological body aches. We talk about how to get rid of body aches and what helps with easing body aches.

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Chapter 1:

What Are Psychological Body Aches?

In the case of physical pain, there is always a source of pain. When the person is experiencing mental pain, there is usually no physical source. Mental pain sometimes increases the existing pain. It is also responsible for increasing the duration of pain. It can be often caused by conditions such as depression or anxiety. Here are some common symptoms of this type of body ache.
  1. Extreme headaches with no apparent reason or cause.
  2. Pain in the neck region.
  3. Pain in the abdomen or chronic abdominal pain.
  4. One can experience pain in the upper back or lower back. Moreover, there can be consistent pain in the spine or hip areas.
  5. Pain in the joints or hands is also commonly experienced.

Chapter 2:

What Are the Causes of Psychological Pain?

The mind and body share a unique connection. It is not uncommon that one affects the other. In simple terms, the body’s present condition affects the mind. In the same way, the mind can affect our bodies. To give a simple example, when we have a fever, our mood is generally sad. We feel fatigued. Similarly, when we lack motivation or when we are upset, our body feels tired to perform any task. To know how to get rid of body aches, it is important to understand why we may experience them.

Neurological theories suggest that pain is due to shifts in the nervous system. The nervous system which has pain receptors may confuse emotional distress with physical distress and hence cause pain. There can be other behavioral reasons for this pain. For instance, when a person is anxious, the body goes in flight or fight mode. Since the person feels anxious more often, the body and the brain are always in alert mode and the pain receptors remain activated for longer durations. In another example, a depressed person may not have enough motivation to look after their body which can lead to different types of body aches.

Researchers have not been able to pinpoint what exactly causes psychological pain. However, very often when we address the underlying psychological or emotional factors the pain disappears.

How can we diagnose this pain? Usually, when the physician sees that none of the regular diagnostic reports reveal a physical source of pain, they attribute it to mental causes. So say, the doctors conduct a series of lab tests. When none of them indicate a problem, a mental case history is taken.

Chapter 3:

How to Get Rid of Body Aches?

We now have a better understanding of the psychological causes of body aches. Earlier people thought that the pain is ‘all in the head’. However, it is now clear that there is actual pain that the person feels. What helps with body aches? How can we get rid of body aches? The treatment is based on the type of pain experienced. Sometimes, a combination of medicines plus therapy is used to heal the person. Here are some ways to get rid of body aches:

Drink a Lot of Fluids
One of the major causes of pain is the lack of fluid content in the body. To get rid of body aches, drink plenty of water or fresh juices, refreshing herbal teas, or other hydrating liquids. This helps you stay hydrated which reduces cramping. This can help to reduce several types of body aches such as sore muscles.
Psychotherapy addresses the key underlying issues such as depression. They can help an individual understand the cause of their pain. Moreover, the person also feels validated. They feel understood. An expert also helps the person gain access to the right medication such as anti-depressants with pain-reducing properties.
Meditation and Guided Imagery
One of the most effective methods to get rid of body aches is through guided and target meditation. A very well-known technique used is the light stream method. Here are the steps for it:
  1. First, become aware of the feelings and emotions of the moment. Try and locate where you feel the pain. Where is it in the body?
  2. The second step is to objectify the pain. You can give it a shape, color, texture, etc. Furthermore, you can try to feel its temperature of it. If it has a sound, you can imagine the sound. The aim is to give physical qualities to the pain.
  3. The next step involves targeting the pain directly. Here you imagine your favorite color and think of a light of that color coming from the universe. Understand that this light is abundant. Let this light target your pain like a laser beam. Imagine and feel the vibrations. Allow yourself to imagine what happens to the pain that you have objectified.
  4. Alternatively, you can also imagine that you have trapped the pain and now you are holding it in your hands. Observe the pain in the container and let it go without harming the container.
  5. In the end, sit with yourself and observe the pain going away from your body.

This activity can be enhanced by using meditative music or aromas. You can also prepare a script, record it and then play it. Alternatively, there are scripts available online for your use.

Practicing yoga is the underrated yet the most effective to get rid of body aches. Yoga consists of several body postures that relax your muscle groups. Various targeted Asanas help you stay fit and get rid of certain types of aches such as neck pain or joint pain. This should be done in consultation with an expert because incorrect yoga postures can worsen your pain. Additionally, yoga and meditation have a healing effect on your mind and body. Yoga has proven benefits and therefore comes as a good way to help with body aches.
Lifestyle Changes
Changing your lifestyle is again a very good way to get rid of body aches. It is very commonly said, ‘You are what you eat. Indeed, a lot of physical ailments arise because of the food that we eat. Consumption of alcohol or drugs affects our sleep cycle which contributes to several types of body aches such as headaches. When we improve our lifestyle and start a journey consisting of mindful habits, we can live a fulfilling life. So say, small habits like regular exercise, cutting down on caffeine, or having proper rest can help us remain fit and reduce the body aches that we experience.
Being mindful in our everyday life helps us fight many ailments. Practices such as mindful eating or mindful working help us avoid unhealthy food and stress. Additionally, being mindful of the pain and when it occurs helps us recognize the triggers. These triggers help us understand what we can do to address the pain.

Chapter 4:


Chronic body aches can affect our daily life. It can lead to absenteeism at work. We may not be able to live our lives to the fullest. Additionally, it can be frustrating since many people cannot understand the pain which has no physical source. Repeated lab reports which reveal nothing can also lead to emotional distress and confusion. There are various ways to address this pain. One of the is to connect with an expert. At Epsychonline, there are courses curated by experts that address topics like Chronic pain. Since these courses are self-help, they allow you to work on your body aches at home. Various articles deal with chronic pain on the website. Do check them out.

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92 sections

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