How to Make Everyone Like You At School​

Written by: Tanvi Gangavali – MA (Psychology)

Last updated date : January 02, 2023

School is an important part of everyone’s life. We feel we need more friends. Also, we are thinking- How to make everyone like you at school? To be friendly in school is a skill. It helps to boost your self-esteem. It also makes you feel more confident. Also, there are many people who are shy in school. Theyalso want to be friendly but do not know-how. This article will help you to know how to make everyone like you at school and also be friendly.

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Chapter 1:

How to Make Everyone Like You at School?

The first step is to be friendly. The idea is to build new friendships. This will also make everyone like you at school. Here are some ways to be friendly-

  1. You can talk to your friend’s friends. This also helps to know many more people.
  2. Look for someone in class who is alone. There are many children in the class who are either sitting alone or are lost. They are also thinking the same way you are. They also want to be friendly but do not know how to be. You can talk to them and try to be friends with them.
  3. In your class look for people who have similar interest areas as you have. For example, a book or a subject. They will enjoy being friends with you. This will also make you know more people they know who have similar interests.
  4. You need to be approachable. Also, we want to be friendly but sometimes the way our body language stops people from coming to us. For example, during your short break try to roam in class rather than sit.
  5. You need to spend your time with people who are kind. Even if they aren’t the best of your friendsyou need to make sure they are kind. This also helps you to make everyone like you.

Chapter 2:

Some More Tips

  • Be with a group of people in school who are down to earth. These people are also open to letting more people in their group.
  • Joining a group or a sports club is also another way to meet new people. It is also a way to build new connections. This helps you to be friendly.
  • Being part of social events. This allows you to be social. Also, you can find more ways to be friendly. Make sure to turn up for an event even if it means putting extra effort. Also, make sure you introduce yourself to people even if they do not know you. You can also share contact information to stay in touch with them later.
  • If you are always with your phone then you cannot be friendly. To make everyone like you, you need to keep your phone away. This shows people you are open to talking.
  • To break the ice, you can ask open-ended questions or even give compliments. This makes them feel nice talking to you.

Chapter 3:

Be Your Own Friend at School

You are trying hard to be friends at school. You also want that people like you. But, before being friends with others at school it is important that you first be friends with yourself. This will also help to boost your confidence.

  1. You need to throw challenges at yourself. Also, you need to accept them. You cannot always stay in your comfort zone. By keeping yourself on your toes you can make new friends also. This way you will also love yourself.
  2. Always do what you love. Your first love should be yourself. Do things that you love. Also, do good things. This will make you find people with similar values and interests.
  3. Allow yourself to flow with the pace of life. Accept invites to social events that you haven’t done. This will make you open to new people.
  4. You can also volunteer yourtime and skills at good places who do good work. This will also help you to be positive.

Chapter 4:

How to Make Everyone Like You at School?

The best way is to start a conversation. Here are few ways to help you-

  1. You can ask to borrow a pen or pencil at school. This makes you start a conversation.
  2. You can ask for what books they are reading. Also, you can ask them subjects they like in school. You can also discuss notes about a subject. This helps to start a conversation.
  3. We all love compliments. The best way is to compliment your friend at school. This makes them feel good about themselves and they would want to be friends with you.
  4. Making eye contact and smiling also helps. This helps to show you are open to talk.
  5. Sometimes saying a simple ‘Hi’ also helps. People like it and feel happy too.
  6. Your body language matters. Avoid crossing your arms and sitting.
  7. Encourage people when they are participating in anything at school. This helps to be friendly.
  8. It is important to be friendly but also you need to give others their space. Friends like it when we respect their personal space.
  9. You need to take the lead and not wait for others.
  10. You can also ask opne-ended questions to show people you are interested to know them better.

Chapter 5:

Know What Stops You to Be Friendly

Although we want to be friendly but something stops us. It is best to know what these barriers us. Then only it can help us to break those and also be friendly at

    1. You need to find time for your friends. Make sure to make this your priority. This also helps you to show that being friendly at school is important to you.
    2. It is natural to feel jittery and fearful at school while making friends. You also feel how others will think about you. It is natural but it is important to get over these fears. You can also work on your self-esteem and build it. This also helps you to be more confident at school.

Chapter 6:

How to Be Friendly

To be friendly and to make others like you at school you need to be confident. It is a skill and with practise it gets better. This is how you can-

  1. If you believe in yourself then you can do it. Talk to yourself with good words at all times. This will also help you to be friendly.
  2. You can make a list of your positive traits. This also makes you feel confident that you can be friendly at school.
  3. Instead of focusing what you cannot do, focus on what you can do. This helps you be positive at school.
  4. Always think positive.
  5. Do not fear rejection. It is okay if you do. You can still try.
  6. After you have made friends it is important to maintain friendships at school.
  7. Being a good listener goes a long way in friendships.
  8. You attitude is what matters. If your attitude is right then your friendships will last longer.

Chapter 7:

What Makes A Good Friend?

You have read about many tips about how to be friendly at school. Also, this can make everyone like you. It is important to think what makes you a best friend. We have many courses on our epsych online website. Also, these courses can be taken at any point in time. You can enroll for a course how to deal with low self-esteem.



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