How to Make Friends in High School? Make Friends in a New School!

Written by: Arooj Paulus – B. Sc (Applied Psychology)

Last updated date : January 10, 2023

It might be difficult to make new friends in high school since everyone already knows one another. It can be difficult for you to make friends in a new school as you may be shy. You can start by reaching out to new people with whom you could have similar interests.

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Chapter 1:

Why Is It Necessary to Make Friends in High School?

During adolescence, friendships are particularly essential. Teen friendships provide a feeling of belonging and acceptance for young people. They help with the development of compassion, care, and empathy, as well as to build off your self-identity outside the family. Additionally, making friends in high school will help to have a feeling of connectedness in school settings, which will enhance your studies and extracurricular activities as well.

Chapter 2:

How to Make Friends in New High School?

Here are some of the ways by which you can make friends in high school.

Join a Club or Society.

Reason: Being a member of a team provides a link and several opportunities to socialize with your peers.

To make friends in high school, you should know where you will find people with similar interests to you. We always tend to connect with people who are similar to us or who have similar interests. You must first locate new people with whom to become friends. Join an educational club, a sports club, a music club, or another on-campus activity is a good way to attain that. If it’s something you’re passionate about, you’ll instantly have something in common with the other students who have joined that particular club.

For instance, You may also enroll in options such as music, yearbook, drama, or the school newspaper, which are all excellent ways to meet others who share some of your interests.

Attend Social Events.

Reason: You will have more chances to connect with others and make new friends if you’re more active.

Dress up decently and attend any social event such as a welcome party. It may not be your comfort zone but do it anyway. You may be surprised at how much fun you have when you push yourself to do things that are outside of your comfort zone. If you already know someone who is going there, you can set up your timings. The party can become some of the best memories of your high school. Don’t hesitate if you are going solo, though, you may still have a pleasant evening if you seem confident and excited to be at the event.

For instance, go to a football team match and support your home team. Cheer up your team and make new friends.

Volunteership or Work

Reason: Volunteering at high school may be a fantastic opportunity to meet and make new friends in high school.

It will not only give you experience and enhance your resume, but it will also allow you to make new friends. Considered how they can affect your social life? Having a high school job or volunteering to help those in need might help you meet with people you wouldn’t otherwise meet. You can also make new friends from your high school.

For instance, you can volunteer at your school’s health club.

Social Media

Reason: It will allow you to virtually connect with people from different backgrounds which is also a demand of today’s world.

If you believe that if people can somehow get to know your interesting personality then they would truly appreciate you. Social media links may be the solution. Friend or follow individuals you used to go to school with, then keep your profiles updated with fresh, positive stuff that reveals a little bit about yourself. This may lead to making new friends in high school.

You may, for instance, post memes or jokes that reflect your own sense of humor.

Start a Conversation

Reason: Small Talks will give you a chance to know the other person and they also connect to you.

Don’t worry if approaching strangers seems awkward at first. It takes a fair bit of practice for some people to become good communicators, even if it comes easily to others. The fact of the matter is that it is a talent that can be learned. For the time being, just practice making small chats with students to make friends in high school.

For instance, smile and say this color suits you. Or compliment your class fellow that they presented a seminar well.

Active Listening

Reason: It will give your full attention and they will have a feeling of connectedness to you.

While the other person is speaking to you, nod your head, maintain eye contact, and make small responses like “Wow?” or “Oh that’s great.” Don’t check your phone or worry about what you’re going to say next. Try to be attentive so you can learn more about your new friend in school.

Be Yourself

Reason: Let people connect to your real self. Superficial friendships are not healthy and long lasting.

Accept yourself for who you are and don’t be shy to reveal it to others. It’s acceptable to try to hide qualities of yourself that you don’t like, such as appearing to be confident when you’re nervous. However, don’t pretend about yourself to impress others as the truth will eventually come out, and it will just drive others away if they believe you aren’t honest.

For instance, If someone claims they like basketball, don’t pretend to be a major fan when you are not.

Invite Other to Your Place

Reason: It will allow you to make new friends in school while also connecting to them outside school activities.

It might be difficult to make friends in high school. See if they want to come over to your place someplace with you after school when you think like you’re starting to get better with them. Make no big issue about it, just simply say something like, “Want to come over after school?” I recently purchased the latest game.

Avoid Gossip

Reason: You will come across as a more cheerful person, and you’ll be more likely to make friends in high school.

Although it may appear like everyone in high school gossips, speaking negatively about others might make you appear weak and negative. Rather, attempt to be the one who helps others to grow.

For instance, if one of your new friends overhears you criticizing somebody, they may be concerned that you will also criticize them in their absence.

Be Patient

Reason: It allows your friendship to grow. Trusting is something that is built, which is important to make friends in high school.

Friendships that last a lifetime are never rushed. Just be pleasant and chat with them as much as you can. You’ll ultimately meet friends that appreciate you for who you are if you keep putting yourself out there. If you get to know someone and discover they don’t want to be your friend, understand that it has nothing to do with you as a person. It simply indicates that, as a friend, they weren’t a good fit for you. So have a positive attitude and remind yourself of all the wonderful qualities you have.

Chapter 3:

Call to Action

You can read about “Youth and College Friendships” at our Epsychonline’s website, to help you to make new friends in high school. The website also offers you courses such as “Coping with Bullying” or “DBT for Social Anxiety” to help you deal with difficult situations which may be stopping you to make friends in high school.

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