How to Not Care Anymore? Seven Ways to Forget It!

Written by: Ankita Kathad MA – (Clinical Psychology)
Last updated date : March 21, 2023

Have you ever felt that you care a lot sometimes? Or that you care a lot about what other people think of you? There are times when people might try to bring us down. It can affect our self-esteem and confidence. To not care about something is easier said than done. Often the hurtful comments or incidents take a toll on our mental health. In this article, we learn how to not care anymore. We list down 7 ways to not care anymore

First, let us understand why we care so much. Have you ever wondered why some people’s judgments affect us a lot and that of others do not? Do you ever wonder why certain events make us feel so embarrassed that we cannot help but think about them over and over again? Let us find out why.

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Chapter 1:

Why Do We Care So Much?

We care about people or events that happen in life when they matter a lot to us. Here are some common reasons why we care so much.

You Love the Person

When we love someone a lot, caring for them is natural and automatic. It is linked to a good bond and empathy in a relationship. It only proves that you are a human. However, one disadvantage is that when we care a lot, we also tend to sacrifice a lot. We may have to sacrifice our own needs. Moreover, we may end up hurting ourselves if we keep ignoring our needs.

You Cannot Set Boundaries

You may care too much when you are unable to set boundaries. Boundaries determine how much respect you show to yourselves and others. When you don’t have boundaries, you keep giving yourself too much to others. You disregard your self-worth. Therefore, when people hurt you, you care too much. This is because you do not think of your boundaries and happiness.

You Want to Please Others

Very often, you cant stop caring about others if you are a people pleaser. When you constantly have an urge to impress others, you will be disappointed if they don’t reciprocate or hurt you. If what others think about you makes you happy, you will care a lot about what they think of you.

You Seek External Validation and Attention

When you seek others’ approval for your actions, you will care a lot if they put your down. Additionally, if you are driven by others attention, you may feel upset if they don’t give you the desired amount of it. You will care a lot about others’ opinions because you always seek attention. In other cases, when someone is low on self-esteem, they may want external validation because they are always in self-doubt.

You Don’t Believe In Yourself

When you don’t follow your gut, you feel indecisive. This makes you dependent on other people’s advice. Therefore, when they tell you something that you don’t wish to hear, you feel upset and care a lot about it.

You Are Easily Attached to People

If you tend to easily get emotionally attached to new people, you will find it difficult to not care about them. It is good to trust and form healthy bonds, however, it is not always healthy to get attached quickly to people. Trust people once you have genuinely known them. When you get too attached quickly, their opinions start affecting you.

Chapter 2:

7 Ways to Not Care Anymore

Here are 7 ways to not care anymore.

1. Start building opinions

One of the 7 ways to not care anymore is to build your opinion. So many times we think that other devices are best for us. We keep going on and about for second, third, and sometimes the tenth opinions just to play safe. However, it is very important to trust yourself. It is important to think about what’s best for us. Others don’t know us as much as we do. Therefore, while taking advice from others is a good idea, however, the final call about a decision should be ours. Here are some ways to build opinions and not care about what others say anymore.

  • Read books. Reading is a novel hobby. It helps in understanding the world better. There are many useful ideas and advice in a book.
  • Travel. This is another way to build opinions. When you travel, you meet new people from all walks of life. You also learn a lot from nature and the entire process of traveling.
  • Volunteer. When you participate in work that requires selflessness, you start valuing yourself more. This helps in improving self-worth.
  • Learn new skills that can help you distract your mind and help you not care about others’ opinions anymore.
2. Do Things That Make You Happy

An excellent way to not care about others anymore is by trying to let go of it. What best way of doing than to indulge in what makes you happy? Do not let others’ judgments and opinions stop you from doing the things that you love the most. The best way to ignore someone is by engaging in doing things that matter to you the most.

3. Assign a ‘Worry’ Time

If you are consumed by what others think of you and if you care too much about it, assign a time specially dedicated to ‘worries’. During this time, you can allow yourself to worry for a while. However, for the rest of the day try not to care about what others think or do. Try to focus on your work and yourself for the rest of the day.

4. Work on Yourself

The best method to not care anymore about others is by turning the focus inward. Try to work on yourself. Focus on your self-worth and self-esteem. Try to establish a self-care routine. Maintain a journal for introspection. Note down your weaknesses and work on them. Do not be too hard on yourself. Additionally, learn skills that will boost your confidence. When you are confident about yourself, what others say will not matter to you anymore and therefore you will not care about them anymore.

5. Face Rejection

One out of the 7 ways to not care anymore is to start facing rejection. It is okay to be rejected in life. It is also alright to fail in life. Failure and rejection is a part and parcel of our life. This should not get the best of us. People cannot stop caring when they cannot accept failure or rejection. When we acknowledge the failure, it helps them get over it. Once we get over it, it helps us not care anymore.

6. Introspect

Another way out of the 7 ways to not care is to introspect and get over it. If you feel an event of the past is bothering you, sit and introspect why it does so. Is it worth it to dwell on the past? If it’s a person that you care about a lot, ask yourself if the worry will help you in the long run. The worry should be solution focused. If you don’t want to care anymore, then introspect on the reasons why you care so much. It is important to know that it won’t matter in the long run. Try to look at the bigger picture to find out if it’s worth caring about someone or something so much.

7. Set Boundaries

When you allow others to take you for granted, you let them affect your mood and mental health. Set boundaries and give yourself the importance you deserve. Setting boundaries helps you understand your needs and value them.

Chapter 3:


Caring about others is not necessarily bad. It makes us good humans when we are considerate and careful. However, it is important to not let others take us for granted. It diminishes our self-worth and raises self-doubts. When we are a lot about things that are not worth it, it takes up our energy that could be used for productive purposes.

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