How to Relax Throat Muscle Anxiety?

Written by: Harmandeep Kaur Grewal – MA (Psychology)

Last updated date : June  27, 2022

Have you experienced tightening of muscles in your throat when you are anxious? How to relax throat muscle anxiety? And, how do I relax to swallow? You can learn different methods of relaxing muscles. Moreover, you should talk to your doctor when you face serious muscle anxiety. Additionally, practice yawning before taking in air to breathe. You can be aware of your breathing and regulate it. If you hyperventilate a lot then take help. Moreover, you should have some with you when you feel like choking. Also, being alone will make you more anxious.

Chapter 1:

How to Relax Throat Muscle Anxiety?

How to relax throat muscle anxiety? And, how do I relax to swallow?

  • First of all, be mindful of your breath. Moreover, when you hyperventilate, blow air out of your mouth like blowing a matchstick. Also, when you are in tension try to normalize your breathing. For instance, you are aware of your stress, and your deep breaths. Then you can resolve your problem.
  • Also, you can breathe from a paper bag. And, this method can be used during emergencies. For instance, you have sudden tension in the throat muscle. So, you take a paper bag and breath from it. Moreover, if you suffer from throat muscle anxiety then keep a paper bag handy in your bag.
  • Secondly, you can perform stomach breathing. You can put a hand on your stomach and feel your belly going in and out. Hence, this method will help you relax. Also, do this exercise at regular intervals,
  • Next is you keep your throat open. So, you are letting air pass easily without hindrance. Also, the important thing for you is that you focus on your breathing. This you can practice and learn. Moreover, you need to have strong willpower to make an effort. You should stay positive.
  • When the incidence of tightening muscle anxiety occurs, do not panic.


Chapter 2:

Symptoms of Throat Muscles Anxiety

How to relax throat muscle anxiety? And, how do I relax to swallow? You can experience basic signs of anxiety.

  • Have you ever said to yourself, ‘ I can’t swallow saliva’? You need to swallow many times before your muscles get normal. Therefore, it is a symptom of throat muscle anxiety.
  • Additionally, you feel like there is a lump in your throat. And think, ‘How do I get rid of it to swallow?’ Do not worry. If you panic then your condition can worsen. So, stay in this situation.
  • Another sign of throat muscle anxiety is feeling like ‘something is tied to my neck.’ You feel like choking. Moreover, these are the symptoms of your anxiety which are causing tightening of throat muscles.
  • Moreover, your voice is changed or course. Therefore, you need to relax and control your anxiety.


Chapter 3:
Causes of Throat Muscle Anxiety

How to relax throat muscle anxiety? And, how do I relax to swallow? Also, you should know what is causing muscle anxiety in you.

  • One of the main reasons for throat muscle tension is anxiety. When you are anxious your muscles tighten up. Also, your nerves are stressed. And you feel like ‘something is struck in my throat.’
  • Seconly, panic attack can cause throat muscle to tighten. When you are under painc attack you have difficulty breathing. Also you like you are choking. Moreover, you hyperventilate.
  • Thirdly, there can be a medical reason for your throat muscle anxiety. Likewise, Gastroesophageal reflux disease can cause throat muscle tension. Moreover, you need to visit your doctor if you experience this issue.
  • Fourthly, Goiter disease caused by abnormal thyroid gland can cause tightening across throat.
  • Fifthly, sinus or throat infection can cause tightening of muscles.
  • Finally, allergies can cause tightening of throat muscles.


Chapter 4:
Relaxing Methods

How to relax throat muscle anxiety? And, how do I relax to swallow? Relaxing methods will help you calm down when you are nervous. You can deep breathe for good results.

  • First, of all, learn to relax that muscles by yawning before inhaling air. Because yawning will loosen your throat muscles and you can breathe properly.
  • Secondly, you can do stretching of neck exercises. You can tilt your head downwards and then back to the center and then backward and so forth. Also, you can move your head from side to side. Therefore, these exercises will help relax your neck.
  • Next, you can perform exercises on your shoulders. You can shrug your shoulders and keep in this position and then relax. Hence, this exercise will help you relieve tension in your shoulders.
  • Fourthly, singers can exercise their throats by singing. Also, warm-up exercises performed by singers can help to release tension.
  • Finally, humming can also help you make your tense throat muscles relaxed. Moreover, other infections such as ear infections, tonsils, and fever can cause tension in the throat muscles.


Chapter 5:
Relationship between Anxiety and Throat Muscle Tension

How to relax throat muscle anxiety? And, how do I relax to swallow? You can learn to reduce your stress and worry. Therefore, your muscle tension will reduce.

  • Firstly, anxiety is a mental health disorder when there is long-term worry. Consequently, worry can cause tightening of throat muscle tension. Moreover, people experience a lump in their throat during an anxiety episode. Another symptom of anxiety and throat tension is a strain on the voice.
  • Secondly, physical symptoms related to anxiety include increased heart rate, sweating, difficulty swallowing, and so on.
  • Moreover, if these symptoms occur occasionally then it is normal. In contrast, if these episodes occur often then consult your doctor.
  • Also, you are concerned about choking that your throat muscles tighten up. You can learn to relax to counter anxiety.


Chapter 6:
Treating Anxiety

How to relax throat muscle anxiety? And, how do I relax to swallow?

  • First of all, you can talk to a therapist. You can get treatment for anxiety. Also, your thinking and behavior will see a lot of change after the therapy.
  • Secondly, for severe anxiety, the doctor will prescribe anti-anxiety medicine.
  • Thirdly, you can change your lifestyle and develop healthy habits.
  • Fourthly, change eating habits. You can reduce your intake of coffee, and other caffeinated drinks. Also, you should eat a balanced diet. Moreover, perform regular exercise.
  • Fifthly, your sleeping habits also reflect tension in your body. If you are sleeping properly then your body tension will reduce. In contrast, if you do not sleep well then there will be a lot of stress and tension in the muscles.
  • Finally, you can track your events by keeping a diary or a journal.


Chapter 7:
Coping and Relaxing

How to relax throat muscle anxiety? And, how do I relax to swallow?

  • You can learn relaxing methods.
    • Firstly, start by making a fist and releasing it. Then follow with your arms. You can tighten muscles around your arms and then relax.
    • Also, you should keep your attention on your relaxing body.
    • Then you can tense the back of your arms and relax them.
    • Next, you can stretch your neck muscles. And later relax them.
    • Moreover, relax your forehead and facial muscles.
    • And, finally, you can relax your whole body.

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