How to Stop Sweating on the Face? Reason for Excessive Face Sweating

Written by: Arooj Paulus – B. Sc (Applied Psychology)

Last updated date : February 28, 2023

It is normal to sweat. Our body uses it to control our body temperature, which is a natural process. A person’s head, face, armpits, palms, toes, and genitals are often the areas where they sweat the most. Do you experience excessive face sweating? Do feel embarrassed because of your face sweat? Has the sweat run down your face prevented you from excelling at work? No worries. Let us look at how to stop| sweating on the face and what are the reasons behind excessive face sweating. Let us get started.

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Chapter 1:

Excessive Face Sweating

In medical terms, excessive sweating is known as hyperhidrosis. Where hyper means much and hidrosis means sweating. People with this condition have excessive sweating. Cranial hyperhidrosis is a condition in which people have excessive sweating on their face and head areas. It is a rare condition affecting 1-3% of people.

Why Do Your Face and Head Sweats the Most?

It can affect anybody and happen at any age. Those who have primary hyperhidrosis have onset of symptoms when they are young. People who have excessive sweating on the face and head also have embarrassment issues as excessive sweating can look untidy. Similarly when we feel embarrassed or are in fight or flight mode our body signals the brain to sweat to cool things down. So it is a cycle. In addition, eating spicy food can also stimulate your sweat glands. A family member with hyperhidrosis affects about 33% of sufferers. Face sweating is a most common and embarrassing type of sweating who have it and they want to stop it.

The signs of excessive sweating can be brought on by many different things such as

  • Exposure to hot weather
  • Eating spicy food
  • Pregnancy or menopause in women
  • During exercise
  • While consuming coffee. Or during drinking hot drinks.
  • When you are in a fearful situation.
  • When you wear fit ortight clothes. Cap or hat in case of head sweating.
  • Or excessive sweating on the face while wearing a mask.

Chapter 2:

How to Stop Sweating on Face?

This condition may be causing you a lot of distress as you may be worried about how you will look after sweating at an important event. Or you may be carrying extra tissues or deodorants to avoid the stains and smell caused by excessive sweating. Do not worry, we are here to help.

Here are some of the tips by which you can stop sweating on your face or body.

1. Keep it Cool

  • We suggest you stop exposing yourself to hot weather conditions. Normally you may have to go to school, college or work. We suggest you use an umbrella and water bottle with you in situations where you have to attend must.
  • You can carry a handy fan with you to keep you cool when you have to get out in hot temperatures.
  • Also wear a sweatband when you exercise or go for a walk to manage your excessive sweating.
  • You can wear 100% cotton clothes to keep you cool during hot weather conditions.
  • Further, you can wear loose clothes that are lighter in color. As light color clothes have a cooling effect.
  • And most importantly drink liquids to stay hydrated.

2. Facial Products

Use products to stop and reduce face sweating such as antiperspirants help to reduce sweat. While deodorants only help with reducing sweat odor.

Gel-based antiperspirants are available for the face to reduce sweating. For the face, you can apply antiperspirant in the morning before applying sunscreen. It will help you to manage your face sweat.

In addition, for cosmetic purposes, you can keep a face powder handy and dap it whenever you feel your face sweaty. Also, you can use blotting papers to absorb both the sweat and oil from your face.

Moreover, you can use mineral sunscreen as it stays on even if you sweat. It is recommended for sports players as well.

3. Food

Certain food can cause you to sweat more. For instance, spicy foods like chilies are the most frequent cause of people’s tendency to sweat a lot when eating. Capsaicin is a chemical found in chilies that causes the nerves in your body to produce a burning reaction. We sweat as a result of this reaction as our body tries to cool it down. You can try to avoid such foods or simply limit their intake.

Drink cucumber juice and also you can apply it on a cotton pad and onto your skin as it has a cooling effect.

Drink buttermilk as it has B12, calcium, and potassium that helps to keep your body healthy and hydrated.

Note: There are a number of medical treatment options available to stop excessive face sweating. In addition, you can consult your doctor to get medical treatment. Here is some of the information to get an idea about excessive face sweating before visiting your doctor.

  • Get your vitals checked as excessive sweating can cause a loss of minerals and water from the body.
  • Doctors say that usage of topical glycopyrrolate for the treatment of excessive face sweating is efficient and secure. But consult your doctor and use it only with their advice.
  • A common treatment for excessive sweating is glycopyrronium. To apply the medication to the skin, a pre-moistened cloth has the medicine solution on it. Lessen sweating, it affects the sweat glands.
  • Medicines such as beta-blockers or anti-anxiety help in controlling the physical effects of anxiety. Consult your doctor to get help and a prescription.
  • Moreover, sweating can have an adverse effect on your confidence. While anxiety problems may also be the cause behind sweating. Visit our website to seek help regarding any of your psychological concerns. Read below for more info.

Chapter 3:

Call to Action

You can read or suggest someone read “Excessive Sweating – Rid Yourself from the Smells and Stains” at Epsychonline. To help learn about excessive sweating and how to stop it.

Further, you can enroll in the “DBT for Social Anxiety” or “DBT for Anger” course on our website as you can sweat in a situation where you fear something or you are angry. The mentioned courses will help you to manage your negative feelings and their physical effects as well as sweating.

We hope this article was helpful to you. Sign up now for more learning.


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