How to Stop Talking To Someone

Written by: Vasundhara Shukla – M. Phil (Psychology)

Last updated date : February 28, 2023

In some situations, we have to cut off contact with others even if we don’t want to. For example, probably you would stop talking to a friend who criticizes your taste in clothes whenever you meet him or her. Another example can be when you experience an ugly breakup, you might have to end all contact with your ex-partner. There can be numerous occasions when you might have to maintain distance from someone. But doing so can be a tricky thing as confronting people can be uncomfortable for most people. In this article, we are going to talk about how to stop talking to someone you talk to everyday.


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Chapter 1:

Why Do We Need to Stop Talking To Someone?

Have you ever experienced that after talking to some people you feel drained and sad rather than feeling refreshed? or someone who gives you the silent treatment whenever they feel you hurt them rather than having an open conversation about it? Sometimes we meet people who do not add value to our lives and we might end up feeling sad and confused after talking to them.

Although, in all relationships, there can be differences of opinion, arguments, or fights as well. So, what separates healthy relations from unhealthy ones? Healthy relationships have the following features-

  1. Respect for one another
  2. Feeling comfortable discussing feelings with one another
  3. You feel safe and secure around the person

Unhealthy Relationships

An unhealthy relationship is one in which the three features given above are not present or are not there all the time. Relationships are not healthy at all times, sometimes healthy relations can become unhealthy as well. A person in such a situation feels caged, disrespected, and unsafe.

This is why it is important to stop talking to someone who makes you feel this way-

  1. The person’s confidence and self-esteem are affected because of which the person can stop expressing himself or herself at all.
  2. Feeling sad most of the time in the relationship can cause many mental illnesses.
  3. In this bond, you are expected to take the blame and the other person does not give you a chance to talk about your point of view.
  4. Bad relationships can make you feel alone.
  5. Any long-term conflict with a close one can increase the risk of diseases.

Chapter 2:

How to Change an Unhealthy Relationship?

Before going into how to stop talking to someone you talk to every day, first let’s assess if the relationship can be changed. If the relationship can be fixed then some changes can be made. How are we going to assess if it is changeable? Identifying problems in the relationship is step one and the most important one. After knowing a problem only you can try to fix it.

The next step will be understanding if your partner/ friend/ coworker/ family member is willing to work on the problem. If they refuse to acknowledge or work on the problem then the relationship can not be fixed. Or if they say that they will work but have not contributed to this cause then you might want to reassess if this is going to work out or not.

You can move on to stop talking to someone you talk to everyday if these criteria are not met.

Chapter 3:

How to Stop Talking To Someone?

There are various ways in which you can do this. You can either maintain distance and decrease your conversations with the person or cut them off completely. Use these tips to stop talking to someone who you talk to everyday.

Give Them Feedback

Giving feedback to someone you are upset with is important because it will give them insight as to what they were wrong. Simply stopping talking to them will be confusing to them and will not give you a chance to express yourself. You can talk to them in private and tell them how you feel because of their behavior. You can also suggest solutions so that they know appropriate behavior. After this, you can tell them that you will not be talking to them anymore and hear out their point of view.

Remove Them From Your Contact List

Remove their number to avoid seeing their name on your contact list or speed dial. This way you will not feel like talking to them as well. It becomes necessary to reduce contact with someone who was harming your mental health.

Block Them From Social Media

Social media is a platform where anyone becomes accessible to everyone. To reduce the number of times you visit the person’s profile, you must completely remove their presence on all your social media platforms.

Feeling Guilty

You might end up feeling guilty about doing this to someone you talk to every day. But when such feelings come into your mind try to focus on the reason for doing so and what impact they had on your mental health. It is not easy to stop talking to someone so easily but you will have to weigh out the costs versus the benefits.

Self Care

Taking proper care of yourself after taking such steps as this will not be easy. Cope with this situation by doing something that you like, for eg, meeting friends, sleeping, exercising, or watching your favorite TV show or movies. Talk to someone you trust about this and discuss your thoughts and feelings. The end of any relationship is hard on both people. Give yourself space and time to cope.

Seek Professional Help

If this is bothering you a lot and you are feeling under the weather for more than two weeks, consider talking to a mental health professional. They can help you process how you felt in that relationship and help you piece together your feelings about you stopped talking to the person.

Final Words

To stop talking to someone you talk to regularly is emotionally hard for you and the person. But this becomes important in some unhealthy relationships. These relationships have an impact on the feelings, thoughts, and self-esteem of the person. By cutting contact, you will no longer feel a drop in your confidence and self-esteem which is important for wellbeing. Please go through our course on ‘Self Esteem‘ to know more about ways to improve self-esteem.

"Learnt a lot from this course" Sally

51 sections

6-Weeks Self-Paced

  • Educational Content
  • Quizzes
  • Self-reflection material
  • Suggestions & feedback
  • Worksheet, tips & tools to use

$9.00 $12.00

25% discount