Leaving Home for University- Dealing with the Feeling

Written by: Ankita Kathad – MA (Clinical Psychology)

Last updated date : March 13, 2023


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Chapter 1:


If you are leaving your home for the first time, the first few days can be very hard. Firstly, you are leaving your loved ones behind. You have to leave your family and friends. The new environment can be very emotional for you. You may miss your home and your room in the first few days. You will miss your favourite spot in the city. There will also be pressure to socialize on the campus. This can be daunting. However, be rest assured that all of it settles down soon.

Chapter 2:


Most of us are afraid of new beginnings. The fresher’s phase is truly like choppy waters. You are unaware of everything. You are also in a hurry to make the new company. While some are very quick at making friends, others are not. There is peer pressure all around. The pressure to socialize and participate is hard. You don’t always want to end up getting drunk in a bar. However, drinking becomes an easier way to release anxiety and make new friends.

It is not necessary to go out for all the parties. It is less likely that you will build lasting bonds so quickly. You can take time to gel up with the new crowd.

Chapter 3:

Fear of Missing Out!

When you are leaving home for university, there is an urge to carry everything close to your heart. You may start fearing that you’ve missed out on something. Moving to a university is a big step. You are most likely to stay there for a longer period. This calls for extra luggage. It is completely normal to want to take everything along. However, there just might be no requirement for some of your luggage You may end up taking unnecessary items.

You can take all your essential items and make a list of things you don’t have once you reach your university. This way you will be travelling light.

Chapter 4:

Financial Woes

University fees are hefty. It is not only the fee that is a concern but also the other expenses that come along. A university student has to pay for rent, travel, outings and even basic daily life needs. The biggest burden is that of paying for semester fees. If you have taken a student loan, then repaying the loan can be burdensome.

The first few months are going to be costly. You will mostly be going out to parties, socializing with friends and spending a lot on small things. Hopefully, you will get better at saving money as time passes by but financial struggle during university days is real and is very hard.

Chapter 5:

University Is a Time of Turbulence

University is a big journey. It is a journey of self-discovery, decision making and learning tons of new things. This is the time when we make bigger decisions in life. You will most likely select the course of your profession, chart your financial journey and make friends that may remain lifelong. Amidst this you are also away, missing home. This is indeed a time of chaos. While most make good memories that stay lifelong, some may not have fond memories. Moreover, leaving home for university also leaves a person riddled with uncertainty.

Once you start this journey, you will eventually figure out things on the way. You will also find mentors and guides who will help you in this ride.

Chapter 6:

How to Deal With Leaving Home for University

Typically everyone goes through a wave of emotions while leaving home for university. It is due to the period of transition. Homesickness usually occurs in the beginning. Just like a wave, it comes in transition. When leaving home, you have a million questions and thoughts in your head. It is completely normal to miss the comfort and care of the home and its people. Students who feel homesick are usually sad about the life that they left behind. This is because the university is like unchartered waters for them and they just don’t know how to swim yet!

Here are some ways to deal with leaving home for university.

Chapter 7:

Recognize That Your Feelings Are Completely Normal

Know that what you are feeling is common and shared by many. Don’t feel shy or embarrassed. You may be feeling scared, uncertain and even nervous. All of it is normal and real. It is important to accept these feelings. Why is it important? So that we don’t end up beating ourselves about missing home. Accepting these feelings helps us take a break when everything is getting overwhelming.

Know that these feelings are temporary. Most likely you will find friends who make you feel belonged. You will eventually get used to the campus and most likely get comfortable in it.

Seek Help

When you feel that your emotions are getting the best of you, speak it out. Talk to your family, friends or loved ones. You can look for a university counsellor and even mentors on campus. Write down how you are feeling. Do not bury your emotions. Face them. Talk to your friends in your hometown. You can also talk to your relatives who have had a university experience.

Talking about your problems doesn’t make them worse. It gives you a fresh perspective. It helps you vent out your inner feelings


Get to know your university beforehand. Before you move out, try to understand key locations on the campus. Make a plan about things you’d want to try. For instance- try the university gym. Initially, everything will be confusing and chaotic. Having a game plan makes you feel prepared and less lost. Try to know about places to roam in the city and explore them.

Set a Routine

To deal with leaving home anxiety, try to set a routine. Try to include things that you’d usually do when you are at home. A routine will help you feel in control when everything around you is changing. Try to inculcate healthy habits when you set your routine.

Stay Connected

Staying connected with your loved ones can help you deal with leaving home for university feelings. You will feel more close to them when you move away, barring some instances, Distance makes the heart grow fond. Make efforts to stay connected with your loved ones. When you are leaving home for university, your family members are also going through a transition. It is important to keep a healthy connection with the,

Set Clear Expectations

When you are leaving home for university, set clear expectations about what you want from your university life. This will help you feel less lost. Keep clear rules and boundaries. This will help you not fall prey to unhealthy peer pressure. Be open to new experiences though! Leaving home for university can be chaotic. Having clear expectations will make the experience easier for you.

Chapter 8:

Spend Time with Yourself and Your Loved Ones

When you are leaving home for university, spend time with people you love. Introspect and understand what you can do to make your university life better. Engage with friends and family and spend a good time with them.


Students feel homesick and nervous while leaving home because they experience sadness and grief. The grief of losing the comfort and love of caregivers. While most of us are wary of change, it is an essential part of life. University life is exciting and teaches us valuable life lessons. If you are struggling with this change or loss, at Epsychonline, you can find courses that can help you deal with your emotions. These courses are developed by experts. Do check them out!

"Very practical suggestions" Peter

95 sections

6-Weeks Self-Paced

  • Educational Content
  • Quizzes
  • Self-reflection material
  • Suggestions & feedback
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$9.00 $12.00

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