Lump in Throat Stress? Don’t Worry About It!

Written by: Maheen Asif – M. Sc (Clinical Psychology)

Last updated date : December 29, 2022

lump in throat stress kind of feeling? Are you afraid that the lump in your neck is caused by a thyroid issue? Does the sensation of a lump in your throat come and go? To be sure, the lump in throat anxiety could be a result of your anxiety

Anxiety can make you feel tense, make you feel sick, make you sweat, and so on. When someone is anxious, they can also have a lot of other strange symptoms, like feeling like there is a lump in throat stress.

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Chapter 1:

“Stuck in My Throat.” Is It Lump in Throat Stress?

Does it feel like something is stuck in your throat? is it lump in throat stress?

Stress has an impact on our bodies in many ways. When we take stress, it triggers our autonomic nervous system, which can cause inflammation. That inflammation can feel severe depending on the type of anxiety you have.

When you have stress, your body is always firing up your sympathetic nervous system. This causes an increase in heart rate, breathing rate, and muscle tension. Some people might feel their throat swollen because of their tight muscles. This is ” a lump in throat stress”. In medical terms, this is “Globus Pharyngis /sensation”

When you feel lump in throat stress, it’s not dangerous, but it can be very scary. Sometimes, you might even feel like you’re choking or are at risk of choking, and the stress might make it hard to swallow.

Chapter 2:

What Does It Feel like to Have a Lump in Your Throat?

There are a lot of different ways to explain the lump in the throat stress;
  • There us a feeling like you have something stuck in your throat.
  • You notice a lump in your throat.
  • The throat feels numb
  • It can sometime feel like you cant swallow because of a soar throat
  • The throat is “tight.”
  • You have to force yourself to swallow.
  • Suddenly it can happen anytime anywhere
  • This lump in throat stress feeling can happen before, during, or after other anxiety feelings and symptoms, or it can happen on its own.
  • Feeling a lump in throat stress can happen before or after a panic attack or anxiety attack, or it can happen “out of the blue” and “for no apparent reason.”
  • Some people don’t feel any lump in throat at all, but others feel it all the way through. Also, it can come in waves. At one point, it’s very strong, but then it fades away.

Chapter 3:

How to Tell the Difference between Throat Lumps and a Health Issue

A doctor might be able to help you figure out what’s going on with your knot. There are very few times when a lump in throat stress could be a sign of something more serious, like cancer. GERD, tonsillitis or pharyngitis, or postnasal drip may be less serious, but they are still health problems, so it could be that. Some people think that anxiety may make them more likely to get GERD.

Yet, anxiety is the only thing that causes throat lumps in many cases. Worse, the anxiety often makes people think about the worst-case scenario more than people who don’t have lump in throat stress. This can be even worse than having anxiety throat lumps.

As long as you don’t go to the doctor, you won’t know for sure what’s going on. Just a doctor can say for sure what’s going on. But some of the signs that it might be anxiety are that:

  • When you swallow, no clicking sound or pain is very bad.
  • The feeling comes and goes, and it’s more common when you have any stress
  • Someone has caused you to have a panic attack or be in a very stressful situation recently.
The Reason For A Lump In The Throat
It’s still possible that the cause is health-related in some situations. Stress and anxiety can also cause a lump in the throat that hurts a little and doesn’t go away.

Still, the major reason for throat lumps is stress and anxiety, and many people who have anxiety symptoms or are under a lot of stress have throat lumps.

When you get a lump in your throat because you’re stressed, it’s not dangerous, and it can’t stop you from breathing or stop you from swallowing. When have any stressed, it may seem like you have to swallow a lot of food to get it down. This is just anxiety, and it can be treated by getting rid of that anxiety.

Chapter 4:

Can a Lump in the Throat Happen Even If You Don’t Think You’re Stressed?

Your body sometimes reacts in strange ways when you are under any stress or anxiety. Some of you might have some of the physical symptoms of anxiety even when they aren’t feeling any stress. You might still have a lump in your throat even if your thoughts are calm and this can be due to unknown stress that’s why it’s so important to take long-term steps to get rid of your anxiety for good

Chapter 5:

Any Quick Ways to Treat a Lump?

Unfortunately, the only way to stop the globus pharyng is to calm down. You can’t treat lump in throat stress because they come from your body getting worked up.

There are some things you can do:

Calm Yourself
Stress occurs when a lump in the throat; it’s important to calm yourself to stop the stress response and its changes. People should keep in mind that it can take the body up to 20 minutes or more to get over a major stress response. Isn’t this normal? It should not be a cause for alarm.
Drink Water
Drinking water can help you feel less lumpy in two ways. First, when you drink water, you can feel the water going down your throat, which can help you calm down. Second, there are some signs that drinking water in general can make a lump feel less real.
Start working out at least four times a week to get rid of stress and boost your brain power.

If you’re having a panic attack or feel like you can’t breathe, jogging might not be the best thing for you. But if you’re just stressed, jogging can be a lot more helpful than most people think. It’s not just for your health. Jogging releases chemicals in your body that make you feel less stressed and relax your throat muscles which will help with signs like lump in throat stress.

Herbal Solution
Passionflower, kava, and valerian are herbs that can help people who are stressed or anxious. Make sure you do some research on any of these herbs before you decide if they’re right for you.
Take Help From A Doctor
People with anxiety disorders may be able to help you if you can’t stop worrying about this feeling. You might want to get in touch with one of these people. Working with a skilled anxiety disorder therapist is the best way to get rid of problems with anxiety, and especially what seems like uncontrollable worry.

in summary, You should do good things for your body, mind, and emotions. Make sure you eat healthily, do yoga, follow your religious or spiritual practices, and go on vacation. It’s best to be holistically healthy to lower your anxiety levels, so symptoms like a lump in throat stress wont show up.

There are several courses on the website that will help you in providing detailed information on the topic.

"Very interesting and relevant" John

72 sections

6-Weeks Self-Paced

  • Educational Content
  • Quizzes
  • Self-reflection material
  • Suggestions & feedback
  • Worksheet, tips & tools to use

$9.00 $12.00

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