Moving Away and Family Guilt in People

Written by: Harmandeep Kaur Grewal – MA (Psychology)

Last updated date : March 08, 2023

Are you someone who moved away from home and feels guilty about it? Do not fret over it. You are not selfish if you leave home to fulfill your dreams. Moreover, it takes a lot of courage to be yourself and leave home. Also, many people are not able to leave their homes for fear of living alone. Furthermore, if you are dependent on your family for everything in your life then you cannot easily leave your home and move to another city. In contrast, you are brave and strong when you leave a problematic household in search of the meaning of life. You are responsible for your decisions. Likewise, you get success or failure it is upon you and not on your family. You could have experienced moving away and family guilt thereafter. And people ask how to cope with moving away from family.

Additionally, you may not achieve success by living comfortably at home. You should expose yourself to real situations and learn about hardships. Also, you should not give up on your dreams if your family discourages you. You need to be strong-headed to move in the direction of your goal.


Chapter 1:

Moving Away and Family Guilt

Assume that you moved away from your home ten years back and now you came home. Also, your family is not very happy when they see you. Moreover, your siblings complain about how they took care of the household expenses in the meantime. Likewise, your local friends blame you for not being there for them when they needed you. So, you are now completely drenched in guilt. Therefore, you get upset when people talk to you about your past. Your family complains to you when you see them. Also, your parents taunt you whenever they get a chance.

Your family may use the following words to complain about your behavior and your absence.

  • Your sister or brother could come to you and complain that you do not call them. Also, they were unhappy that they were absent for so many years you suddenly showed up at your house.
  • Also, your parents would scold you for not telling them about your marriage and children. They will say that you took away their right of being a grandparent.
  • You will be constantly bothered about your past.

Chapter 2:

Guilt Tripping

You could have experienced moving away and family guilt thereafter. And people ask how to cope with moving away from family.

If you are feeling guilty that you left your family behind then you need to take it easy. Because if you had dreams and moved away then it is not a wrong thing to do. Moreover, if you do not leave and blame your parents for it then you are to be blamed. Also, you are present acheivements if any could be a witness that you got away for a reason. Likewise, do not listen to your siblings or friends who put all blame on you for everything that went bad for you. They are responsible for their own choices and you are responsible for your own.

Additionally, your family is dependent on you so that reminds you again about your absence. Therefore, they are selfish and not you are. You should not stress over it. You need to think about presents and do good for your parents now if you are capable.

Chapter 3:

Your Reasons for Moving Away From Your Family

You could have experienced moving away and family guilt thereafter. And people ask how to cope with moving away from family.

First of all, the foremost reason is that you have to study in a different city. So, you left your town to move to another state. For instance, you moved from New Delhi to Bangalore because of education. And you feel bad that you left your mother crying and your sister alone herself. But if you did not move and stayed here and compromised and could not find work. Then you will blame your family and regret it for the coming years. Now you made a difficult decision to pursue your dreams.

Secondly, you moved away because of your job. You had no choice but to adhere to your job posting which is in another city. Therefore, you left your hometown. But, your parents or grandparents are very old and you left them. You have this guilt. YOu can ask your old parents to shift with you if that is possible for your good.

Chapter 4:

How to Handle the Guilt?

You could have experienced moving away and family guilt thereafter. And people ask how to cope with moving away from family.

First of all, you can stay in contact with your family by talking to them regularly on the phone or texting. You need to know that by talking you can emotionally support each other and reduce any guilt which you may have. In contrast, if you cut all contact then your subconscious mind will keep bothering you. You will be worried about your parents when you are free. Therefore, you stay in touch with them. Supposedly, they bother you with questions or ask for money then you can decide when to call otherwise you can call weekly or biweekly whatever suits you.

Secondly, you can visit your home when you get free time. Also, you can ask your family to visit you when they have time. But do not force anyone just encourage them. This will help you to mend your differences and get closer to each other. And you can always help each other out when you get time.

Thirdly, you need to roughly believe in yourself. Moreover, when you left home you had some dreams then stick to them. You had a reason to follow your dreams otherwise you will blame others for the rest of your life.

Next of all, you can make friends when you meet like-minded people. For instance, you joined a pottery club and make friends there. And increase your social circle and discuss your dilemmas with them. This will give you another perspective on your issues.

Chapter 5:

Ways to Relieve Yourself From Past Guilt and Be Happy

You could have experienced moving away and family guilt thereafter. And people ask how to cope with moving away from family.

You have been a brave person to follow your heart and not give up on your aspirations. Therefore, you can cheer up if you are sad about your decisions. Because you have taken a stand for yourself otherwise you would have regretted it. Moreover, if you have money then help your family financially if they require it. Plus they will admire you and you will feel satisfied after it. But you should not fret if you have less money. It’s okay, moreover, help can be provided by just being there when your parents need you.

Furthermore, presuming you shifted your house because of abuse you faced then your guilt is misplaced. You should thank yourself for getting away from your situation. Likewise, many people do not dare to take a stand for themselves so they suffer silently. You are a brave person.

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