Overwhelmed at Work and Organizing Yourself

Written by: Harmandeep Kaur Grewal – MA (Psychology)

Last updated date : January 05, 2023

Overwhelmed at work is tiring for you. You must know that whatever job you are in , it beings with it stress and anxiety. So, people become overwhelmed. You should believe that you are doing fine at work and have no issues. But, the issues appear when you are to work under pressure. The nature of your job will be such that there will be stress all the time. Now the big question is how to get organized at work when overwhelmed?

You can learn several methods to calm down in a stressful situation. Moreover, such methods will be helpful if you are willing to take help. Also, don’t worry. Your overwhelming experience is treatable. It is quite normal and many people like you go through similar circumstances. Also, you may feel helpless. You feel trapped in helpless situation. The only way out is to calm down or slow down. Moreover, there are several demands at work, such as deadlines, assignments, field work, overtime and so on. It is not important if you are a junior or senior there is a load of work in your hand.

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Chapter 1:

Overwhelmed at Work?

Are you overwhelmed at work? And ask question how to get organized at work when overwhelmed? When overwhelmed you can lose control over emotions.
  • You can perceive the signs in your surroundings. If you are stressed at work and unable to fulfill your tasks then you are overwhelmed. For example,
  • Equally important is your physical and mental health. Consequently, you will suffer from chronic fatigue. Your health will deteriorate. Moreover, your immune system will weaken.
  • Furthermore, lack optimum performance at work. You will panic when your deadlines are near. Accordingly, you fail to complete tasks.
  • Moreover, unhappy things will make you stressed. Also, stressful thoughts can bring anxiety. And your anxiety will lead to intense emotions. Also, stay happy whenever possible. So, you should try to avoid unnecessary negativity.
  • If you are overwhelmed then you are stuck in a never-ending circle of stress and pain. For instance, if you have a demanding boss then you will feel helpless and stressed. Also, you may not be able to get help from your colleagues as they share the same situation. So, you should prepare in time and not stress
  • Also, you may find it difficult to focus and concentrate. Your mind is attending to too many things and you cannot take anymore.
  • You cannot give time to your family and relationships suffer. If people around you are not happy with you then your problems will increase manifold.

Chapter 2:

Behavioural Signs of Overwhelmed

You are overwhelmed at work under stress. Also, learn the signs which show overwhelmed behavior. You should learn to break the cycle of overwhelmed behavior. Moreover, actively changing your actions will bring good results. You should stay hopeful and happy. Moreover, learn methods to be organized at work.
  • You should perceive your signs. If you are behaving abnormally then talk to a therapist.
  • Firstly, your mood would change often. Likewise, you may be happy at one time and sad at another time.
  • Secondly, you may remain irritated all the time. So, you will be unhappy.
  • Thirdly, there could be signs of aggression. You will react aggressively. Also, people will see you as an aggressive person. Moreover, control your extreme emotions.
  • Nextly, you are feeling helpless and out of control. Moreover, feeling helpless will cause overwhelming behavior. For instance, your senior asked you to do overtime and you are unable to say no to him. So, you are suffering.
  • You will stay anxious about even small life changes. Moreover, your mind will bend towards negative thoughts.
  • You may not be able to adapt to changes in your surroundings.
  • Moreover, you will not be able to sleep properly. Also, your body will remain hyperactive all the time. You wake up to mild sounds. For instance, the noise of a whisper can make you

Chapter 3:

Organising Yourself

If you are overwhelmed at work then you need attention to yourself. Overwhelmed at work ask for help. Hence, make efforts to get organized at work when overwhelmed .
  • The basic change needed to stay calm and relaxed. When you stay calm in an overwhelming situation then you can think properly. In contrast, if you are restless and losing control then you may not be able to help yourself.
  • You should change your habits which are making your life difficult. Such habits include drinking, smoking and so on.
  • You can use time management methods. Also, using time time management methods you can reduce stress in life. For instance, you plan to give all time at home to family. And, at work you concentrate only on work. Consequently, you will see the change in yourself.
  • Furthermore, your planning should convert to actions. For instance, you planned to sleep for 6 hours and thirty minutes of exercise. So, you implement your plan. And sleep for six hours and exercise.
  • Additionally, do not make excuses. Also, excuses will make you fail in assignments. So, be proactive and relax. You can learn relaxing methods and deep breathing. So, you can think clearly under stress.
  • Moreover, you should organise tasks with categories. For instance, your list of work should be neat and organised. This will help you find things when you need them.

Chapter 4:

Stop Being Overwhelmed at Work?

When you a lot of assignments to finish and deadlines are near you dread. Also, your fear may go out of control. Hence, it is overwhelming experience. At work, you could face such a scenaio. Therefore, you should not panic. Moreover you should remain calm. How to get organized when overwhelmed at work?
  • You can jot down the things which are making you anxious. You should try to stay calm when you are around such things. For instance, you have a deadline near and you panicked. Hence, you may not be able to give your work on time. This will cause you to become overwhelmed.
  • Furthermore, you should be active in the following schedule. Moreover, missing important work will make you stressed.
  • Also, ask for help when you require it. You should not hesitate to take help. When you are actively seeking help you will remain calm and relaxed. In contrast, if you are
  • Moreover, emotional arousal is bad. You should avoid extreme emotions. If you are angry then people will complain about your behaviour.
  • Additionally, check your negative thoughts. Your thoughts are important. Your behaviour will show your thoughts.

For more information check out the website. Furthermore, you can read various courses on the website. And, a course titled, DBT for Social Anxiety, will provide elaborate information on the topic.

"Practical and insightful" David

70 sections

6-Weeks Self-Paced

  • Educational Content
  • Quizzes
  • Self-reflection material
  • Suggestions & feedback
  • Worksheet, tips & tools to use

$9.00 $12.00

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