Self- Esteem Activities for Adults PDF

Written by: Dr Joseph Kekulawala
Last updated date : March 30, 2022

Below you will find our self-esteem activities for adults PDF. There will cover how to build self-esteem in adults. But first, let’s go over what self-esteem is. Self-esteem is your view or impression of yourself. People can have either High low self-esteem or self-esteem in the middle. It does fluctuate. There are activities that you can do to boost your service team. When your self-esteem is healthy, you like yourself, notice your values and positive qualities. People with low self-esteem feel more insecure and unmotivated. Here are some of our best ideas on self-esteem activities for adults pdf

Chapter 1:
Friends and Family

Try to be more social. This is one of the self-esteem activities for adults that may be easy to implement. Call a friend, visit your parents or siblings or even start by saying hi to your neighbour. There is a fair amount of overlap between low mood, low self-esteem, feeling alone and unconnected. Self-esteem activities for adults do not need to be complicated or fancy. It can all start with a simple wave, saying hi or even at a nod of acknowledgement.


Chapter 2:
Exercise and Playing Sport

If you play a team sport, then great. It ties in with the idea of being social, meeting and being around others. If you prefer individual sports or exercise, that is okay too. Exercise is a great activity to reduce stress, increase mood and lift self-esteem. Try to get outdoors, get safe, natural sunlight and be in nature when you exercise.


Chapter 3:
Fun Self-Esteem Activities

For adults with busy and stressful schedules, it can help to do something relaxing and fun at the end of each day. This can reduce tension both in the mind and in the body. Perhaps take your dog out for a walk, go out for a nice meal, watch a movie, do something that you enjoy. When we do more fun, enjoyable activities, the negative thoughts or ideas gradually move out of our heads.


Chapter 4:
Activities Where You Have Control

Try to pick activities where you have some control, ownership or agency. When our self-esteem is low, we are not assertive and can easily let others walk over us. Boosting self-esteem activities for adults could include things where you have choices and options. For instance, deciding where to go with your partner for dinner, choosing what to buy at the supermarket, organising things for others.


Chapter 5:
Letting Go of Mistakes

This may sound like one of the stranger self-esteem activities for adults, but hear us out. If your mind repeatedly brings up past mistakes, things you find quite shameful, maybe write them out on a piece of paper, crush the piece of paper into a small ball and throw it into the bin. This simple mindfulness self-esteem activity for adults symbolises an end to unhealthy worry and stewing over past mistakes.


Chapter 6:
Accepting Compliments

When we think of how to build self-esteem in adults, we think about ways to undo behaviours that signified or service team. People with low self-regard find compliments hard to hear. Take a journal or even a piece of paper and write down the last three times someone has complimented you. What did they say? What was the situation? How do you make you feel? What part of those feelings were related to your self-esteem?


Chapter 7:
Try Something at the Edge of Your Comfort Zone.

If we are thinking about ways to boost confidence and increase self-esteem, why not try something new and uncomfortable. It does not need to be anything as outrageous as skydiving or confronting at 4 pm. It could simply be something that you have been wanting to try but have been putting off.


Chapter 8:
Helping Someone Else

Other simple self-esteem activities for adults could be helping someone in need or volunteering. Your talents, abilities and skills will be of use to someone. Think about different ways you can be of assistance. These feel-good efforts create positivity in your community but also increase your internal self-worth.


Chapter 9:
Be a Mentor

As an adult, that will always be someone younger who will benefit from your support, guidance and advice. Being able to share, help someone is a great feeling. Watching them progress with your help will add to your sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Being a mentor allows you the chance to reflect and think about what’s important with someone else, and not just in your mind. Here are our self-esteem activities for adults pdf. We hope you have found them useful and get an opportunity in the next couple of days and weeks to try them out. How to build self-esteem in an adult is frequently searched. There are certain simple things that you can do to boost your self-esteem. If these self-help strategies don’t push the needle, speak to a mental health expert. Here at Epsychonline, we have created a series of self-help psychology courses. We even have one on low self-esteem, which includes tips on how to build self-esteem in adults. Visit our homepage to find a link to all our courses. Thanks for reading. Send us any suggestions that you have.