Things to Do When Bored- Ways to Drive Away Boredom

Written by: Ankita Kathad (Clinical Psychology)
Last updated date : January 31, 2023

Boredom can drive you crazy! You may love to laze around a little on some days. However, after a few days of wasting time, you will want to do something nice in life. Nobody enjoys a boring life. A boring lazy afternoon once in a while is fine but eventually, you will want to do something exciting. It is human nature to thrive. Therefore in this article, we explore things we can do when bored. We introduce 10 activities you can do when bored.

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Chapter 1:

Why Do We Feel Bored?

We can say that we feel bored when we don’t have an interest in a task and we find it difficult to concentrate on it. Having nothing to do can also bore us. Almost all of us feel boredom at some point in life. It is quite a universal experience. In some cases, boredom is harmful because it can lead to anger, distress, and even frustration.

There are many reasons why we feel bored. One of the biggest reasons is monotony. Anything repetitive can become boring at some point. For example, a worker in an assembly line will find his task extremely boring after a couple of weeks. Even though when he is getting money for it. This is because his job has become repetitive. When there is diversity, a person may not feel bored. Predictability can make a task boring as well.

When people have a high need for novelty, they might feel bored doing a particular task that they have been doing. For example, sensation seekers will look for adventurous work. This explains why some people are more bored than others. When people seek a high amount of external stimulation, they feel bored when the work is not exciting. This is why we can notice that extroverts get bored easily when they are inside a room.

When some task or activity is not catchy enough, we may get bored. That is to say that we like watching attractive things. Similarly, when we are unsure of what our body and mind demand, we feel bored easily. Our lack of awareness of bodily needs can bore us.

Chapter 2:

How to Drive Boredom Away?

Well, there are many different ways to handle boredom. Driving away boredom is essential because when we feel bored, we waste a lot of time. We could make use of that time to do something productive. Lack of interest can reflect on our work performance. We can get bad grades if we are constantly bored. Additionally, this can affect the organization that we work for. We can not always have challenging jobs or fun-filled work. Therefore, It is important to do something interesting once in a while. Here are some ways to do it when you are bored.

Do Something Different from Routine

If you have been sticking to a fixed schedule for a long time, go out of that routine for a while. A simple example could be ordering a different breakfast. Taking a different route to work or college. The idea is to break the monotony. The minute the brain realizes the change, it will pay more attention to the new event. Some ways to shake up the routine can include is dressing up in a different color, going for a short walk to a new place, and taking time for self-care during the day.

Cook a New Recipe

Spice up your supper! Watch some videos on the internet and cook something interesting. It can be a whole meal or just a small tasty dish. When your stomach is satisfied, you will feel motivated to do something interesting.

Shake It Off!

When you feel bored, your body refuses to get out of your comfort zone. Therefore, to move those lazy limbs, dance a little. Even if you are not a good dancer, just put on some fun music and groove to the beats for a while. When you dance, you also exercise your body. This helps to break the loop of laziness. You end up wanting to get more work done.

Read a Book

Reading a book is one of the easiest ways to break the boredom. Reading keeps you engaged. You can carry a book to your office or school. Whenever you feel the monotony sets in, you can take out your book and read a chapter or two. You can read a magazine or newspaper. Anything that gets your attention away from the usual can be beneficial. Once you have regained your interest, you can continue your work.

Go for a Walk

When you feel that you have been doing the same work for hours, take a small break and go for a walk. Search for the nearest park and walk for a while. Amidst nature, you will feel peaceful and rejuvenated. That walk can be your ‘Me’ time. Nature can also help you stay motivated when you feel down. Fresh air supplies oxygen to your brain and this can help you think better.

Put on Those Adventure Shoes!

If you have been seeking novelty, try doing something fun. Go watch a movie or climb a mountain. When you do something fun, your mind and body feel fresh and active. You also feel pumped to start the weekend. You can do many activities like a plan to watch a sunrise or sunset, go on a long drive, or visit an aquarium. These activities are fun to do when you feel bored.

Join a Club or a Hobby Class

If you are wondering what to do when you are bored, committing to a hobby is the answer. You can even learn a new skill. Moreover, a hobby also helps to break the routine. When you feel bored, you can paint, draw or sing. You can skate, play piano or even listen to the radio for that matter. The point is to help brain escape the mediocrity. When the mind is happy, productivity increases. This is also one of the reasons why many multinational companies have installed recreational areas in their buildings.

Talk to Someone

When you are bored, you can talk to someone who listens to you. You can call a family member or a close friend. They can lighten up your mood if you have been lacking motivation lately.


If you are aware that you get bored easily, you can carry a scrapbook or a book to doodle. You can carry colored pens. You can also try journaling, When you write down why you feel you are bored, you can find solutions faster. Doodling is also a fun activity to do when you feel bored and you have little space to exercise or dance.

Do a Different Job or Learn a Different Subject

When you do the same job for years, you are will feel bored at some point. You can start a second job which can be part-time or full-time. You can also try voluntary services for a change. This can help to break the repetitiveness at work. As a student, you can also try freelance work or you can sign up to learn a new subject. The idea here is to do something different. The difference can bring novelty.

Chapter 3:


Feeling bored once in a while is normal. In fact in this age of technology, taking a break and doing nothing is also advisable. However, if boredom is consistent, it should be faced. Boredom can also be due to an underlying condition such as sadness or anxiety. Moreover, it can lead to dependence on substances such as alcohol or drugs. Therefore engaging in some fun activities can help us distract our minds. At Epsychonline, there are several courses and articles that you can read to drive away boredom. Additionally, these courses are curated by experts which can improve your mental wellness. Bored or not, they are worth taking a look at!

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