Things to Do When Retired and Feeling Bored

Written by: Ilbey Ucar – PhD (Psychology)

Last updated date : October 25, 2022

Table of Contents Things to Do When Retired and Feeling Bored
  1. What Are the Phases of Retirement?
  2. 10 Things to Do to Avoid Feeling Bored When Retired

Are you retired and feeling like you don’t have much to do? Does life seem like it is running in the same useless rut? Retirement is one of the major transitions in our life. However, unlike the other big transitions in life, like marriage or parenthood, retirement brings with it a new kind of challenge. Here are some things to do when retired and feeling bored.

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Chapter 1:

What Are the Phases of Retirement?

The retirement phase is the last and final transition in one’s life. It is marked with the cessation of work which can sometimes feel sudden or abrupt. It is quickly followed by a sense of freedom from the daily monotonic life. In the bliss of retirement, we are reminded of forgotten passions and a motivation to achieve all that once seemed difficult.

However, once the bliss of retirement fades away, You may begin to feel disappointed, bored and useless begins to settle in. The newness of this phase is as exciting as it is scary. Oftentimes, feeling bored when retired can make life feel redundant and empty, and can often lead to depression. Retirement is a unique emotional experience (please insert link for Emotional stages of retirement post here), but what we make of it is important.


Chapter 2:

10 Things to Do to Avoid Feeling Bored When Retired

Here 10 things you can do when retired and feeling bored.

Declutter and organize

This can be a great first step to take when stuck in a transition. Tidying up and organizing is good for our cognitive functioning. It can help us in thinking clearly. It also comes with a plus of decluttering things that are just collecting dust. You can hold a yard sale to part with things you no longer use, or donate for a better cause. You can also save a few keepsakes to hold on to your memories and share with loved ones.


Traveling is one of the most rewarding learning experiences one can have. Being retired is a great opportunity to get out and explore the world around you to avoid getting bored. It is an ideal time to connect with nature, indulge in outdoor activities and sports, or even pick a new hobby. It also is a great time to discover yourself. Traveling after a big change can help ease the transition and prepare one to start anew. Here are some suggestions to travel on a budget:

  1. Becoming an organic farmer gives you the chance to travel to around the world on a budget. It is a unique experience to learn organic farming and providing your services in return for food and accommodation.
  2. Campground hosts is another position where one can volunteer their time and services in return for accommodations and food. Opportunities like these are great for traveling but also for utilizing your time in a smart and productive way.
  3. Indulge in a house swapping adventure to secure free accommodations and a chance to live like a local.
  4. Getting on a cruise is perhaps the ultimate vacation experience giving the chance to hop between different places in a set period of time. 
  5. Travel domestically in a trailer or motorhome and enjoy the many places around you. With your living accommodations in tow, it is easy to see different places and hit the sack absolutely whenever and however you want to. 

Do something you have always wanted to do

Step out of your comfort zoneDoing something new can be very exciting and invigorating for the mind. It can be something simple and inexpensive, like camping in the outdoors or strolling in the park. It can also something bigger like learning a new language, learning how to play an instrument. The idea is to experience something that is meaningful and avoid feeling bored.

Learn something new

It is easy to feel bored when retired. Learning something new can help us break away from this feeling while adding on to our own knowledge. Learning and exploration in retirement comes without the societal pressures of achieving a goal. You can choose to go back to college or enroll in a course for something you have always found intriguing. You can explore short courses

Reconnect with family and friends

Retirement is a great time to reconnect with friends and family. Going on holiday to meet relatives living in other places is a great way to travel and spend time with loved ones when retired. Organize a party or get-together at home, join new hobbies with friends or attend school events with your grandchildren.

Record your memories

Scrapbooks and memory boxes are a great way to hold on to moments that are dear to us. It is also a good activity to do when bored. Save your keepsakes, photographs and personal effects in a more meaningful way by adding them to a memory box or a scrapbook, and becoming a part of your story to leave behind.

Find a new hobby

When retired it is easy to get bored. indulge in some new hobbies like sewing, gardening, baking, etc. Hobbies are a fun way to spend time on your own or with a group of like-minded individuals. Find new interests or reignite an old forgotten passion to avoid feeling bored in routine live. Hobbies are a promising way to make the most of your free time. 


Doing good makes you feel good. The simple act of volunteering can make one feel productive and positive about themselves. You can volunteer at an old home, orphanage, or veteran’s home, at an animal shelter, or for a limited time at a community event. You can also volunteer in local community centers, like public libraries, museums, places of worship, etc. 

Stay active

Perhaps the most important way to utilize time is by staying active and fit. Staying active helps you to stay in shape and saves you from many different illnesses. Physical activity also boosts the release of endorphins which make you feel good and positive. 

Mentor or teach

Sharing your experience, skills and expertise is a great way of giving back to the community. You can teach at a school, share your skills in adult literacy programs or for the underprivileged, or mentor someone starting out in your own line of work. Sharing our skills and experiences not only helps the people around us, but also helps us feel heard and with purpose. 

It is important to build a new purpose and meaning for life when retired to avoid being bored. Retirement is a great time to redirect your focus towards yourself. It is an opportunity to take care of yourself in different ways. Be open to seeking help from professionals if you are experiencing difficulty in moving through the stages of retirement.

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