Tired of Being Fat and Ugly

Written by: Arooj Paulus – B. Sc (Applied Psychology)
Last updated date : March 06, 2023

In the society we live in today, it might be challenging to develop a healthy body image. As there is constant marketing that promotes filtered beauty standards and certain body shapes. Because of this advertising, you could feel tired of being fat and ugly. Many people avoid to talk about their body image and feel insecure about it. But it is important to talk about the reality, face it and confront your insecurities. Life is more about than just appearance.

In this article, we will discuss the feelings associated with being fat and ugly and how to deal with these feelings. In the end, we suggest when to see a doctor and note how this constant feeling may be a danger to your mental health.


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Chapter 1:

Feelings of Being Fat and Ugly

First, know the difference that ‘feeling fat’ and ‘being fat’ are two different things.

To be fat means having a body weight that is higher than what is regarded as healthy or typical for a person of a particular height. In most cases, excess body fat causes obesity. But excess bone, water, or muscle can also contribute to being overweight.

While feeling fat is only related to your inner feelings about your body image. For instance, a lean person can have a feeling of being fat. Research suggests that feelings of being fat and ugly are more common among those having mental health problems and eating disorders, such as anorexia or bulimia nervosa, etc.

When you constantly feel something for a long period it can become exhausting. If you are feeling tired of being fat and ugly, it may have an adverse effect on your health, whether physical or mental. Let us discuss why you may be feeling this way and when you should get help from an expert.

Chapter 2:

Why Do I Feel Fat and Ugly?

The feeling of being fat and ugly does not come in suddenly. Social events might sometimes cause an individual to “feel fat.” The urge to justify our food intake may arise when we become aware that we are eating more than the people around us. We may believe that we are being evaluated, dismissed, or seen as huge, fat, or ugly.

Our thinking patterns depend on how we see ourselves, the world, and the future. So when you think that the world is judging you, it may start bothering you that how you look or feel. While if you do not attend to this negative feeling or avoid it you may feel like you are tired of being fat and ugly. It can further lower your self-esteem as well while lessening your self-confidence.

Those negative ideas might attack at any time. Sometimes they begin as a whisper. As if you are telling yourself that you are fat and ugly. And before you realize it, they grow into the realization that there is nothing you can do to stop yourself from being fat and ugly. When the ideas reach a point that is like a prophecy, our organized mind then starts to find an escape.

You could start to think that trying a different diet, working out more, or even engaging in certain exercise habits you know well is not enough to solve your issues. You frequently let this depressing mind process hold you back in the past. This may compel you to start looking for solutions to overcome such ideas when you realize how profoundly painful they were. Once you are fully submerged in sadness, you may see that you were always trying to pull yourself out of it. These feelings can be trapping and disabling.


For instance, sometimes the most frustrating situation can be when you like a fascinating piece of clothing and you just dump it thinking that you might look fat in it. Some people even stop looking at their bodies or faces in the mirror.

Chapter 3:

Dealing with the Feeling of Being Fat and Ugly

If you are tired of being fat and ugly, the first step is to notice that it is a feeling due to a thought in your mind. As we discussed earlier that being fat and feeling fat is different. Sometimes it is just a feeling. So, altering your mindset is not a simple task. But the moment the first notion of being fat occurs is the best opportunity to overcome that worry! Give yourself some time to connect with your feelings.

Here are some tips to connect to your feelings.

  • Accept and acknowledge what you are feeling. Do not avoid what you feel. Accepting it as emotions are a natural way of expressing what we feel. Suppressing your feelings will only create more baggage inside you. Let your feelings flow.
  • Understand why are you feeling this way. What is bothering you deep down? As you consider that, you will see that your “feelings of being fat and ugly” are usually latent frustrations about unrelated issues.
  • Take charge of your thoughts. You may be thinking so much that you lose track of what is real or not.
  • Look for evidence. Ask yourself whether the feeling you are having is really true. Are you really fat? If fat, then are you ugly?
  • Do your best. Fit in your skin and own it. Everyone is unique in their way
  • Try to consume a healthy diet and take good care of yourself. Keep in mind that you are worthy.

Chapter 4:

When to See an Expert

Anybody can feel fat or ugly at some point in their life. But if you feel like you are tired of being fat and ugly, then it is a matter of concern as that feeling may be constantly bothering you. Visit your doctor if you notice the following signs, such as

  • Skipping meals or eating excessively.
  • Feeling constantly low.
  • Frequent mood changes.
  • Major weight loss or weight.

All these signs may be pointing to something serious as this feeling is related to many mental and bodily health issues such as hormonal changes or an eating disorder, followed by a lack of self-esteem. We recommend getting expert help if you constantly feel fat and ugly. Further, there are articles and courses available on our website to deal with this issue. Read below.

Chapter 5:

Call to Action

You can read “What Is Body Image? Body Image Issues Explained”, under the section on worry at Epsychonline. To help learn about your eating habits, feelings related to it, and how to manage them. Further, you can enroll in the “Binge Eating Disorder” or Body Image Concerns” courses on our website. Binge eating can cause a person to become overweight and hence develops body image concerns. The mentioned courses will help you to cope with your feelings of being fat and ugly and related issues

"Practical and insightful" David

70 sections

6-Weeks Self-Paced

  • Educational Content
  • Quizzes
  • Self-reflection material
  • Suggestions & feedback
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