What Is Agreeableness and Agreeability?

Written by: Harmandeep Kaur Grewal – MA (Psychology))

Last updated date : March 10, 2023

All of us have different kind of personalities. Some people are talkative, introvert and others are aggressive or hostile and so on. You can read about different traits of personality to know more about the topic. Also, it helps to better understand people at work or organisations. People ask what is agreeableness? Agreeableness is a quality that people have to get easily friendly with others and have happy environemnt. Also, agreeability is a trait to be pleasant and understanding of other people.

Additionally, agreeable people care for others’ needs more than their own. So, they can make good friends, siblings, parents, teachers, managers, and so on. Everyone wants their friend to be agreeable to them. But it is not always possible. We compromise from time to time. Also, agreeable people are high on empathy and find happiness in helping others. For instance, you helped a needy friend and you feel good about it.

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Chapter 1:

What Is Agreeableness?

What is agreeableness? And what is agreeability? You put others needs before yours if you high on agreeableness.

  • First of all agreeableness also tells about the level of friendliness. Again, agreeable people are friendlier than others. Moreover, they are kind to others and make good relations with people. For instance, a friend of mine would come whenever I needed her. She would never say no to me. I too returned her kindness by helping her whenever there was a need.
  • Secondly, agreeableness is one of the traits in the big five personality factors. Also, it shows politeness. Furthermore, people like agreeable people to be around them. Agreeable people want no conflict so they resolve issues quickly. So, they stay more peaceful than those who are in conflict all the time.
  • Thirdly, you can find it difficult to put your point forward. So, you will not be able to express your thoughts properly. Therefore, you cannot progress in your professional career.

Chapter 2:

Features of Agreeable People

What is agreeableness? And what is agreeability? Furthermore, agreeable person will take time to make decisions. I am an agreeable person if I have high empathy and understanding. I will care for others.

  • Firstly, an agreeable person is polite. She or he will try her best to not hurt anyone with her actions. Also, she will never be rude. So, people will like to be around her and want to be her friend.
  • Second of all, an agreeable person is considerate of everyone. She will put others’ interests before her interest. So, she may not be able to do well when it comes to making assertions. Also, an agreeable person could not decide by himself. He will keep listening to others’ advice.
  • Thirdly, an agreeable person is highly trusting. He will believe whatever you may say. And it may not be good at times. You need to be careful when trusting people, otherwise, you can end up in a problem.
  • Fourthly, agreeable people are cooperative. For instance, if you need any help then your friend will not say no to you. Because she has an agreeable personality and she is cooperative with others. So, she makes a lot of friends.
  • Fifthly, an agreeable person is modest. She will not show off her things and what she did for you.
  • Next of all, an agreeable person is kind to others. She will show compassion for her fellow workers and understand their problems. Consequently, she is high on empathy.

Chapter 3:

Agreeableness and Workplace

What is agreeableness? And what is agreeability? Are you an agreeable person? Do you like people who are nice and understanding? You will always try to make friends with a nice person.

  • An agreeable person will be helpful to her fellow workers. She will understand if a person gets a problem at home. Moreover, because of her increased ability to cooperate, people will have a cordial relationship with her. For instance, if a worker or a teammate has died at home then she will volunteer to work on that person’s behalf. So, there will be peace and harmony in the workplace. Moreover, there will be fewer disputes at the workplace.
  • Second of all, an agreeable person is cooperative at work. She will understand if her teammate takes leave due to health issues. Her manager will be happy to have such kind of a person on her team.
  • Thirdly, an agreeable person will keep the needs of others before him or her. Because of this attribute, she will find herself in a stagnate position. And she may not be able to grow in her professional career. Also, an agreeable person will have difficulty making decisions by herself. She may need permission from others to move forward. And at the workplace, you should be a quick decision-maker.
  • Fourthly, she will have strong people skills. She will be able to communicate with different kinds of people. And she will have good interpersonal skills. Therefore, her workplace will have stability.
  • Finally, she will be a great team member. She will not create unnecessary conflict and disputes with others.

Furthermore, employers can provide relevant training to people to get best out of them. Also, there can be collaborative opportunities provided to teams to work together when needed.

Chapter 4:

Benefits of Agreeable Personality

What is agreeableness? And what is agreeability? You will notice that having a nice person around is good. You will stay happy and comfortable.

  • First of all, highly agreeable people are resilient too. They have strong personalities and they get back quickly after a setback. So, it is good for the organization.
  • Secondly, agreeable people are humble and kind. They show modesty at work. Moreover, an agreeable person is nowhere near a narcissistic person.
  • Thirdly, an agreeable person will be high on compliance at the workplace. She will follow the orders of the manager and management without questioning them.
  • Additionally, an agreeable person will need affirmation from others to move further.
  • Moreover, if you are agreeable then you will be happier than others. Accordingly, you will not get involved in any dispute or conflict.
  • Your manager will be happy that your complaint is less than other workers. Usually, managers are bothered by conflicts in the workplace. They need conflict resolution all the time. So, an agreeable person is always high in demand.

Chapter 5:

People Low on Agreeableness

What is agreeableness? And what is agreeability? If your friend is nice and kind you will like her no matter matter what.

  • Firstly people who do not understand other people and make disputes where ever they go. They show a lack of patience and get angry often. They will not hesitate to be rude to others.
  • Secondly, people who are low on agreeableness will be critical of their coworkers and make complaints against them. They will be selfish and not kind at all.
  • Next of all, low agreeable people will confront their colleagues when they find the behavior to be offensive. They will not work extra at work and register complaints when they are asked to do some extra work. In contrast, an agreeable person always shows kindness. Consequently, she will be bothered with the work of others.

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"Quizzes and recommendations were very uselful" Donna

87 sections

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