What Is Psychogenic Pain and Disorder?​

Written by: Harmandeep Kaur Grewal – MA (Psychology)

Last updated date : January 23, 2023

People feel pain in an area of the body where they feel the uncomfortable sensation. Also, such pain can be in the stomach, head, legs, arms, back, and so on. Psychogenic pain is an uncomfortable sensation present in an area of the body that is caused by psychological factors. Several psychological factors can cause psychogenic pain. If your pain is caused by psychological factors then it is called psychogenic pain disorder.

You must have felt pain in body without any physical illness present. You must understand that pain is psychological. A person can visit a counsellor or a psychologist for treatment. Also, try to reduce stress in your life and observe if your pain goes away. Psychogenic pain disorder is not easily diagnosed. It take a lot of professional time for correct diagnosis.

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Chapter 1:

Psychogenic Pain

The disease is related to environmental factors that causes the onset of it. Psychogenic pain disorder is caused by stress and tension. Psychogenic pain disorder is caused by environmental factors. If you faced stress in past then you are likely to get this disorder. Any kind of pain needs attention. You should try to rule out any disease that can cause the pain.

  • You may have emotional problems that could cause psychogenic pain. Your sensitive behavior would cause distress to you and your family. You should stay calm and relaxed. Also, relaxing helps to reduce pain. You should try to find help and support. Moreover, support can reduce the symptoms.
  • You could have headaches, stomachache, muscle pain. Also, these symptoms may not have a cause. If you visit a doctor and you are disappointed that you could not find any disease.
  • Moreover, you can try therapies that helps in relaxing mind. By reducing stress in life you can manage your pain. Also, you will stay happy.
  • A doctor may diagnose the psychogenic pain disorder when all causes are ruled out. Moreover, doctor needs to be sure that there is no underlying disease. Sometimes diagnosis of an illness takes time. You should stay patient and calm.
  • You can visit physical doctors and psychologists. By working together doctors can rule out any unsolved problem. Several doctors can bring reliable results. You should trust the doctor and stay calm.

Chapter 2:

Symptoms of Psychogenic Pain Disorder

The patient may have pain in any part of the body but it may be difficult to diagnose the problem. Your biological problems will show up in physical tests done by the doctor. You should be open with your doctor. If you try to hide your issues then correct diagnosis is not possible.

  • You could have chronic pain in your body. And, this pain may move in the body. For instance, you could be feeling pain in your stomach for a long period.
  • You could have muscle pain. This pain could be in muscles, ligaments, tendons, and so on. This pain is not related to any physical condition. Your physical tests are negative. Consequently, your doctor suggest mental health specialist.
  • You may feel discomfort in the stomach or abdomen. Such kind of pain may lead to frustration in you. Moreover, you could not be able to find the cause of the problem.
  • You could have complex pain. This pain may not remain stable at a part of the body. Your pain may be in nerves or muscles or the head. This could make your life difficult. People who are always in pain may not live peacefully.

Chapter 3:

Causes of Disorder

There can be stress, emotions, family and related factors that causes psychogenic pain disorder. Psychogenic pain disorder is not easy to found. You should be patient with the doctor. It is important that you trust your doctor.

  • If you experienced stress in recent past then you can get psychogenic pain disorder. Any kind of stress will harm body and mind. You should try to calm yourself. Also, meditation and yoga techniques can help you with it.
  • By relaxing you can manage your stress. If you are unable to manage stress then take help from others. By taking help you can cope better. Support in your life can be beneficial.
  • If you have faces trauma in your past then you could develop the disorder. Any kind of trauma can harm you. Moreover, without help the problem will remain unsolved. Support and help in your can reduce the emotional pain. By reducing emotional pain you can cope up well.
  • Many people go through childhood abuse. Also, victims of abuse can find it difficult to have normal life. So, you can take help from psychologists.
  • Parental abuse of children can have long term effect on children. Victims needs special care and assistance. They are vulnerable to psychogenic pain.

Chapter 4:

Managing Pain

When you feel pain in your body then you will be sad, depressed, and angry. Understandably, the person feels frustrated. To overcome negative emotions, you can visit a psychologist. Psychological factors causes psychogenic pain disorder. Stress in your life can cause this disorder. Also, you should try to reduce stress.

  • Firstly, you have the option of taking medicine. Medicine can reduce your pain quickly. But there are side effects of using the medicine for a long time. For instance, certain pain killers can cause kidney and liver problems.
  • Secondly, you can take therapies. Certain therapies like massage can help you relax and increase blood circulation. But these therapies should be taken in presence of experts. Expert help will be beneficial. Though it can be expensive.
  • Thirdly, cognitive behavior therapy can be helpful. You will benefit a lot from the therapy. When you start the therapy have patience and trust. It usually takes some time to relive from all symptoms.

Chapter 5:

Treatment of Psychogenic Pain Disorder

Psychogenic pain disorder may be difficult to treat than neurological disorders. Medicine reduces pain in people. Moreover, medicine works quickly. But, psychogenic pain does not go away with medicine. It needs therapy.

  • Medication for depression. You can manage pain by taking pills that reduce your emotional symptoms. By managing emotional symptoms you can cope better.
  • You can get treated by psychotherapy. If your symptoms can be reduced by psychological counselling then therapy is good. If your life has a lot of stress and you are not cope with it. You can try to cope with problems using counselling. The psychologist can help to relax under stressful situation.
  • If a person’s pain is unbearable then the person can take pain killers. Moreover, such medicine must be taken after doctor’s suggestion. Never take medicine without prescription. Be patient and calm.

For more information, visit There are several courses that could help you with coping pain. One of the course, ‘Coping with Chronic Pain’ will help you further.

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92 sections

6-Weeks Self-Paced

  • Educational Content
  • Quizzes
  • Self-reflection material
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