When Is It Safe to Announce Pregnancy?

Written by: Tanvi Vinay Gangavali – MA (Psychology)
Last updated date : September 30, 2022
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Pregnancy is one of the most exciting phases of your life. You feel like telling the whole world that you are pregnant. But, when is it safe to announce pregnancy? And you feel like telling your friends also. So, when to announce pregnancy on social media? Most couples wait till the end of the first trimester which is around week 13 to tell friends and family about their pregnancy. There are many reasons why people wait to share the good news. But, the most important factor is what makes you comfortable.

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Chapter 1:

Risk of losing the baby

It is said that the first trimester of pregnancy is the most important phase for the baby and the mother. This phase tells if the pregnancy will be successful or not. Most miscarriages happen in this term. And the reason for losing the baby is caused by factors beyond the mother’s control. Also, sometimes the baby does not grow well. There are many other reasons for losing the baby such as if the mother has any illness. If the mother’s monthly menstrual cycle has any issue then it can affect the pregnancy too.

A lot of hormonal imbalances are also there which can result in losing the baby. A healthy uterus plays an important role in pregnancy. If the uterus has any defect then it can lead to miscarriage. Another factor is the age of the mother, it is said that if the woman’s age is 35 years and above then the risk of miscarriage is also higher. In the early phases of pregnancy, the risk of losing the baby is the highest. After week 12, the risk of miscarriage is lesser. Hence, many parents wait until the risk of losing the baby drops before they announce it to all. Also, it is wise to wait because it is awkward to announce pregnancy first and then tell people the sad news of losing the baby because of other reasons.


Chapter 2:

Prennoatal Visits

One of the other reasons why couples wait to announce their pregnancy is prenatal checkups with the doctor. The doctor might call you around week 8 of pregnancy for a checkup. Also, during these first visits, the doctor does tests to confirm pregnancy. The doctor also tells your due date of delivery and checks for infections. This check-up is to know the general health of the mother and the baby so that it is safe to also announce a pregnancy. Also for many couples, hearing the heartbeat of your child for the first time is the best feeling before telling it to everyone.


Chapter 3:

When is it safe to announce pregnancy?

Some women have a difficult pregnancy. Whether they have had difficulty conceiving or had a stillbirth or even lost a baby then it is safe to announce pregnancy a little later. You can wait for longer than 12 weeks.

You can announce pregnancy safely based on the following reasons:

  • If the doctor confirms that you have a healthy baby.
  • Week 20 of pregnancy.
  • When the bump starts showing up.
  • Whenever you feel comfortable.

For many couples, pregnancy is good but at the same time, they feel anxious. So, telling a close friend or family member also helps. A counselor can also help you express your feelings related to pregnancy in a safe space.


Chapter 4:

Disadvantages of sharing the good news a little later

The phase of pregnancy is hard. Some women have a lot of unpleasant feelings during the phase. They may feel like vomiting, loss of energy, and tired. Hence, if you tell a few people whom you trust then it helps in this phase. And even if you do lose your baby then you have enough support from others. Hence, not announcing your pregnancy might make you lose out on all these. Similarly, if the mother is working then not telling the employer might not be good especially if the job involves a lot of movement, traveling, or standing for long durations.

When is it safe to announce pregnancy to different groups?

Your pregnancy is exciting news and you might feel like telling the entire world at one time. But, it is wise and safe to announce pregnancy to different groups of people at different times. You can first start with your family and then close friends before you announce your pregnancy on social media.

Your Family.

It is safe to tell your family first to start with. This news will be major news for all and especially for your parents. Also, they will be thrilled to know that they are soon to be grandparents. You can tell them creatively and also capture these moments. Also, if you announce your pregnancy first only to your family then you have their support through the entire journey and will also feel comfortable.

Social Media and Friends

You might be most excited to share this news with your closest friends first. But, be aware that the news may leak to too many others even from friends or relatives who are well-meaning. But, when to announce pregnancy on social media? Later, depending on your comfort level you can share the news on social media by making a video, post, or photo.

Social networking is probably the easiest way to get the news out to friends and family who live far away. Posting a picture online of your ultrasound can get the news out in an instant.


Informing people in your workplace is also important. This is because you need their support through the phase. You will take maternity break or leave so informing them helps to ease the process. You can decide when you want to inform your employer but make sure you give them enough time to prepare. First, start with informing your direct manager so that some planning can be done around how to inform others in the workplace. You can also ask your manager to keep this information completely confidential till you are ready to tell others. If you do not want to inform your manager then you can even discuss this with the human resources department. This can be a smooth transition if you inform at the appropriate time with enough time to plan and prepare.


Chapter 5:

What do I do?

The decision about when to share your pregnancy is entirely up to you. You should share whenever you feel comfortable. Telling family and friends later or first entirely depends on the health of the mother and the baby.

You can ask yourself these questions so that you can decide when is it safe to announce pregnancy?

  • Are there any factors that can increase the risk of losing my baby?
  • Am I comfortable if everyone around knows about my pregnancy?
  • Do I have factors related to work or lifestyle which make it important for me to tell people at the earliest?
  • During my pregnancy, do I need a lot of support if something happens?

Chapter 6:


The pregnancy phase is a roller coaster ride. It is both exciting and scary. But, you need to enjoy the journey and learn to relax. Take the best care of yourself and your baby. In the end, no matter when the news is shared, it is a reason for celebration. You can know more by enrolling in an online course on epsych website.

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