Worrying about Being Perfect? - Ways to Stop It!

Written by: Shruthi Chacko – M Sc

Last updated date : May 19, 2022

Well, it can be hard when you want things to go perfectly. Your life, your job, your outfit, your meal. It can really start to change the way you view the world. You must be tired by now. I am guessing, that is why you clicked on this article. Are you someone who is worrying about being perfect? and wondering how to stop worrying about being perfect? Well, you are in the right place. Keep reading.

Chapter 1:

The Truth about Being Perfect

You don’t need to be perfect. It really is okay. We are all human. We make mistakes. Nobody is really perfect. Life has its ups and downs. There are times when things go well, sometimes close to perfect. There are times when things don’t go that well. In fact, perfectionism is just an illusion. So, it is important to know that it is okay not to be perfect.


Chapter 2:

Worrying about Being Perfect? - The Problem

When you are trying to be perfect. There is nothing that will make you happy, that is less than perfect. So in a way, you tend to be less satisfied with what you do. Due to this lack of satisfaction, you are unhappy. You worried that the work report that you sent your boss was not great. You are writing a novel, and you have managed to rip the first 10 pages of your notebook because you are still not satisfied. Also, you get angry at yourself or even others when the work project was not done well. In fact, it might be a great presentation. It’s just that it doesn’t meet your standard of being perfect. Maybe, you are someone who is never satisfied with the way your hair looks or the way your outfit looks. In fact, perfectionism can seep into any part of your life.


Chapter 3

Ways to Stop Worrying about Being Perfect!

Try Out New Things, Eventhough You Fail
As a perfectionist, it’s hard to have the nerve to try something you’ve never done. Because fear of failing miserably hits you quite hard.  But, that’s part of the excitement of trying something different! You have the opportunity to learn, grow, to become more than you were before. Being stuck in a rut is not good for anyone. Accept your mistakes and try something new Learn To Accept That Perfectionism is Unreachable Nobody is perfect, because that is what makes humans. However, you must accept not just that you would not be flawless. But, know that being flawed makes you different. makes you who you are and separates you from everyone else. Everyone would be the same if everyone was flawless. Our flaws are what define and make us unique in this world.
Question Why You Think This Way ( Worrying About Being Perfect?)
What, after all, is perfect? It is very subjective. Who is to say what is the ideal weight, career, relationship, social media feed, or birthday party? It is all up to you. It is not what others do, have, or deliver. So, question yourself, “What would I truly desire?” It’s probably not as grand as you think.
Say “No” When You Have To
It’s hard to say no when you’re trying to be perfect. You would like to make them happy. You aspire to be the ideal wife/husband, sibling, or friend. Taking on more duties. On the other hand, doesn’t really make e someone more perfect or a better person. It only adds to your stress. Choosing no is not only really helpful to your mental wellbeing. But, it is also helpful to others. Many times, folks will have to cope with their own challenges. Which will push them to evolve into better human beings. They would not be able to grow if you had not helped them.
Go Easy on You
Things that aren’t really important are prioritised. Try to stop worrying to be perfect. Will you recall doing the dishes or having a good time with your friends? Will you recollect filing or a great talk with a coworker? If you learn to let go of the unnecessary. You will get more energy for what is truly important. You have more time to achieve what you enjoy rather than just what ‘has’ to be done.
Try To Embrace The Process When You Are Worrying To Be Perfect
You can’t really help but enjoy every moment. You can do that if you learn to see it as a continuous unfolding of the wonderful presence of your life. You’ll be able to taste your food. In fact, you’ll laugh even more. You’ll take a deep breath and glance up into the sky. Also, you’ll be kinder to yourself if you don’t burn your chicken or pay the Visa payment a day late. It’s all right!
Dont Think Everyone Else Has Figured Things Out
They really don’t. We’re all just trying our best. And nobody does anything flawlessly! I joke that knowing the perfect family simply implies you don’t know them very well. That is correct. Attempt to discover a perfect person. It will be impossible because “perfect” doesn’t exist. We may end up worrying to become perfect and striving for it, while still giving ourselves a rest. Especially, when we are unwell, tired, or overworked. Accepting “good enough” can provide a great deal of freedom.
You Deserve To Be Happy
Life is much more than just working, doing chores and getting through each day. If you feel like you’re always working and hustling but just never enjoying or doing anything. Maybe, it’s time to step back and rethink your life. Being stressed all of the time is not a healthy way to live. Instead, try to have fun with your life. Prioritize the things and people who bring you joy. Worrying about perfectionism is a pointless effort. Because perfectionism is unattainable for us, why do we torture ourselves over it? Hence, you can learn to let go of perfectionism. Focus on having fun every day. This can significantly lower your stress. It can boost your happiness, and transform you into the type of person that you would like to be a friend. At Epsychonline, we have a self-help course on “Perfectionism” to have a better understanding of how you get to tackle perfectionism. You may also find it interesting and helpful to read up more on “Signs Of Perfectionism” or even “Perfectionism and depression” to get a better idea to know how to stop worrying about being perfect.